Recommended Reading

A list of books that have helped define and confirm
my thoughts and beliefs about life!

This is not meant to be a list of all the great books that are out there! I'm not much of a reader, but since many have asked, these are the books that over the last 30 years have helped define and confirm my own thoughts and suspicions about life.

Like all of the 'Seth' books (and they are all outstanding), this one is very deep, objective, even a bit complex, but I consider Seth to be the 'Grand - Daddy' of them all!

Each of the books in this series are mindblowers. They're also very easy and fun to read!

Awesome clarity. EXTREMELY inspirational! Lots of Biblical and Christian references, BUT explained as they were originally meant, without the religious spin.

The entire series of Emmanuel books offer gentle, yet powerful, reminders of how Angelic we all are. Wonderful!

Profound wisdom in a timeless, world famous story. A perennial bestseller.

VERY friendly, powerful and inspirational! Another easy read. A MUST! An absolute MUST! One of the most powerful of all the titles listed here.

Very simple and powerful advice, written in the 1920's! Easy reading for any age.

Insight into life's most basic truths. Another perennial, international best seller... for good reason!

Holy Cow, mind-bending! Volumes 1 and 2 of this 6 volume set are as adventurous as they are inspirational! Read these!!!

If you ever thought that you might like wealth, READ THIS BOOK! A startlingly unique and encouraging perspective!

Exhilarating, fun, and easy to read! These two books by
Richard Bach are on almost everyone's list for good reason!

Although Ayn Rand was an agnostic/atheist, her books are extremely spiritual in that she considered herself a 'man worshiper,' and because she reveled in the glory of life and our ability to have dominion over it all. Her epic novels are spellbinding, romantic and deeply philosophical. Her talent is off the charts!

The classic on out-of-body experiences!

The classic take on after life experiences!

Totally "wow" ideas on the afterlife, why we're here and how we may choose to "pass," dishes cool stuff on "God," wealth, and much more.