Manifesting Change: It Couldn't Be Easier


Jambo Fellow Adventurer!

The content for Manifesting Change, which was released as a book on November 16, 2010, originated from my second world tour during which I spoke in 50 cities, 14 countries, on 6 continents to over 10,000 people, and after every event, the evaluations and emails would come in with personal stories of enlightenment, ah-ha's, and gratitude for the time we spent together. Here is a very small sampling of the comments received...

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"The biggest boost I got from it was to focus on THE END RESULT… It's been more powerful then I can explain.  And everyone I share it with seems to 'get it' very quickly. Thank you for making it easy and profound." 

"You were just as heartfelt and caring in person as you are in the 'Notes'!"

"Mike, your insights and thoughts are both divinely inspired and brilliantly articulated (love the tongue in cheek), and I frequently think how blessed I am, how blessed our world is, that you are taking the action you are with your gifts!"

"My head is spinning; my heart is full! This is what life is all about. You are the best!"

"Finally, it's all come together..."

"Thanks for a wonderful workshop. It was perfect! You walk your talk and that's what I wanted to know!"

"Thank you. . . With the suggestions, I feel ready to move forward with much more confidence and desire to continue creating and accepting my responsibilities!"

"So much FUN! Loved the personal anecdotes!"

"Fantastic event! Enjoyed the teachings and day long learnings. Your approach is fresh and entertaining...Thanks!

"Your presentation was superb... I just wanted more and more!!"

"This is a profound note of gratitude for such a fantastic day last Saturday - and for so much more. A year ago when you came to speak in London, I almost didn't attend, but something pushed me out my front door and into Piccadilly. And I haven't stopped being grateful for that push ever since. What you said resonated deep within me and I began to wake up. A year later, another talk, and the most inspiring day with you last weekend, and here I am, back in the world I love. To say I am glad that we share the adventurer's path is a massive understatement and I bless you with all the wonders the Universe can bestow. With love!"

"Just a note to express my appreciation and excitement following yesterday's amazing workshop in London. I got up at 4am to fly down to London (I live in Scotland) - and it was SO worth it! This workshop clarified the "grey" areas in my understanding of the "mechanics of manifestation" - and within the first hour, I understood why some things are so easy for me to manifest, while others just don't seem to be happening with any ease... the day would have been "worth it" for that alone. Huge thanks to Mike for an exciting, inspiring, fascinating, moving, and utterly expansive day."

"Rock on, Mike! Great show!!"

"It's comforting to be in the world with you..."

"I have done a lot of work already and am generally known as 'The Workshop Queen.' Your course ranges among the very best I've taken. Very empowering!!!!"

"I'm so excited to go forward and let the Universe be a bigger part of my decisions, experiences, and my life - knowingly!"

"This is the 'one' on manifesting for me! I have really enjoyed it and very accessible for all!"

"Thank you Universe, you placed Mike in my path at exactly the right place, time, and space!"

"Everything was awesome... You are so awesome!"

"The program brought me "home..."

"I had the chills throughout, which tells me that it was everything I needed to hear."

"I was first impressed by "The Secret," and even more so now. The entire programme was both relevant and enjoyable."

"You are a passionate genius. It was a workshop of profound wisdom, applicable to living this life powerfully and majestically. Thanks!"

"Simple. Powerful. Life shifting and life enhancing everyday wisdom. Thank you, Mike!"

"Keep up the FABULOUS work!"

"Wow!!! ABSOLUTELY life changing."

"Thank you for the reminders . . . Yahooooooooooo!"

"I wish I could be in your presence more often, because you bring out the best in people - you allow me to assert a confidence in my destiny."

"Mike is clear - he makes a topic I've heard before much clearer, and then provides steps to follow."

"What fun! Lots of "AHAs." And thanks for the gentle, loving reminders that thoughts become things!"


"The day flew... it was entertaining, thought-provoking, and stimulating!"

"Such insight and so many real connections made. I'm so glad I was able to meet and be inspired by Mike... it will change my life."

"Great combination of humour and intellect!"

"Actually . . . I think you could charge more! This was where I needed to be, for where I am right now. Thank you so much for being here today!"

"This was delicious! My mouth as agape several times!"


"I love your sense of play and lightheartedness in presenting the material! You filled in the many of the gaps in my understanding of the process of manifesting change."

"Absolutely smashing!"

"As the 'Notes' always do, this presentation personally touched me and reached me to the end of helping me carry on my life with great joy! The humor made all the topics most enjoyable."

"Thank you, Mike! Your down-to-earth, straight forward wisdoms are compelling, exciting and life changing!"

"I knew everything you talked about but I have never had it so clearly brought home with regard to 'how to do it,' and how 'it' works. This was truly very satisfying . . . I feel 'filled up' by it!"

"This is the stuff I wish I would have learned in high school - thank goodness I learned it now!"

"Thank you, Mike. It was an outstanding day. Thanks for championing the adventure and clearing up the jungle to bring us on board!"

"Fantastic! I loved it!"

"Having heard many notable speakers over the years, both professionally for Real Estate and personal development, Mike was the BEST! The personal connection Mike made with each and every one of the 190 souls in Toronto was a true blessing. "WOW" is all I can say!"

"I'm so glad the Universe has chosen Mike to deliver her messages! He is wise, has great humor, and delivers a GREAT, awakening workshop. Jambo!"

"Amazing and excellent! Looking forward to the next time!"

"I love that Mike knows what he knows and isn't afraid to share his beliefs. Very freeing."

"You are the greatest gift!"

"What I really noticed was that I "got" Mike as much from the CDs as in person, which is extremely unusual! Mike is a delight!"

"Mike is such a fantastic speaker/teacher - I so resonate with what he says that he has helped me live the life of my dreams. Thank you and keep coming back to us, Mike!"

"Excellent!!! Really enjoyed the whole day!"

"Inspirational, hopeful, practical ways of manifesting change and in such a loving, funny and fun way! Thanks, xo"

"I enjoyed Mike's insight to life and am grateful that he chose o share his wisdom with us in Calgary!"

"I loved it! It captured everything I have felt for years but couldn't explain -- Thank you!"

"It was all great, and above all, Mike's style is enchanting. It was like having a booster shot of faith - Thanks! This should hold me for a year!"

"Thanks for coming to Calgary!!"

"Mike, you are brilliant! A genius!"

"Brought amazing insight and tools to craft my life! Excellent content!!!!"

"The entire day was so relevant to where I am in my life!"

"Mike, you were fun, quirky and enthusiastic! Made for a great day!!"

"I have so much to process!"


"Mike is universal in his scope and ability to relate to all people. He is a true talent and visionary. I feel lucky to know and experience his wisdom and guidance."

"Very pertinent to where I am right now in my life. I needed this 'kick' to move me forward again!"

"Jambo Universe (aka Mike)! Just wanted to say the Manifesting Change workshop last Saturday was fab! I really loved it. What I love about you is that you’re so accessible. Other people are talking about universal laws but I find I “get it” with you – I know I get it! It’s demonstrated every day to me. You are fabulous! Keep on rocking!"

"Wow! It was all perfect! Namaste."

"Mike is fabulous! I'm in awe of how he can just talk without prompts, and I love his accessibility. I'd recommend it to absolutely EVERYBODY!"

"This was such incredibly valuable material - it gets right to the heart of how the Universe actually works and it reminded me that I already knew that! I loved being in this experience - thanks so much, Mike, Bear hugs to you..."

"Very much loved your workshop, etc... All this you know."

"To use your expression - "you really rock!" Grappling with the law of attraction, your lecture put the meat on the bone and I am excited, moved, and inspired in increasing measures at the playground and the dance that life is."

"Loved your personal stories - very relatable! Please come back sooner rather than later!"

"Even better than two years ago! Very grateful for the sharing of insights - Thank you!"

"I found the whole day hugely inspiring and just the 'push' I needed at this moment in time. Come back soon!"

"Looking forward to your return!"

"Awesome! This was yet another door blown open in my search for answers to living my dreams!"

"Loved it!"

"The content was GREAT, logical and well covered!"

"Your material is 'essential.' Especially when you are facing change and you need direction! Plus, you've helped me to better understand all of life's 'experiences'."

"I'm grateful! This is exactly what I needed!"

"So pleased you are doing this 'stuff'!!"

"Just as inspiring as the 'NOTES' that come each morning to my inbox!"

"WOW!! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! Thank you for putting it into perspective for me like no other motivational speaker has (and I've seen a few, ie: Zig Ziglar, Tony Robbins, Peter Lowe, etc...)."

"What passion!"

"Loved the energy, the stories, the quotes (Notes), the exercises. Thank you for a gorgeous day!"

"Great! Fantastic! Well presented with enthusiasm and conviction - yet you remained friendly and un-invasive. Wonderfully enjoyable! Cheers!"

"I loved your intimacy and directness."

"You are a magnetic speaker! Thank you so much for the day - it really has made such a difference, I'm still buzzing about it now - and it's a Monday! Thanks for being one of the many blessings in my life. Come back soon! Lots of love!"


"Fun, funny . . . and made sense!"

"Wow - playing the matrix is a GREAT tool! Mike is a craftsman of language - articulate, well-spoken, and clear. He was delightfully humorous, informative and it was a joy to be in his audience. Thank you!"

"You are so very motivational. You've inspired me to get going!"

"Fantastic day! Great delivery! Mike, your authenticity, wisdom, and humor are so infectious!"

"Brilliant presentation and material - thanks, Mike! I hope our paths meet again sometime!"

"I loved "Playing the Matrix"!!!!!!!!!!

"I thank you from the bottom of my heart... Everyone I spoke with was energized by your words and your energy, and anxious to put your material to work in their own lives. You are both wise and endearing."

"Truly the push my soul needed to make much needed changes in my life. And really... it couldn't have been easier!"

"I've heard Dr. Wayne Dyer, Allan Cohen, and countless more, and I can assure you that you are among the very, very best! World class!"

"Your program induces passion!"

"Thank you for helping me change my mind about so many long-held erroneous assumptions and beliefs."

Thank you, one and all, for taking the time to share your thoughts and encouragement. Whether or not your testimonial is posted here, IT DID make a difference!