Mike Dooley and Nicky Pattinson present:

The Lost Art of

How to Get Results – Financially, Romantically, and Creatively – by Being Your AMAZING SELF

"It’s no BIG SECRET… your life successes, whether financial, romantic, or creative, come down to how other people relate to you, the amount of GENUINE FEELING you create along with each interaction."

– Nicky Pattinson

Special Live Call Preview – Meet Nicky

Did you miss the LIVE VIDEO BROADCAST with Mike and Nicky that took place on August 18th? You’re in luck! We recorded it and you can watch it here below! It’s “relationships” from a perspective you’ve never heard before! This call is a preview of what’s included in the online course.

Free Preview, Part 1 of 2

Free Preview, Part 2 of 2

Join host Mike Dooley as he interviews UK networking, leads, and sales legend
Nicky Pattinson during this 3 part video course!

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What: This 3 part video course is hosted by Mike Dooley and features Nicky Pattinson, UK networking, leads, and sales legend. Viewers will see both Nicky and Mike, broadcasting from their respective homes in the UK and Florida, in side-by-side video displays. The LIVE recording dates have passed (this online course was recorded on September 9th, 16th and 23rd, 2015). Both video and audio recordings of this event are available and you will receive the links to both when you register.

Learn the secret “connecting and bonding” skills that will link you with the right people in order to facilitate your life’s purpose, fast-track friendships, walk this earth with people who make you feel more ALIVE, and create the connections that manifest entrepreneurial success. They say "no man is an island," but the truth is that now, more than ever before, it is crucially important we find the right people on the planet who mirror back who we are, appreciate us, teach us, buy and sell with us, and love us… in a changing society. And unless you're a monk in a silent order, we all need to have other people who can relate to us, connect with us to facilitate our dreams, share company and companionship, and even create "new families" when our blood families live far away or are no longer with us. On a saturated planet, this video course shares the secrets to having others notice you and love you; relate to you and get excited by what have to say – the REAL you – your AMAZING SELF!


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About Nicky

Nicky Pattinson is a legendary sales and motivational speaker who is known for her indisputable and unmatched results with companies in the U.K. Everything she talks about comes from personal experience… there’s nothing theoretical about it. She didn’t take to the conventional way of learning, leaving school at 16 to follow her own destiny, encountering adventure and adversity, treasure and tragedy along the way. Her first job was selling shoes in a shoe shop in the small town of Huddersfield,, Yorkshire. At 16, she sold more shoes in her first day than most did in a week. Years later, she had a market stall with her now ex-husband, which they took from £1000 a week to an annual turnover of nearly £2,000,000. She attributes the success to simply understanding her audience. Today, it’s about expression—telling the world who YOU ARE in a way that makes people understand, relate, and respond. Nicky takes her experience of what worked on the markets and modifies it, reapplying it to any kind of business, relationship, or personal interaction.

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The video course will consist of 3 sessions as follows:

Video Course Session 1 - Finding, Relating, and Connecting With Others in the 21st Century


This session is about relating to and connecting with others in the 21st Century. We’ll talk about what’s changed in our society and why it’s so pivotal to master the skill of “expressing who we are” and not “who we’re told we should be” if we want to make our dreams come true.


This session delivers practical insights on how to instantly connect with others. See why our biggest challenge in the 21st century is having people understand us enough to simply meet us for a cup of coffee, let alone become a customer in our entrepreneurial endeavor or a friend for life. We’ve been sold untruths about communication that have held millions of people back, both socially and entrepreneurially, from finding the people on the planet they most relate to. You’ll learn how we have rendered ourselves invisible to the “right people” (individuals and groups) who can become our partners on the road to living our dreams. You’ll start to see yourself and your own situation differently, with a new understanding of the problems we’re facing in this saturated world.

You will learn:

"Nicky Pattinson is the legend you’ve never heard of, until now. Sharp, focused, purpose-driven, and hilarious when she needs to be. Never before have I heard so many bites of spot-on wisdom so eloquently packaged in ways that pierce one’s defenses and sets them on fire. She has electrified and related to my own audiences as a guest trainer, and has earned my rapt attention on countless occasions as we grow tut.com."

– Mike Dooley

Video Course Session 2 - How to Use Words to Move Mountains, Build Bridges, and Motivate Others


WORDS move mountains. Your expression of them in every form either connects you with the people you desire to be with or propels them further away. In this session, you will learn how to get anyone to listen to your words and connect with you, anytime, in any situation.


In this session, you will learn to identify the emotions that excite and compel people to want to dance in your orbit and be a part of your world! Plus, what compels them to want to have you in their world?! You’ll understand why others want to choose you for business in saturated arenas and why they want to keep you on their minds.

You will learn:

"No-one who has encountered her would argue the fact that she’s not an outstanding retail genius, teacher and communication expert as well as an entertaining and ‘real life’ celebrity speaker."

- Richard Mcann, Founder of The iCan Speak Academy, International Motivational Speaker
and Times No 1 Bestselling Author

Video Course Session 3 - How to Use Physical Expressions and Your Voice to Reassure, Align, and Persuade


Your body talks, too! This session will show you how to use your body talk to help keep minds on point – and the subconscious focused on the fact that “it’s safe, beneficial, and desirable to connect.” We’ll look at the secret body-language concepts that tap into our primeval ‘’acceptance’’ mechanism—fast-forwarding years of “getting to know you” with new friends, customers, and clients. You’ll see how to warm-up even the coldest of encounters. Plus, how to use your voice to its full ability, so that people understand you and respond to you, even if you’re not sure which words to use.


7% of all communication is words, 38% tone of voice, and a whopping 55% is body language. In this session you’ll be shown how to easily and fully express yourself for maximum time-efficiency and love.

You will learn:

“Sharp and funny , this eloquent Yorkshire woman has the power to increase sales, inspire , move you and make not just a financial difference, but to change lives . Take a trip with Nicky Pattinson; once met, heard, touched by her – inspired by her – your life, your team, will never be the same again.”

- Liz Green, BBC presenter and documentary maker

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Click below to download Nicky’s brand new 30-minute MP3 recording (not available anywhere else!)

Adversity in Tough Times: 6 Ideas to Get Moving When Life Throws a Curveball