Playing the Matrix is a detailed program designed to walk you through the entire process of reality creation, from thought to manifestation. It builds upon and expands the concepts Mike shared in all of his earlier works and most importantly, helps you distinguish between what it is you really want versus how to get it.

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"The whole experience was phenomenal. I loved Mike’s enthusiasm and appreciated his light-hearted touches of humor… By showing up at an event like this and being open to life’s possibilities, you are shifting the tide of success in your favor."

Diana DeVaul

Attendee Jacksonville

"Attending Playing the Matrix has made my whole year! My life is already changing dramatically with the tools Mike gave me. This world tour is Pure Gold!"

Raven Adams

Attendee New York

"What I gained most from attending Playing the Matrix in Boston, MA was realizing how powerful I truly am! This workshop has truly changed my life."

Rebecca Elkinson

Attendee Boston

"Thank you Mike!! Your presence in my Universe has added Magic!! The Matrix in Orlando was wonderful!! I was delighted to hear that you don't worry about the ‘cursed hows’. The dreaming is up to you, and how everything comes together is up to the Universe!"

Rosie West

Attendee Orlando

"Being in a room filled with other like-minded souls is so powerful! Add in Mike’s light, fun, easy teaching style, and this is a life-changing event! I feel empowered to let go of the 'how' and trust the Universe! Thanks Mike for showing me the way!"

Trina Rabideau

Attendee Vancouver

"What I love about Mike more than anything is that he has NEVER lost his authenticity, sincerity, and integrity the bigger his name has gotten. Thanks for staying the real-deal, Mike, and living and giving from your heart and soul."

Laurie A. Santos

Attendee San Francisco

"WOW!!! I was blown away by Mike's positive energy and life changing messages taught in a simple, fun, and playful manner. I love how he is such a real person and makes himself so accessible to the group. I can't wait to continue this journey and attend his next Train the Trainer event."

Judy Brennan

Attendee San Francisco

"Who knew it’s all about happiness first?! Wake up and then get out of your own way! Thanks Mike... from the six year old thrown out of Sunday School for questioning."

Bobbi Dupré

Attendee San Diego


"Wow what a great day Playing The Matrix with Mike. It really is all about having fun and then getting out of the way! Mike makes it SO easy to understand the Matrix… wouldn’t it be great if THIS was taught in all of our schools?"

Jo Sorensen

Attendee Bloomington


"My son and I attended your seminar in Philadelphia this past weekend. I cannot begin to tell you the effect you have made on him (and me)."

"It was an extraordinary day and I'm so grateful for meeting you and the others... and being a part of a GREAT day (pivotal actually)!"

"I came today having given away my power and knowing that was a choice, a stall, sabotage. I leave in control of my choices, understanding and forgiving myself, and going forward with joy!"

"What a fabulous presentation. Mike was a very powerful speaker (and funny)."

"I'm so glad I attended. Mike Dooley is warm and likeable, and I'm more excited to apply his lessons to my own life with this greater understanding."

"Love Mike's energy and passion; so very inspiring – heard a lot of things I needed to hear... without knowing I needed to hear it."

"Incredibly empowering and inspiring!"

"I thought the books were great, but to hear it in person... WOOHOO! Great speaker, fun, funny, interesting. I brought my 17 year-old son and it was great info for a senior applying to college and figuring out his life."

"This totally changed my life - thank you!"

"Wow! This workshop was exactly the dose of inspiration (and clarity) I needed at this stage in the game!"

"Just left the seminar in Indy and enjoyed it immensely. Even after many years of perfecting disappointment, I could not find anything in which to be disappointed. It has been a great and productive day. Many thanks!"

"I so much appreciate you, your message and the wonderful people you bring together."

"I was surprisingly very impressed and moved. You are changing my life as I write this. Thank you Mike! God bless you."

"I am so grateful. I loved it. I needed it... Thank you for reminding me again of my power and showing me the tools."

"Thank you for the perspective on what desire is and how it serves us. The clarity on ways to play the game of life is genius – and so practical!"

"You explain the questions of life I have grappled with all my life – but you explain the core wrenching, serious answers so the listener hears it with love, joy, and a sense of readiness to move forward."

"The seminar brought amazing clarity to the manifestation process, dispelled the fears I had around it, and greatly empowered me to create the life of my dreams."

"SO worth the 200 miles one way! Woohoo!"

"I learned that I was focused on the wrong side of the matrix and that there's nothing wrong with me, just my lack of focus on my priorities."

"So inspiring and easy to absorb and use to take action. I have come away with an exciting perspective, ready to lay out my general dreams and goals, and then break it down into details for preparing for what I want and taking the baby steps towards my goals."

"You are an exceptionally creative, picture-painting, visionary. Thank you!"

"I have felt STUCK for so long... Focus has been my greatest challenge, and learning that the trick to manifesting my dream life is to focus on the general idea of what I want and let the universe take care of everything else is SO freeing! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!"

"I'm SO glad I took the time to attend. Worth the 5 hour drive!"

"This seminar was so much more than expected. The happiness and excitement throughout was amazing."

"This was one of the best seminars on transformation that I have attended."

"It was an amazing event. I was inspired, energized, and enlivened to action... remembering who I am, and the unlimited possibilities that are available to me... What possibilities if the world had access [and willingness] to all this information and realized how life changing it could be."

"I've struggled with the 'what do I want to do when I grow up' issue and wrested with 'what do I do next' - I finally feel clear on both of these for the first time in years! I also feel like I 'get' the Law of Attraction for the first time, how to apply it to my life, both in a big picture way and in a 'what I'm going to do tomorrow' way. What a wonderful result from a workshop I knew little about when I signed up."

"Dynamite! Brilliant! Well-paced! Profound! Funny!"

"So powerful... It all makes sense and things are now already happening at a whole different level of intensity & speed."

"It really does make a difference to experience the CD's in person - it drives the 'lessons' home and enhances the ability to have the 'aha moments' that one can only hope for. It's kind of like 'I should have had a V8 - but better!"

"It's great to see someone who walks his talk as Mike does. He is a walking demonstration of what he teaches."

"I just want to say how incredible the seminar was!!! Mike is AWESOME!! Mike got my mom and me so jazzed-he was cute, funny, uplifting and made the day wonderful for the both of us!! And we met A LOT of wonderful people at the seminar!! 'The secret' was the first step and Mike went deeper and actually told us how to do it and how easy it really is!!!"

"I found the 'nitty-gritty' of the Matrix both interesting and useful. What I found most fascinating and deeply resonating was the very beginning, the topic called 2012 and the Dream of Life... I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the positive message you present from this source, a message of perfection and of a world that is created to work... it removes the tremendous burden of always having to wonder if we are 'doing the right thing'. PS - I keep feeling I am a hiccup away from experiencing that I/We did indeed create all that I see on a daily basis in this stunningly beautiful world we live in. I'll let you know when it happens."

"Hi Mike, wow! Your seminar was just fabulous, really so magical and so well presented, phew! I cannot put into words just how fantastic the whole experience has been. It really is an experience every being on the planet should be exposed to especially the very young."

"The biggest boost I got from it was to focus on THE END RESULT... It's been more powerful then I can explain. And everyone I share it with seems to 'get it' very quickly. Thank you for making it easy and profound."

"Last night was the second time I've heard you speak and I am quite certain it won't be the last... Thank you for being genuine, for your material, the Notes. Leading by example seems to be lost on so many others. Thank you for being a great example: as a person, and as a creator of one's own wonderful experiences. Wishing you the very best of everything."

"This was so much more than I had hoped for. Every single minute I spent was uplifting, inspiring, and empowering. What a great group of people! Leaving everyone is the hardest thing to do. I can't wait to get together again!"

"The talks, the people, the place, the dinners, the dancing, the scenery... etc. and one and one were incredible."

"Thank you so very much! I have travelled so far from home and family and it's been so worthwhile."

"Inspiring, thought-provoking, funny, truly amazing!"

"I knew I would enjoy you as much in person as in the daily Notes!"

"It's so good to hear all things are possible and leave with the strategies to make them happen."

"Mike is brilliant! Better even than expected."

"Mike is an inspiration to everyone who has ever doubted their value. His perseverance, his action, his commitment to sharing the message is a gift. His playful delivery makes it fun."

"Mike is BETTER in person (and he's great in audio!). His excitement is palpable and I'm walking away with great excitement and hope towards the future."

"It was a fabulous program. There is no question it has affected how I will be thinking going forward."

"Superb. True. Authentic. Powerful."

"I was extremely impressed with how Mike articulated the information. His love, humor, and insight is a delight, a miracle, and a blessing... Tallyho!"

"Amazing! Simply fantastic!"

"I wanted to let you know that every person in our group of ten felt very blessed to be there and to experience you and the Playing the Matrix workshop. What I loved the most was that you are so down-to-earth and have so little ego... just what is required to be exceptional at what you do, and that you allow your soul to guide the way. It was lovely to meet you and witness that. I felt that way from the Notes but it was a wonderful confirmation. My husband and I did the Tony Robbins fire walk experience many years ago and have also done workshops with Wayne Dyer and others, but I must say that this felt so very authentic and so true... I simply wanted to say thank-you for doing this work in the way that you do."

"I face the future smiling!"

"Awesome - unreal!"

"It's easy! Thanks for making me realize that."

"Mike's enthusiasm will inspire you, his energy will galvanize you, his honesty will comfort you and convince you to keep going! Thank you! I always get a bit worried when I read testimonials that say things like 'awesome!' and 'the best workshop I have ever attended!' Seriously?! However... awesome! The best workshop I have ever attended! Thank you."

"Mike's enthusiasm is very infectious."

"Fantastic guy, great speaker, very inspirational, lovely to feel part of the group of adventurers!"

"Inspirational and uplifting!"

"Can't wait to go and get on with it! You rock."

"Great use of humor combined with your story! Thanks Mike!"

"Thank you for being here in the same space as I am!"

"This totally validated what I think and feel to be true!"

"Delighted to work on "real" things; not just esoteric!"

"Mike's loving and dynamic speaking style engaged me... tons of fun!"

"This was terrific! WooooHooooo!"

"A happy man who lives up to his image."

"Awesome, awesome, awesome! Mike Dooley rocks the house!!!"

"Thank you! You have made a difference in my life!"

"Uplifting! Wonderful!"

"Very inspirational!!!"

"Mike's enthusiasm and energy is infectious and he really supports each participant to believe in themselves and see their potential."

"I loved how Mike made complex simple and relayed easy to understand examples."

"Refreshing! It completely engaged the audience throughout. Was authentic, inspiring, and passionate - an absolute 'must' for anyone wanting to change their life for the better!"

"Mike Dooley oozes a charismatic presence."

"Absolutely terrific! You see the kindness and Mike's love for people from the get-go. He's there to give you as much clarity as he can, with humor and honesty. I so enjoyed the day."

"Mike is everything and more than I expected him to be. Thank you for inspiring me with many profound 'aha's' to infinity and beyond!!"

"I thoroughly enjoyed the seminar - Mike was truly inspiring!"

"I was so inspired by the Matrix material that I went out and bought a rose to make Mike smile. I've never bought a man a flower before! Understanding the distinctions between the general and the details - especially the limitations of being SPECIFIC has shifted so much for me. Thank you."

"Excellent - very inspirational."

"Mike's a great bloke! I loved the day and learned a lot. Yeeha!"

"Mike is a gifted speaker and teacher - he has delivered his message in a down-to-earth and believable way."

"Great! Enjoyable as well as thought-provoking and practical. Mike, you speak and hold an audience brilliantly."

"Mike Dooley's Matrix is one of the greatest guidelines to fulfilling your dreams and making them come true!"

"Fantastic - what a positive day!"

"Mike talks about how to manifest change, not how to expect change to suddenly appear into your life!"

"Thank you for doing what you do! You have helped me recognize how powerful and in control I am!"

"I had so much fun - best ever! It was all perfect. Mike was incredible - great speaker and it was VERY FUN!"

"Even though I've listened to your audio programs many times I really liked the live Mike Dooley."


"It's going to be life changing and I can hardly wait until I get to my car!!"

"I have felt that I am chosen for greatness. Today I learned that I have chosen greatness."

"It was all PERFECT!"

"So fun being in the presence of your greatness! Yeah!"

"Most self help speakers try and get you to change your thinking about stuff... But you... YOU actually make me FEEL plus change my thoughts into positive ones !! That has been ten times more affective."

"Thank you for touching my life today!"

"Unlike most workshops, I will be able to immediately implement the techniques I've learned here before I even leave the premises."

"I'm not real into the 'woo-woo' circus performance that sometimes accompanies this subject matter. But Mike made this material personal, relevant, and accessible to non-fruit-cakes and transformative!!"

"There are many speakers presenting similar material, but Mike's presentation is one of the most organized and easy to understand."

"Mike Dooley was even more than I had hoped for."

"You truly rock! I am thankful the Universe put you through your life circumstances so that you could magically be there to help others, including me. Thank you, Mike!!"

"One of the best workshops I've attended—offering practical, useable, easily implemented info that I can start using now!"

"Mike you are a dynamic, interesting, and captivating speaker and someone easy to listen to and follow... You make the material easy to understand and your passion really shines through. Thank you for an awesome program!"

"If only the world could all - every person - connect with this information!"

"Such an inspiration! Thanks for the miles of smiles!!!"

"A good kick in the butt (that's a compliment, woohoo!!)!"

"Thank you for bring your essence and beautiful self to San Francisco!"

"Fantastic work - A great gift!"

"The enthusiasm was the magic ingredient!"

"Your pricing was very appropriate - very glad it was not thousands of dollars!"

"Mike made it all funny and easy, which is great!"

"Your enthusiasm is off the charts!"

"The process is so simple... Whoo Hoo!"

"Thank you! I am an engineer and I think in terms of formulas. Mike spoke to me in a manner that resonated - he gave me the formula and structure to help me to regain my power."

"This workshop totally shifted my understanding of goal setting."

"The Matrix is a unique concept, well presented and illustrated, making it easier to make this paradigm shift. I like how Mike started out by sweeping away the concepts of blaming, victimization, and making excuses."

"I know greatness when I see it, hear it, and feel it!"

"I loved the simplification!"

"So many blessings from this man! The personal stories of Mike's were fantastic and really brought the content to life."

"The information was really easy to assimilate!"

"Thank you for helping me to see where I've been stuck!!!"

"Incredible honesty - thank you for sharing your stories!"

"Motivational but not pie-in-the-sky. Inspirational and actionable with believable examples. I can't wait to share this material!"


"The program EXCEEDED my expectations!"

"WOW - Life transforming! Thank you for your gift, your time, and your willingness to share."

"I've seen some of the greatest - you are "as good as," if not better!"

"I just wanted to say that I enjoyed Mike Dooley and his workshop in London last Saturday Soooooooooo much, he is such an inspiration and has so much enthusiasm, which is infectious. It made the long train journey there and back all worthwhile."

"This was such a great workshop and is so practical! I love how Mike explained the Matrix and how to use it."

"I've made a shift today-I don't know exactly what it is but it's going to be GREAT!!!"

"Loved every minute of it! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!"

"Just superb!"

"I was reading my workshop notes and handouts on the flight and it hit me again - the perfection of life as it is, as I live it and you and all of us. And it is always such a humbling experience. Of course I was crying again and smiling again and was just overwhelmed with happiness! You really hit the mark on Saturday and I'm so, so happy that you are in my life - as the Universe and as Mike. Thank you, thank you, thank you, my Angel..."

"The event was incredible!"

"This was the perfect thing to reenergize me and my dreams."

"Wow, absolutely loved it! Amazing! Everything - the content, value, and Mr. Dooley!"


"What a wonderful, uplifting experience! I can't wait to put it to use!"

"Priceless! Thank you! I have been helped through difficult times by this information."

"I loved the Matrix! It's practical and clear. I'll let you know what happens next!"

"Quite a few AHA moments!"

"Mike's enthusiasm is great and uplifting. I am very glad I came today!"

"LOVED IT! This was so inspiring and amazing! Can't thank you enough!"