UPDATE, December 16, 2019

Jambo Fellow Adventurer -

It’s come to our attention that Gifts To Cheer You is behind on gift box deliveries and some shoppers are not receiving replies to their inquiries. We, at TUT, are also owed correspondence that is significantly past due, and we’ve received no indication that unresolved matters between us will be addressed.

As we are not affiliated with Gifts To Cheer You in any capacity, nor have we been since April 30, 2019 (see letter to members below), there’s no other information we have to offer, other than their email address: [email protected]

We deeply regret any inconvenience their behavior may have caused.

Tallyho and every best wish,


Jambo Fellow Adventurer -

I hope you’ve been enjoying Gifts from the Universe! It’s been a joy to curate them with you in mind.

In the past year I’ve been part of many adventurous projects in addition to Gifts from the Universe (not to mention the ever-increasing things I’m doing at home with my toddler daughter, who’s now in full bloom!).

As much as I love my life, I’m concerned I might begin spreading myself too thin, so, I’ve decided I’m going to pass the baton of my involvement in Gifts from the Universe to my partners and friends who began this journey with us last summer.

Beginning on May 1, 2019, you’ll be in their most capable and loving hands. They’ve been working on a re-brand, new name, and new look. It’s going to be run from the same company and you’ll soon be notified of the new domain. Gifts to Cheer You

In gratitude for your faith in me and to carry over some love, your June box will include a bonus: an MP3 download link to my full-length Leveraging the Universe and Engaging the Magic audio program. This program was the basis of my 1st World Tour and includes both live and studio versions. Its retail cost is $79.95, but you’ll have it for free.

If you have any questions, please email [email protected].

Thanks for joining me on this adventure!

Tallyho and every best wish,

Effective April 30, 2019