Notes from the UniverseSM APP

FREE and Premium Editions NOW Available

We’re excited to announce our new Notes from the Universe SM APP!
Now you can receive the Notes each day on your iPhone or Android device.


Comparison of APP Features



Cost $0.00 $4.99/month
Get your personalized Note from the Universe each morning.
Share the Notes to social media and email
Receive a push notification when your Note arrives.
Opt to continue receiving the Notes by Email.
Update your Notes profile directly through the app.
Receives TUT's world famous birthday wish.
Save your favorite Notes for easy access.  
See an archive of all your Notes.  
Search your Notes by category (abundance, challenges, dreams, happiness, love, etc.).  
More cool features now under development!  

Your support of NOTES FROM THE UNIVERSE makes so much possible for so many! Thank you!

Cool App Features