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"Mike Dooley has 'opened the door of my mind' to all things possible. His boundless enthusiasm and delivery of his subject woke me up and carried me along with it, filling me with excitement at his discoveries, and the truth of them. If everyone practiced all Mike Dooley preaches, what an amazing world we would have - for real! I know how my own life has changed since absorbing his principles - and from now on, how much better it will always be!"

"I just purchased Leveraging the Universe and Engaging the Magic, absolutely fantastic!! I get the essential tools I was missing, and the dots are connecting."

"I now finally have a tool to explain everything within my own mind. Your analogies about life and the Universe are remarkable."

"A fabulous book! Mike has been in the trenches with his dreams dashed, and yet he came back. This book tells how he did it and how anyone can do it. I highly recommend Leveraging the Universe. It's as instructional as it is inspiring." - Marci Shimoff, New York Times bestselling author of Happy for No Reason and Chicken Soup for the Woman's Soul

"Leveraging the Universe... challenges [readers] to harness the world around them as a force for positive change. Dooley embraces spiritual concepts that fall into New Age categories, but he manages to eschew the ethereal trappings of a guru." - Publisher Weekly

"I no longer feel like I'm wandering aimlessly through life. It is so nice to no longer think 'what should I do with my life' and think about what I WANT to do with my life."

"Leveraging the Universe is a truthful tool for everyday living... An important contribution to mankind."

"This book was a large stepping stone in my spiritual journey. I am truly thankful that it came to me at the proper time when I needed it most."

"Love Mike's words-so inspiring and true with lots of wisdom sprinkled with laughter. You cannot help but giggle as Mike relates his adventures."

"I give Leveraging the Universe 5 stars, although there are not enough stars in the galaxy to classify what I have learned, and experienced, and loved, and given..."

"I'm stoked and just love the analogies you use to explain things that I have heard before but could never quite grasp."

"Leveraging the Universe helped me feel more deliberate and clarify a mindset. I started doing what I could from where I was and I continue watching as my life evolves. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

"I love your light-hearted humor, direct and simple explanations, uplifting attitude and your personal experiences... now that resonates with me!"

"WOW, Mike! That was great! Everything I'd hoped it would be - and more! Several times it felt just like I often feel about the "Notes from the Universe", that you were speaking to me, personally. Your charm and wit combined with your knowledge and humbleness molds the whole day into an injection that everyone ought to have!"

"Just to let you know how much my partner and I enjoyed the day. More importantly the effects have remained. I always think you can tell a good seminar by the realisations (UK spelling!) you have after the event rather than during."

"Fantastic! I was part of the Liverpool leg of the Tour and can honestly say it was a day like no other."

"...a beautiful and memorable day. It is hard to believe you weren't born to speak because you seem like a natural. I was a teacher for 25 years and let me tell you, you were motivational and inspiring."

"What a wonderful time and experience this past Saturday was, I am thrilled to have attended and be a part of your Adventurer Club World tour in Manhattan. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and more importantly experiences that have been part of your personal journey. I enjoyed the way you "talked to" not "talked at" all us Adventurer's, you managed to somehow make a filled room feel like a cozy get together. I have attended other workshops which I have enjoyed, however you bring a new element to yours by including stories, personal journeys and sometimes just flat in your face statements.... Thank you again for a great day shared "with the Universe" and other Adventurer's."

"Your ability to seamlessly merge both the rational and the spiritual sides of life in a witty and easily digestible form is quite unique..."

"Thank you so much for an extraordinary day! I had already listened to your cd's, so I was familiar with your philosophy, but meeting you in person & realizing how much you believe it, was even better."

"Your program and energy were excellent. I really enjoyed it. It was just what I needed and some magic certainly happened during the day. Thank you!"

"Thanks for an awesome experience. It was great to finally meet the voice behind the wisdom of "Infinite Possibilities." I just finished my morning walk in the park with my precious tapes and now I enjoy tem even more after meeting you. Your words just flow like magic to my ears and they keep my thoughts grounded. I totally enjoyed your style and sincerity. Your delivery was passionate and clearly understandable. Thanks so much for coming to NYC!"

"I was at the event in Calgary on Saturday and thought it was truly Awesome. In fact I would say it was the best event of that nature I have ever been to. For whatever reason, Mike's words and messages just clicked with me. I have been visualizing my new life and wow, have I become photogenic!"

"Hi Mike - I am one of the group of Adventurers that ventured 8 hours from Grande Prairie to Calgary. Was worth every mile! I have done many seminars, workshops etc and the things I really appreciated about yours was how personable you are. What a treat to have the speaker mingle with his audience before during and after the seminar. Your presentation was delivered in such a way that it was very easy to understand, yet complex enough to make me think. The stories and your humor made it so very entertaining. You didn't tell my anything I didn't know or haven't heard in some form before, but it was so refreshing to hear it from another angle, story etc. You are an amazing guy! Love & Light"

"I'm so glad I was a part of your tour... thank you with all of my heart!"

"I am so grateful for the time you took to come to Toronto to share your brilliance with us Canadians! We love to have fun and to laugh and you brought that medicine with you - Thank you for sharing it with us! Words seem insufficient to express my heartfelt gratitude for all the gifts you shared with us, as they are numerous... I am immeasurably richer from the experience in many ways."

"Wow. As I write, you are probably landing in Chicago. Thank you for coming to Toronto. You are an awesome speaker, and so easy to listen to. Today was a dream come true for me, really. It is not often that I get to meet someone who has had such an impact on my life, and who, in a strange way, I feel I know through your own sharing of your stories, and what you say through the universe each day through the intimacy of my computer."

"I feel wealthier having been there."

"Jambo, Mike! Gotta say, we were impressed! We have lots to thank you for. You are re-connecting people to important information that most of us have forgotten, and you're doing it in a way that cuts across barriers. What impressed me most was the willingness to share your own personal experiences with us - there's an authenticity that cannot be manufactured. It comes through loud and clear. Plus, your delivery is engaging, entertaining, intelligent, and above all, practical. Without dismissing the spiritual. It's just the right blend. You rock!!"

"I thought the day was perfect from beginning to end! I believe the strengths of your presentation lie in your mild-mannered, low-key, humble natured way of speaking. There is a place for the Tony Robbins of the world (and a purpose), but your approach, I believe, may make it easier for some people to relate. I really, really, loved how organized you were in your thought process... made it easier for your beloved ideas to sink in, let alone the fact that when I got home, my notes actually made sense! I have attended many events similar in nature to yours. I love the adventure of uncovering and rediscovering, you know" Your message, however, is the one that resonates most deeply with me. It's made of the stuff I've always believed, but needed to hear and learn how to *live*. So, thank you, from the bottom, middle, and top of my heart."

"When I read my notes from that day I still "hear" your voice... It was a great day!"

"The seminar was a total HIT... I knew while you were talking that now I was finally going to get up and do something about my life besides just listening to the cd's and once in a while making some token effort in the direction of my dreams, the final pop corn popped lol!. Not only that, I also had more ideas coming up about what else I could add to what I would like to do that would bring more meaning into my life. Another thing that I think every one without a doubt enjoyed was your great sense of humor, the energy you brought into the room was really uplifting."

"Thought I'd take a second out to offer a "thank you" for your session in today. It was exceptional!"

"Thanks for the fabulous seminar on Saturday in Toronto, Mike! I really enjoyed it. In particular it really helped how you told your own story and integrated that with the ideas that you were teaching. I've never before met a speaker who was so candid and upfront about their own life. This transposed the concepts into the realm of possible and practical."

"Before too much time elapses, I just wanted to say I enjoyed meeting you and learning more from you this past Sunday. You sharing your own stories helped me a great deal. I could not believe that it was only 4 years ago that you really began this on a higher level of TUT. And ......that you have only been speaking for a short time. I felt like I was energized and re-connected! So....thank-you!"

"Thank you Mr. Mike Dooley - I want to thank you for a wonderful day on Sunday - yep your actions with the help of the Universe definitely make you rock!"

"I had such a good time coming out to your workshop! I don't believe I have ever gone to another workshop quite like this one before. The very simple concept of "thoughts manifest" is not new to me, however there is something very unique in the way you format and deliver it's importance. I also thought it was really refreshing in how you presented your material! What I mean is you seem to just let all your perspectives & beliefs out without editing too much of the "controversial" issues... genuine & authentic & personal. (I think it was also your charisma that may have added to the fun & laughter!!)"

"I feel very motivated this week. Life feels even better than it normally does, if there is any normal out there. My Dreams have just got that much bigger since last Saturday!! So THANK YOU MIKE"

"Dear Mike, I thank you for a memorable Sunday in Chicago. I was impressed from start to finish for the following reasons:

  • You stayed to the point at all times.
  • You did not allow questions during the presentation (big points for that).
  • Your material was organized and down to earth. You did not go out into spiritual never-land, but rather gave us concrete steps to follow in order to engage the magic.
  • You were a lively and energetic speaker, and you smiled a lot.
  • You really delivered, and gave my friend and I much to talk about on the 5 hour ride home. Thanks again"

"Hey Mike! My wife and I have been trying to discern what was so refreshing about your event . . . practical, personal . . . real" . . . we've been to a number of motivational/self-help "things" . . . yours was "just right" for me at this point!"

"Jen and I simply thought the World Tour was absolutely GREAT! You are a great presenter ...we learned a lot and remembered many things we had forgotten. I have reviewed my notes twice already today... Life is fabulous! Take special care of yourself Mike...you are quite a gift!"

"i loved atlanta, what a special day... yeahhhh!"

"It's evident, Mike, that when you write the emails, and prepare your seminars, you are in touch with the Infinite."

"The workshop in Atlanta has me inspired, "jazzed" about my life. No surprise, it was exactly what I needed when I needed it.

"I would like to say your seminar was probably the best one I have ever attended -- and I have been to countless seminars. The environment and your content were the best.... very comfortable, a pleasure, elegant, terrific, the perfect formula, I can't say enough in praise of the day, and you certainly have inspired me to get busy and follow the tried and true advice you gave us all."

"And the winner is.....MIKE DOOLEY! Outstanding job! What a joy to connect with such a totally awesome aspect of "myself"! Thank you for sharing your journey. I look forward to sitting around your campfire again, my new friend! Namaste!

"It was great to have the opportunity to meet you in person and, as always, be revitalized by TUT."

"Not only have I attend similar events, I've actually given them. Your strength was in your passion for the topic... You did a great job! I applaud what you did!"

"I think your presentation should be "mandatory" information for people who are moving from thinking in the "old camp" into "new thought." You make it clear on what we must do in the physical and what we can leave to the Universe.

"[You speak] in a much more pragmatic way than anything I have ever heard."

"You totally blew me away! I sort of knew a lot of what you spoke about already, but that didn't matter. I needed to hear it again in the way you presented it. You have such a way about you that is so great - it's effective and attractive and engaging, it's your cadence. And you're calm voice. And you're totally funny! You were just so wonderful, I can't stop thinking about you, or telling other people about you. So thank you from the bottom of my heart."

"Could not let the day go by without sending you a note...you are a delight to my heart and soul! Thank you for your world tour and visit to LA...I was so sad when I had to leave...it brought tears to my eyes... It was different than say Anthony Robbins in that he knocks you on the head to make progress or frightens you into it... it is more gentle than externally sizzlin'...your brilliance seems to effect my DNA... creating an internal sizzlin'! I would have liked it to be 4 days - not 4 hours!"

"I really enjoyed your Beverly Hills Workshop yesterday. You are a wonderful enlightening speaker... yes, it was great to cross paths with you too! Jam On Great messenger of the unseen word. Yours, in Beaming Light"

"I wanted to thank you one more time, not only for sharing your thoughts with us, but bringing all of us together today. Our paths crossed today and will again. I know we are not done yet. Thank you, fellow adventurer. "The Oscar winning actor"

"Hey Universe... I really LOVED your presentation today!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"I attended the L.A. session and loved it so much that I'm sending Mom to attend the Atlanta session! I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off of my shoulders... now I feel a sense of peace that I haven't felt in ages. Thanks, Mike!"

"I wanted to let you know how much I loved your seminar on Saturday in S.F. I am still mulling it over in my head. The hardest part is it is so easy...why does everything seem so hard" I enjoyed meeting you and the others in class. Keep spreading the word...."

"All sections were helpful... Two sections in particular were very, very helpful and pertinent to me personally. The section on "Choosing your Path" was completely new information and presented so clearly that I was amazed... I love your mix of logic and spirit. I am able to easily assimilate and understand the material you present. Oh...and you're funny too. :)"

"I have been to MANY seminars and yours was as good as any!"

"I really enjoyed YOU at January 17th San Francisco World Tour! You are such a BRILLIANT BEING OF LIGHT........you radiate LOVE and TRUTH......every word you spoke was a truth that I already knew, and you brought many neglected passages to the surface for me.....'tis odd how easily we can forget...but then we were conditioned to forget.... living truth in a world of illusion is not easy! I enjoyed this 'session' with you tremendously; in fact, I wanted to take you home with me! ;-)"

"As you saw, none of us wanted to leave. I go to lots of workshops, and thought yours was one of the most interesting. There weren't any low spots, and I never found my mind wandering."

"Having just returned from your seminar in Los Angeles, I cannot end the day without first saying "thank you". Already having your books and tapes and emails, I expected the seminar to be wonderful... and it was! I expected also to learn from your 'beingness'... and I did! What I had not thought about or anticipated was the marvelous gift of your giving information in a way that I was not left with a sense of "Mike Dooley is great, but I can't do those things". You have an ability to share your experiences in a way that makes the material come alive, without drawing energy to yourself. So I want to say thank you very, very much for that."

"Awesome, on a scale from 1 to 10: 100! This was not just motivational but "realizational"... I'm noticing significant results immediately. I can't wait till the next event!"

"Everything (and I do mean that literally) about your seminar was absolutely "right on"; as "near perfect" as the finest workshops I have ever attended."

"We loved every moment! We've been to many of these: Marianna, Deepak, Neale Donald Walsh, to name a few. And you seemed just as informative, if not more so. You were approachable, the event was well planned... truly we can't say enough!"

"An unqualified success! Any recommendations I might have toward enhancing your program would entail shifting the format from a seminar to a 2-day workshop!"

"Indeed, a day to remember for a long, long time."

"You are an excellent, easy to listen to, no temptation to nod off, speaker! Terrific!"

"Thank you, thank you and thank you again. What a wonderful way to spend the day. Much of what you spoke about, I've heard or read over the years, but hearing it today had a different impact. You are a very insightful person and I thank you for sharing your gifts with us. I enjoyed talking to those around me and hearing where they are on their journey. I just love my life, it only gets better."

"The day was an absolute pleasure---thank you for all the fun!"

"Mike, you are doing a great job, just one seminar is not enough, I have to hear it several times, so we will see each other again!"

"You are with me every day....!"

"Before I came to your presentation in Vianen I was already reading some books about visualizing and the Universe being inside of me, but those books were somewhat vague. Thanks to your explanations, and the easy 7 steps, I finally understand what I am reading. Furthermore, my self esteem was very low, and since October 5th it's growing every day a little bit more. I am most grateful for the chance of listening to your words. So all I can say, is: Thank you very much, Mike, for coming into my life!"

"I really do expect that the world will be hearing a lot more of what you have to share; you're on the cutting edge of human evolution!"

"The World Tour was AWESOME! Everything I expected and more!"

"I was full of thought all weekend - and still today - and anticipate same forever!"

"You are a very dynamic speaker; I could have listened to you for hours on end! I feel very blessed that our paths have crossed and am looking forward to the day you are on Oprah!"

"...You kept it very real, and understandable no matter what level of understanding you may be at. Also, we were just saying how you made your philosophy very practical and applicable, which we feel is very important to any teaching. If you can't use it ...what's the point" Overall, we loved it...Thanks again!"

"Awesome job!!! We got so many cool ideas from you! Dank je wel!"

"It was awesome to meet you and hear you speak live!"

"I enjoyed the whole day! The whole atmosphere was wonderful. I felt completely at "home".

"It must be a wonderful thing to share and create with others the way you do!"

"Thank you for sharing your light with the rest of us."

"I"ll be taking your sage words and putting a plan in motion to organize the world (or at least one small part of it!) through my new company. Thanks for all the inspiration."

"I just enjoyed myself so much, I found myself wishing it would go on and on and on..."

Thank You! Dank je wel! Merci Beaucoup!

Thank you, one and all, for taking the time to share your thoughts and encouragement. Whether or not your testimonial is posted here, IT DID make a difference!

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