Fellow Adventurers,

When the first few testimonials began trickling in, I declined to post them thinking that they wouldn't be believed, but now that the trickle has become a flood, I've decided that these unsolicited comments might help others in search of truth and greater happiness.

In September 8th, 2009 Infinite Possibilities, the book, became the New York Times Bestseller!!!!

This way to the Audio Program!!

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"Infinite Possibilities is the perfect book at the perfect time. It is full of wisdom, answers, and guidance -- a unique combination that is guaranteed to help anyone during times of change and transition. I loved it!"
-- Ariane de Bonvoisin, bestselling author of The First 30 Days

"Having been a fan of the 'big boys' -- Anthony Robbins, Wayne Dyer, Earl Nightingale, et al. -- I came away with the realization that Dooley is the most literate and professorial of them all."
-- Roger Yale, Los Angeles Entertainment Today

"I am so excited about this book! Mike Dooley has given every human soul a great and wonderful gift. He shows us in the clearest terms yet just how to produce what God has always intended for us: a life of joy unbounded!"
-- Neale Donald Walsch, author of When Everything Changes, Change Everything and Conversations with God

"This book is your ticket to living. After experiencing Infinite Possibilities, you will never see life from the same perspective."
-- James Van Praagh, author of Unfinished Business

"Mike, when I bought your Infinite Possibilities tape subscription for my son, this is what I hoped for. Thank you for sharing your gifts with the world in such a powerful way:

Dear Mom... WOW! He is truly incredible. I love how he just proposes ideas; he doesn't try to "teach" you by telling you what's right. He wants you to decide for yourself what you "believe"... :)

Hello, hello! :) I'm writing you with the utter most gratitude for your tape set... You have no clue as to how much your wonderful voice means to me. I can hear you in my head right now; "Jambo, fellow adventurers!" hahaha. I have started whistling again. I am a much happier person. I am looking forward to going to bed with you on my walkman, and I have come back to the feeling of being excited about my life & my future. I have experiences of feelings/emotions that I haven't been able to feel since childhood, that I thought belonged to youth and innocence, and that I never would feel again! This is miraculous! I can't wait for family & friends to see me again, later, (they are all back in Norway, where I hope to end up again) and experience "the new me" - and ask me how this transformation happened. :) Thank you, and thank you again! Words get poor now, the feelings goes beyond words. Sincerely, a very HAPPY fellow adventurer. P.S. How can I see you "live" in a seminar?

I'm 78 years young and it has taken much of my life in study and contemplation to find the truth offered in "Infinite Possibilities". Science of Mind, Unity, Eastern religions, Masters Throughout the Ages, A Course in Miracles, yes, even the Bible, all in protraction say what you have said, though not as concisely. Taken to heart and applied, these truths are life changing. Thank you Mike, Joy & Peace, AG

"Mike... Believe it or not I listen to your words pretty much every day on CD. At some stage last year (even before I'd heard of you) I decided to hand "it" all over to the Universe. The last 6 months have been some of the best of my life. A myriad of teachings came to me, and one of the paths lead to you. I guess now, after years of Tony Robbins et al, I hold your teachings in even higher esteem. Whereas previously I was focusing on how to get the 'micro' details and habits right, you cleared up the 'macro' picture - which is where many of my abberated beliefs lied. Being brought up a Muslim with western views and values - this has added a new perspective on the way I see things. And for that, I thank you..." AS, London

Hi Mike! It occurred to me the other night, whilst going through my mail, that I had never personally expressed my sincere appreciation for your input to my life. The effect your material has had on my life has been fantastic. You've reminded me so distinctly of so many things I thought I'd forgotten. I must say I have never heard the positive basic truths of life put or presented better than the way you do. (and I've listened to a few in the last 25 years believe me.) Thank you so much for your wonderful work. Sincere Personal regards, PS, Australia

....right now I'm listening to the 8th CD of "Infinite Possibilities" - Mike, ever seen popcorn being made? When those hard, rigid, kernels pop out into those beautifully soft, fluffy, attractive, tasty, pretty little things? Well that's what's happening to my brain while listening to your recordings. One thing I know for sure, I am not the same person I was 8 cd's ago, and I will never be again. I honestly do not know where to start thanking you... Lots of love from Canada,

Mike!! I love your CD set! :).... I really fretted over the price at the time, but now I can't imagine questioning it -- definitely worth it. BH

I recently completed your audio recordings and all I can say is..."WOW". The things you cover have given me the understanding that all things are truly possible. Your insights answer many questions I have had all my life. I feel like a kid on Christmas morning that's just received the gift he wanted most. Finally I've found, or have been lead to find, what I've been looking for year after year after year. It's difficult finding the words to express my hopes and feelings... but man, "the future's so bright, I've gotta wear shades". THANK YOU MIKE! RG, San Antonio

First I want to say how much I truly enjoy your tapes... I wish to share them with others... and I thought instead of just giving them to one person ... would it be "legally" okay to donate them to our public library... so many could benefit!? I thought it would be nice for others who are not connected to the internet and who just use the public library to have access to your teaching ... Again .. thank you for your teachings... God bless you ... Sincerely, KG

Mike, you have been a true blessing to my family and me. My Brother Theo Nelson who has made national news all week long for sinking the basket ball at half court last Friday for a Million Dollars received words of wisdom that I have gotten from you and we affirmed his doing this, planned the celebration party and even discussed all the news coverage and how we would feel when all this happen. And of course the Universe responded with an astounding yes... YOUR INFINITE POSSIBILITY TAPES ARE WONDERFUL, THE BEST PRESENT I COULD'VE GIVEN TO MYSELF, WHICH OF COURSE IS BENEFITING ALL THAT I COME IN CONTACT WITH, AND THEN SOME. Carolyn Wallace

I thought you should know that the audiotapes have opened a fabulous world to me that I think I always new existed, I just wasn't sure and didn't completely believe. My eyes are slowly beginning to open, sped up with your help. Thanks so much for being you and doing what you do I hope to meet you someday and say thanks in person. Until then, please accept my good wishes and my heartfelt encouragement to continue helping others see the truth. Thanks for everything, DW

Dear Mike, As I navigate through a divorce, after 20 years of marriage and 3 wonderful kids, your INFINITE POSSIBILITIES tapes are a major ongoing source of wisdom, insight, and growth. I'm listening to them every day and hearing & understanding new concepts that are allowing me to get to the next level of this dynamic process. Thank you, thank you, thank you! IN

Your tapes are BRILLIANT!! AM

Hi Mike - I've just finished listening to all of the cd's. I have so many things I could say, but to keep it short since it is getting late here - I've noticed that I see life so differently since listening to your thoughts. I feel like I know this great big secret that so MANY others have yet to figure out. I feel like I can do anything. And, best of all, I am SO MUCH HAPPIER! My feelings about myself are changing and so is my outward demeanor. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH ! ! ! CJ

Jambo Mike! I ordered the complete "Infinite Possibilities" for my nephew's H/S graduation gift. He was totally blown off his feet just from listening to your first tape "Thoughts become things". This is his first taste of personal development. No better way to get started! Thank you... CU

Dear Mike, God bless you. I want you to know that your Infinite Possibilities CD's touched my SOUL, and for that I am forever grateful. May your biggest dreams be the Least that you will get. Yours truly, KA

I have owned (Infinite Possibilities) for almost 18 months and it has changed ME to my core. I used to find myself thinking how foreign this new philosophy was, now it's just how I live my life. I re-listen to the tapes each day during my morning jog. For now, just let me say THANKS for introducing me to the truth and for "holding my hand" through the transition. I remember the day I read your ad and reluctantly decided to charge the $119 for the program. Talk about leap of faith! I had never spent such plastic on anything that seemed so foolhardy, yet I knew it would change my life. I had no idea just how much joy I could live my days with. BS

Your CDs bring so much MIND BOGGLING insight into what's happening within me/us and the world around us. While listening to the CD's themes time and again questions pop up, which lead me to stop the player, roll the questions around in my mind, look at them from different viewpoints, restart the player and ... THERE is the answer, which again leads me to stop the player, compare the answer with accompanying ideas coming up from within me, allowing me to reflect on my personal solution to the initial question. How FASCINATING! Thank you for sharing your gift with us. HS

I just finished listening to Infinite Possibilities... went to Houston (M.D. Anderson Hospital) with my mother. She's a cancer survivor. We discussed your 12 CD's all the way there and back (6 hrs.)! She and I have been overwhelmed with your work. I can sum it up in one word: INCREDIBLE! Thanks for the inspiration, motivation and rejuvenation. You are the best! Love, MS

I just wanted to write to THANK YOU for being one of my "Points of Awareness! Sincerely, SW

Mike... I LOVE YOUR TAPE SET! Riveting, inspiring, even miraculous! Rarely have I heard such wisdom... such mind-stretching beauty... such practical inspiration and proven advice. THANK YOU! Mr. Joe Vitale (the Nightingale-Conant Spiritual Marketing Guru)

Each week I listen to the same tape everyday. Each day I learn something new. You truly are amazing and I am so thankful that we found each other...rather I found you! LM

Jambo Michael... just had to tell you... your "Infinite Possibilities" program is a treasure trove... we are sustained and delighted by the ideas you so deftly present. Tallyho, YJ


Dear Mike, Greetings to you in the name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. I am so glad and filled with so much joy to tell you that i got your parcel. My God it is beautiful and I love it. I intentionally refused to give any tape out until I have listened to them all, and now, guess what? More than five of my friends have listened to them already! Thanks so much you may not know what you have done but you are reaching out to so many over here (Nigeria) and it is wonderful. How far our words can travel, though you are over there, yet we can hear you and your words are getting to others over here. Thanks and God Bless you and continue to make you a blessing in even far greater ways than you can imagine. CZ the way, I need to let you know that I have been through all the twelve tapes and would like to thank you for the meaningful insights they bring, particularly tape # 6. The things you share in this tape are simply awesome and I feel as though a previously heavy load has been instantly lifted from my shoulders. Thank you, Mr. Dooley.

Mike!!! Thank you for your recordings, Infinite Possibilities, 'The Art of Living Your Dreams', which have made such a difference for me and my family. I must commend you for the effort you have placed into searching and learning truths. Your program has given me a insight into some of the most persistent and baffling questions that have mounted up over the years. My quality of life has improved directly due to your efforts. You are to congratulated for sharing your knowledge in such a way. Thank you, sincerely, thank you. From your fellow adventurer, DG, Australia

I received the tapes Infinite Possibilities a couple of days ago and can't stop listening to them. I thought I was the only one that grew up feeling different and it always seemed like I never belonged anywhere and was never quite what everyone else was. Your tapes make me feel like I am home! Love and Blessings, V

I've listened to well over 20 audio programs, and Mike, I gotta say, yours is the best so far. I love it man. I have heroes, and you my friend are one of them. Thank you very much. MW

My spirit soars as I listen... so happy to have "you" in my life. J

Magnificent Mike... I love the amazes me how everything you are saying is what I believe to be qualifies so much for me...just wanted to let you know that the fruits of your hard work are making a difference and so appreciated. A fan... DW

I just can't stop smiling!! TG

"Twelve hours of audio is daunting in itself, but having been a fan of the "big boys" like Anthony Robbins, Wayne Dyer, Earl Nightingale, et al, I came away with the realization that Dooley is the most literate and professorial of them all. Even in casual conversational tones he betrays a dazzling intellect. His "thoughts become things" premise is used as a point of departure into everything else he covers here, and that is quite a lot: beliefs, relationships, reincarnation, angels, soul mates, UFOs, ghosts, visualization, etcetera." Roger Yale, Los Angeles Entertainment Today, 2/7/03

Mike... Guess what my son gave me for Christmas? I'm almost finished with my 12th tape of your program!! It's BY FAR, my favorite gift... Thank you!

Hi Mike- I recently finished listening to the 12-tape set and it was AWESOME! ...I'm very grateful that you're doing what you're doing, putting out all this great stuff for people like me. Hope you travel to my area some time to give a talk! CM

Mike: I just wanted to say how AWESOME I think you are, I finished the CD program and am craving more, more, more. Are you working on any other programs? Man, it's all GOOD! Maybe....... I'll listen again... Ta Ta, CT

Hello Mike... I listened to CD #7 today... becoming enlightened is so awesome!!! SL

Thank you for your profound contribution to my life... RM

Mike, I recently received your CD program, Infinite Possibilities, and I'm overwhelmed with their power, and the enthusiasm in your voice. I just want to say thanks and God bless you for everything you're doing to help others in this world. Most of all "thanks for just being there... Aloha, Mike! Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you! I send you much peace and love. CD

Wonder how you personally acquired all this wisdom to share with us all..... it touches me deeply and I am really struggling to learn to practice in my everyday life because I KNOW it all to be true. Priorities are being turned upside down;- what was very important before is not important any longer, - love and harmony are more important than ever...... and I am longing so much for freedom. Thank you so much and have a wonderful day! All my best.

Hi Mike! I am indeed grateful to you, you are a shining light in my life and you have helped me to see mine more clearly! Thank you for reminding me of WHO I AM. Breathe Peace Radiate Love, FE

Mike Dooley YOU ARE AWESOME!!! When I received the CD's... I burst in tears! I had sent out a STAT request to the Universe, and it heard me. That's the fastest anything has ever appeared in my experience. Thank you soo much! Nothing is a coincidence! You are doing excellent work! Namaste' CT

Good evening Michael, good evening to you indeed! Terrific subjects addressed in your CD's and magnificently presented, my hat's off to you Se?or! ...Michael, THANK YOU, I am glad I decided to obtain your material and consider it to be an excellent investment. R

...You're awesome.........I'm tellin' ya'..........YOU'RE AWESOME!!! I'm enjoying the heck out of my tapes!!! "G"

Jambo Mike! The CD's are incredible... By the way, are they only available in English... as I keep telling my German friends about them and most of them don't speak English. Tallyho with love, N

...You have NO IDEA how much you have impacted myself, and those in my life... The inspiration that you have provided to and for all of us is immeasurable. Thank you soooo much! RC

The information is not new to me although I've rarely heard it presented as clearly and as passionately as you have... I have never been happier in my life. I now have an opportunity to begin to think differently and to create a whole new and more fulfilling reality for my son and myself. I truly believe that this is the beginning of a great new adventure for us... Thanks so much Mike for just being you and for taking your message to the world. My life will change for the better for it. Thanks in advance for my incredible new success and fulfillment. MB

I have truly enjoyed "Infinite Possibilities". Although I'm not new to this way of thinking, I enjoy the positive re-enforcement. Thank you for your part in the Universe. Tally Ho, John

This material is the kind, which is new every time you hear it again - a new realization, aha moments, sudden insights. Excellent!! NP

Right now I'm listening to your 12 CD set and savoring each one several times. Thank you for lifting my spirits, inspiring me, and helping me to remember God and who I am. Thank God for you. Love and Aloha

Michael, I am loving your tapes...they seem to make so much's like I know what you are saying but need someone to spell it out for me...just couldn't seem to get there on my own ...I guess no one else I know understands how this works so I do not have anyone to discuss it with...I'm very happy to have "met" you.. Thank you D

The tapes arrived yesterday and I'm barely getting anything else done, stumbling around with my headphones on!!!!!! J

I'm so glad that I took the chance and purchased your audiotapes!!! I play them during my 30 minute commute to and from work... they're so inspiring and chockfull of great information... THANK YOU! IP

I just finished "Infinite Possibilities"....WOW! So much information. I am looking forward to listening all over again to pick up things I missed. Keep up the great work! RF

You taught me how to visualize and I stopped smoking cold turkey more than a week ago, and it was EASY! ...You helped me save my life, and I am most grateful... so thank you, thank you! LB

Dear Mike - thank you for making the CD's "Infinite Possibilities"..... They have made a big difference in my life already... I can't wait to see what the next few months and years bring as a result of the new thought processes I am perfecting! Warm regards, JLJ

My dear Mike, you are a man after my own spiritual heart and I am truly blessed! I am on CD #4 and believe your teachings are awesome and will be practicing them daily! I will pray that your spiritual world continues to "rock with the truth" so that you can share it with us all. Surrounding you with happy thoughts. LL

Hi Mike! I just wanted to let you know that I thought your tape on beliefs was FANTASTIC! Very powerful! One thing that I have not ever heard before, in all the tapes I've listened to, was this concept that all you have to do is believe and that it has nothing to do if you're spiritual, or this, or that. The only thing required is the Belief and as long as someone has the belief, then they can achieve anything, no matter who they are. All I can say is WOW! There are no words that I could say to you that would describe how empowering that concept is! Thanks! EN

Mike... your points are absolutely perfect.... they come out very understandable and at the same time, some of it requires multiple listenings to get a grip on that particular point.. and the click that happens is like Heaven. Excellent balance. Looking forward to 3! and repeated listening to the first 2. ST

Hi Mike... I cannot speak enough about the energy I received from the info you imparted to me...a fair amount of your statements are familiar to me but the way you stated them was very well received.... THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU'RE DOING! GM

Michael, I've been listening to your CD's and I want to let you know what a special human being you are for sharing these wonderful thoughts. I listened to CD no 6 this morning and it mentioned the limitations we place upon our thinking. Bingo - this is the difference that will make the difference for me, I commit to adding "fun, ease & passion" to my dreams for the universe to provide. Thank you! NY

Dear Mike - I wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying the first tapes of the series. How could you have gained so much insight into everything at such a young age? It's just amazing. Please keep up the good work! Regards and Tallyho! JD

Mike, I've had time to listen to the tapes and am REALLY enjoying them! Looking forward to what's next! SR

Dear Mike, look me right in the eye- I am right there with you. How blessed I am to have those in my life that speak the same language. I have always known. I am just awakening from a deep slumber--although I know the slumber was part of the sky. The power to manifest the purely delightful things in this universe is absolutely satisfying. The power to manifest the not so delightful (which i do as well) is becoming a thing of the past. I am beginning to physically feel the flow of the universe as I empty myself. To accomplish 9AM - 5PM EST will be a great achievement. Thank you for sharing all you possess with me. I overflow with a grateful heart. I remain your fellow adventurer. I have known that when the student is ready, the teacher will come. Thanx teach'. JN

... I'm listening to the tapes repeatedly... EXCELLENT material, endless new perspectives, spin offs............ your words have set me in motion! Thanks - N :-))

Mike, Thanks for your audiotapes called "The Art of Living Your Dreams!" They were shared with me by a friend/co-worker, and they are having a BIG, positive impact on my husband and myself... Your thoughts are so warm and strong! KT

I've just finished listening to "Magical Universe" (CD #6) for the second time, and I have become hooked! RY

I listen to your tapes all the time in the car and they always have a way of bringing me back to what really matters... and I just wanted you to know of your impact. Keep up the good work. Love, AM

Jambo Mike! I wanted to let you know that the tapes I ordered from you week before last were FANTASTIC! I love your humor, your view on life and the fact that you care enough about people to change their lives through your books, tapes and website. You are truly my inspiration!!! Kim :o)

Aloha Mike- Wanted to let you know that I received your CD's... All I can say is "Wow!" LM

Dear Mike, Thanks for your program and messages! I can't believe it's been so easy to really change my expectations. I have always been a positive person but I often gave into the worry over the "evidence" that I was in deep doo doo! ...... Until I listened to your program, I believed I would die in great debt and have to continue doing whatever I had to do instead of what I yearn to do. You have made this last year a time of celebration when there would have been so much reason to stress... KY

"I am so loving these tapes. I listen over and over again... They contain profound messages of hope and a new way to view life. Mike Dooley is a fountain of wisdom... A gift to the universe." PS

Hi Mike... Thanks for the Infinite Possibilities tape series. My best friend in the entire world found your website - was so excited she couldn't even talk - so I ordered the tapes on her behalf.... Betty is an awesome lady and is always "finding" things that help us continue to evolve on our exciting adventures in life! Your tapes are the latest and greatest "thing" to happen to us. I've always called the universe "The Enchanted World." I've always believed that daydreaming and wishing were key to having a simply abundant, extraordinarily magical life. And all along, I was right! So is Betty! So are you! And who knows how many more - but we've met some of them and we'll meet more of them. How great is that?!!! Thanks and kind regards, KB, Westfield, NJ

Dear Mike, I just received your CD's today, and have started listening this evening. After listening to only 6-7 tracks of the 1st CD, all I can say is I'm sure glad our paths crossed!! All the best, LO

Dear Mike. I know you are having a great day; I've just listened to your tapes... Thank you!!! You're so right on - if no one has told you that over the last hour, please accept mine. Thank you, Thank you, and in England we are into hugs so hear it comes HUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG. TR

...the most uplifting messages I've heard in a long time! Jambo and thanks from: JR

Michael, Love my C.D' are one hell of a guy. One of these days I'm going to tell you that face to face but for now.........from the bottom of my heart............ ............... Thank you for giving me hope in myself, God and the Universe.

It IS hard, sometimes, to continuously fight off all of the negative energies that constantly reinforce our "old beliefs", so I find that listening to your messages helps keep me "on track" and empowered. As often as I can get away, I go for drives in my car with your "CD of the month" in my car, just to keep "centered"! Thanks! MS

Thanx so much... My tapes have arrived... what a breath of fresh air they are... they are a tremendous inspiration... many thanks for this live one's life to the full. Love, M

Mike! Great tapes!!! Wanted to ask if you had heard of Neville Goddard (Resurrection is probably his best book). Your focus in the tape on the "feeling" instead of getting too specific in visualizing is *EXACTLY* what he's all about to a tee. But Neville's gone on, and you're still here thank God :) The material you covered and the way you covered it is phenomenally effective in driving that stuff really home. It's the only tape I need in the car right now, pretty much. (Except for Dr. Andrew Weil - I need to eat better) Thanks! It's great knowing that really nothing matters, because we're all Divine and eternal anyway, but that we can also live the life with the external "goodies" if we have the faith it's already there and we just bring it into solid being. SB

Thank you so much for turning up the light on the Infinite Possibilities that all life has to offer! Peace be with you!! BM

Your CD's have opened up a whole new world to me, and every day now I build on your thoughts with ones of my own, truly excellent! Take care, and tallyho! SB, New Zealand

Awesome and inspirational!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NC

I'm listening to Infinite Possibilities for the 8th time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RW

Your tapes are brilliant! Thank you!!!!!!!!!! Very Best, AM

I've been listening to your "Infinite Possibilities" CD's! The content is profound, inspirational and comprehensive. Congratulations!! "Infinite Possibilities" is a significant and important contribution to the field of personal development and the maximization of human potential. I'm grateful that the Truths -- including your unique way of teaching them in "Infinite Possibilities" -- have again found their way into my life. I am certain that my awareness of the truth is now with me to stay and will only deepen with time. ATB, DM

BTW, I love your tapes - just purchased Infinite Possibilities and am so grateful that you are here! Thank you for sharing your insights and thoughts - These should be required listening for everyone! Blessings, BZ

Jambo Mike! I am so very glad to know that my ways of thinking for years have not all been a figments of my wild imagination! I am very happy to learn more of what I feel inside and "know" already. This is just wonderful........ Ever since my childhood, people have labeled me as "weird" and "strange" because I didn't think like them. Instead, you have made me proud. Thank you... CM

Jambo Mike! I just have to write and tell you I finished listening to the 12 tapes today. Well, finished is probably not accurate - I'm planning to start all over again tomorrow! I can't even begin to tell you what all you have said has meant to me, and will continue to mean to me. I know you've heard this before, but I can honestly say, my life has changed since the day I received your tapes. My 10 year old daughter, Liav, at first groaned when I insisted on listening to you in the car instead of the radio. Now when I pick her up from school, she says "Let's listen to Mike!". She had a friend over yesterday, and the friend was whining about something or other and I heard Liav tell her - "Well, just don't think about that - thoughts become things!" Need I say more!? Mike, I just can't thank you enough. There aren't enough words for Thank You in the English language - so I'll thank you in Hebrew as well - Todah Rabah!!!! Love, Shalom, and Tallyho! JB

Hey Mike, Wow, I really, really, really love your CDs!!!!!!!! They're great!! It was amazing to hear such truthful things!! AC

I cannot wait to be where you are in understanding how simple "Life" is. I've just listened to the 9th cd on relationships... I like the fact that I can and will listen to the cd's over and over again and always learn something that I missed the first time. Thank you for you and for coming into my life. L

GUESS WHAT? I signed up a number of friends for TUT mailings and... one of them ordered your set of tapes and liked them so much, she ordered a set for me! I love them!! You sound so down to earth. Thank you SO much for doing this. May it come back to you a thousand fold. Sending much White Light to you, M

Jambo Mike! I recently purchased the full CD set of Infinite Possibilities and I am enjoying them tremendously!! Thanks for all that you do, and I would love to hear you speak if you are ever in the Phila. area. Thanks! JJ

Ahhhh, you are so good with words! I'm relishing the IP tapes! Thank You for Being You! Love, Nancy

Dear Michael - Last Wednesday started the most incredible weekend of my life, and it started with TUT! I had experienced a whole day of negative "things" and come home totally drained. There, at the front door was my order of CD's from TUT, so I decided to jump into a hot bath tub to soak away my blues and listen to some wisdom from TUT. On the first CD, there you are talking about leaving the details in developing relationships and children who need to do better in school to The Universe - both of the biggies I was dealing with that very day! Again, I looked around to see if you were peeping in my windows .... (but how could you, I'm on the 2nd floor !) That evening, the guy from the relationship I was stressing about, called to invite me THAT weekend to California for a concert by our favorite country artist --- 4 hours later my flight was booked and I was on my way! So, Michael ..... believe you me .....I am a believer ! Now, I just have to listen to the rest of the CD's - can't wait to see what develos ! Thanks for doing what you do ..... it sure makes a difference in my life ! CV

Mike - I absolutely love your CD's!! NH

I cannot tell you how much your recordings have helped me over the past several months. Thank you. PL

I listen to your tapes ALL THE TIME in the car and they always have a way of bringing me back to what really matters... I just wanted you to know your impact. Keep up the good work. Love, AM

Hi Michael, I received the tapes yesterday and I've listen to them already! It's what I have been looking for for a LONG TIME, thank you. I finally got my answers to "Native State"! I was declared "Native State" by Scientology and felt empty for a lot of years because I didn't have the skills to hold it. I always knew I had special abilities, but often invalidated myself and worse, let others invalidate me. I am great today and I want to thank you again. GM

I love the "thoughts become things tapes" I listen to them constantly. I cannot express enough how wonderful and uplifting your messages are! This time of year is hard right now because I lost one of my sons last year - I don't know how I would get through if I didn't have your wonderful, uplifting messages to fill me with wondrous thoughts and possibilities. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, you make it much easier to see the goodness, the beauty and the joy! Again, I cannot thank you enough. P.S.

Mike ... I always have one or two of your "Infinite Possibilities" tapes in the car. It's 50 miles in any direction from our home to the nearest shopping center, with very little traffic to attend to, a near-perfect situation for listening to you describe your simply elegant concepts. I am a better person for having heard your teachings... Muchas Gracias, amigo!

Mike, I'm enjoying the tapes - listening to them over and over! I wonder if that means I'm not "getting" it - I don't think so - I just enjoy them! PR

Hi Mike, I could hardly wait to write to you. Bottom line....I BELIEVE that when YOU BELIEVE you are ready to take your message on the road that opportunity is going to abound!!. . . . what is new are some of the ways in which you present the ideas so that even people like me who know it intellectually get it on a whole other level!! Plus, a lot of the explanations you gave were really valuable... Peace & joy, CS

Your 12 CD set is fantastic, LOVE it!!!!!!!!!! Gracias, MR

Hi Mike, I have just finished the eighth recording and am finding them enlightening, deep, and at times very much at odds with some of my beliefs. Overall though, I am amazed at how much of what you say parallels scriptures that I have been reading and meditating, and how it opens a new level of understanding... I catch myself laughing a lot now as I am beginning to accept that I do have the power to create MY LIFE. Thanks for your contribution. I can truly say Jambo!!! Glad our paths crossed... VB

Hi Mike! You're recordings are FAB!!!! I really enjoy the CDs on my way to work... Hats off to YOU!!! LN:)

Hello Mike. . . I am very much enjoying your tape series and listen to each one several times!! . . . THANK YOU for doing what you do!!! DB

Good Morning Mike, I purchased your wonderful tape album, "Infinite Possibilities" about 2 or 3 weeks ago (not sure exactly) but I have listened to every tape at least 3 times......GREAT INFORMATION!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! AW

Hi Mike, I wanted to send you a note to let you know how much I appreciate your CD Series! Your thoughts are intelligent, educated, articulate, and well thought out. Although I already knew of your career background (from your website), and should have expected and KNOWN the tapes would reflect your professionalism, I was still pleasantly surprised at how very WELL the CDs/tapes are done, and how logical the thought progressions are within each of them. Your effort is evident, and it makes the information easy to grasp and absorb. Thank you from one former tax professional (former tax and international attorney/CURRENT doting mom of 4 year old twins) to another. MM

I have been meaning to write to you since I received my CD's. I want you to know that I absolutely LOVE them and that your spiritual philosophy mirrors mine exactly. You are to be applauded for the great work you are doing by recording these tapes and, I suppose, the best way for me to do that is by applying what I have learned into my own dream and making it happen. Thank you sincerely. All the best, AM

Dear Mike: You know...I must tell you how much I am enjoying the CD's.....They have helped me to focus...on the "Possibilities" in my life.....I am a true making dreams a reality....My life is full of examples of just that.....your words of wisdom came at a perfect time. Thank you. SS

Dear Universe, I am having SO MUCH FUN listening to the Mike Dooley CD's "Infinite Possibilities." Wow. I just want to talk to EVERYONE about what I am experiencing. Thanks so much for all you do for all of us!! I am loving the idea of throwing you some real challenges, you know, with my thoughts and visualizations. SOUND LIKE FUN? You are really too awesome for words! How about a hug?! (Un-h-h-h-uh) (that was a hug) SR

Dear Mike: I want to thank you for making the CD's Infinite Possibilities..... They have helped me tremendously and I look forward to many changes in my life as a result of the new thought processes I am perfecting. Your CD's have made a BIG difference in my life in the short period of time I have been listening to them. Thank you! JJ

The tapes are INCREDIBLE!!!!! Thanx!! NG

Hi Mike, Just to say "THANK YOU" for the amazing set of tapes you've put together in the Infinite Possibilities package! WOW, and thanks for a wonderfully organized & synthesized presentation. Listening to your tapes helped me further understand and integrate the principles that are clearly changing my life! I've used the "Abraham" material for the last 6 - 8 months to gather lots of insights & create some exciting growth for myself. Your tapes were a perfect "booster rocket", because you state the same principles in a slightly different way. I especially appreciate your clarity & great organization of the material. Thank you for doing what you do - I really appreciate it! IJ

Mike- I'm listening to your tapes, Infinite Possibilities, and ......Oh my goodness!! I share your thoughts. I have for a long time, but have not been able to verbalize the feeling... I do believe that I can do anything I put my mind to. You probably get 45 gazzillion of these emails daily. Just thought I'd share with you a moment in time in this universe of ours since you have been so kind to share with others. Thanks for all you do. You must absolutely radiate in person! Pictures just don't do justice. L

I love the C.D's and listen to them every night! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I pray and give thanks for my life and for having you in my life. KO

Mike, I've been enjoying the tapes. GREAT!!! Really inspiring! Many thanks! TD

Mike: Fantastic job on Infinite Possibilities! You are one of the best public speakers I've ever heard. Many times, it is difficult to either sit through or listen to recordings this long because the speaker is not clear or his/her diction is hard to understand, but you have done a fabulous job in this area. Just WONDERFUL, thank you!! SW

I have been struck by epiphany after epiphany listening to your tapes!! So far I've listened to #3 over 20 times!!!!!!!!! Thanks! SB

Good morning Mike! I love the CD's!!!! . . . But I really think you would sell even more books than tapes, OR think of the combination, WOW!!!! . . . Even the visual people could use the tapes or CD's as I do!!! Love to you, PM

Hi Michael, Just a little feedback on the tapes.......... GREAT, FABULOUS, THE BEST! Thank You from the UK!! RH

Michael Dooley, In keeping with the spirit of Thanksgiving, I'm writing to you in gratitude for the audio tape series... Your words, your work, and your spirit are so welcome and appreciated! Thank you! LG

Michael: So far, I've really enjoyed your tape series. At first, I was skeptical. But after listening to the "Beliefs" tape, it's all beginning to make a lot of sense! You're insights are quite a gift. . . You really have a unique perspective, and I believe you are about to change my life by sharing your thoughts with the rest of us!!!! Thanks! LG enjoying listening to your tapes!!! May I humbly suggest that you do a seminar in W. Palm?!!! SM

Dear Mike, I just had to write and thank you for coming into my life at the exact moment I needed you. Funny thing about that... You're an incredible teacher, Mike, and that is a sincere compliment. I was blown away. I have been in front of a considerable number of great motivational speakers (I'm in network marketing.) You are the first one that I could totally relate to - our spiritual beliefs are identical. And you're so fun! And you put things across in a different way than anyone I've heard. You're someone who my husband and I both would choose to have as a closest friend - the kind you can spend lots of time with and always enjoy. Your tape set is changing our lives rapidly... Thank you again, Mike. You're a jewel. Tallyho! SP

hey mikey, awesome!!! i am getting it! like a baby taking steps. i love it. the emotion tape is so powerful!!! i can only ingest so much at a time. TL

I just finished listening to the tapes for the first of many times. Truly great stuff. You are becoming a very important person in my search for truth. Miracles are beginning to happen. I send you my deepest gratitude. Please stay the course. LR

Hi Mike, yesterday was a beautiful, warm (relatively--at least for Chicago in March) day. I was preparing myself to feel guilty about blowing off the entire day to enjoy the sunshine, when I listened to CD#2 about your "Sun and the Pool, and the Work Ethic" experience. The message helped me to "re-think" my guilt, and really enjoy the moment.... Anyway, thanks to you, and the Universe that directed this particular thought my way, today! MM

Hello Michael, I'm enjoying the tapes enormously... I love the way you put it (all) in such simple, easy to understand terms. I feel even people who are clueless about enlightenment (as I was) and perhaps even turned off by the term, will easily begin to see how powerful they/we all are in regard to the life they are living/creating. I, too, am glad our paths have crossed. Much love, J

This month's product brought forth a psychological breakthrough in me...
This is a 12-CD/tape-set based on Mike's own experiences and life. The basic tenet of IP is that thoughts become things. Not really revolutionary, is it? ...
Mike expands on this premise, using examples from his own life to make it real. He talks about how to extinguish thoughts that bring you down (I will never amount to anything, and I am certain I will never find somebody stupid enough to love me), how to strengthen constructive thoughts, how to visualize and make things right for visualization and much more.
I consider myself a critical person - according to friends, I am an expert at spotting flaws and weaknesses in concepts and ideas. So, as I listen to IP, lots of This doesn't make sense! appeared. It seemed as if Mike heard me, because he met my criticism every time. For example, I thought OK. Let's say that thoughts become things. Why does bad things happen to people? Are we all masochists?
Mikes answer was that we all have lots of thoughts running around in our head. Some are positive, others are negative; often concepts we have brought with us from when we were growing up. It is amazing how sensitive a young child is to negativity, and how deep such emotions grab hold. These thoughts fight the constructive ones, and often win...
Haakon R. Ueland, SmartWare Editor, Mensa International Journal, Skjetten, NORWAY

In case no one has told you before... your tapes are WONDERFUL! MA

Thank you, one and all, for taking the time to share your thoughts and encouragement. Whether or not your testimonial is posted here, IT DID make a difference!