A WORLD PREMIER video course of Channeled Wisdom

An extraordinary 3 session online course introducing a new teacher with lessons on how to focus YOUR energies to literally harness the waves of change now sweeping the earth at this exciting time in human evolution. You will hear insights never heard before on spirituality, the power of intention, cooperation, how to spark personal transformation, and love. These sessions have been designed to assist participants:

A Letter from Mike

Jambo Dearest TUT Adventurer -

When my mother told me 35 years ago that she’d just read a mind-blowing book that was supposedly channeled by a lady in trance, whose husband took notes, explaining reality, I suggested she might be “losing it.” She implored and demanded (as a mom can do) that I read The Seth Material, and not judge the contents based on where it came from, but for what it said.

She mailed me the book. I read it. Mom was RIGHT!!!

Dear reader of this page, I now have something for you, the source of which is absolutely sensational, even more shocking than what Mom once shared with me.

But first, I implore you not to judge where this came from, until you've considered what it says.

In the past few months, I’ve had some of the most amazing conversations of my life... with beings from a planet over 3.8 billion light years away, in what our astronomers call “deep space.” A collective of 8 beings to be precise, who for our sake, use the singular and easy name of “Frank.” They are not from the spiritual realm, like Seth was, or as Abraham (channeled by Esther Hicks) is, but from the physical realm, upon another planet, right now, just as you are here on earth! Yet, Frank’s world is nothing like our world, and they are vastly more advanced in almost every regard, after having nearly destroyed themselves many millennia ago.

Frank is on a “humanitarian mission” to bring truth and understanding to those who’d like deeper insights on reality, given the exciting energy shifts now happening on our planet. Frank is NOT here physically, yet they can be summoned at will by Tracy Farquhar. She, like all channels, has developed her conscious abilities to a degree sufficient for “family members” in her energetic alignment to find her. Frank is here to help and assist, individually and collectively, which was captured perfectly as follows:

“In the unlimited spirit aspect of our beings, we have been able to witness many historical events on your planet, and it is through the understanding of your planet’s evolution that we have been motivated to step in and express our perspective on the direction that you are heading and what could be done to improve that trajectory.” - Frank

I deem every word I’ve heard from them so far to be true. Why? For the profundity and depth of what they share that I know to be true. I don’t believe that any human being would or could make up some of the things Frank has shared on the fly. Not that Frank has shared with me the sensational, but precisely because most of their message is anything but sensational – centered on the exploration of consciousness, creativity, love, and the Universe. Plus, I’ve known Tracy for years.

Rather than try to convince you, I asked Frank to write, so that you could immediately get a feel for their intentions and spirit. Their letter follows mine, below. I know you’ll still have some questions, so below Frank’s letter, I’ve begun a Q&A section that may help.

Please consider joining us at Frank’s World Premier debut, and prepare to be astounded!!

Yours in the adventure,

P.S. I highly recommend you read Tracy’s brand new channeled book, Frank Talk!

P.P.S. Scroll down for Frank’s letter!

P.P.P.S. Click here to download a free 9 page pdf text: A Private Conversation Between Mike Dooley and Frank that covers everything from:

A Letter from Frank

"We feel an urge to support and encourage you through the energetic changes that are occurring on your planet, as it is these shifts which will inaugurate the need for changes in your political, social and economic structures world-wide." - Frank

Dear Reader,

LIFE CHANGER!!! You will never look at life again the same way.
– Adalya Chamberlain

We are a group of eight intergalactic beings who have traveled through the vast reaches of time and space to bring you messages of hope and inspiration. We have devised a method of thought transference by separating an aspect of our spirits from our functioning physical beings and projecting it through the energy of what you refer to as wormholes in space to communicate with you through this channel, Tracy. It is our intention to assist you with the huge shift in consciousness which is presently occurring in your atmosphere and to help you use this energetic shift to create the changes which will propel your world into a New Age.

We feel a great kinship and love for your people, and therefore we feel that our history and wisdom can be imparted in such a way that those who are open to hear it will find the inspiration to shift their own consciousness, thereby supporting and encouraging a Universal shift.

The messages we bring, the questions we will answer, and the exercises we will suggest all serve this purpose (and those named in the bullet point benefits above). We have come as Ambassadors of light, and we have come solely for the benefit of yourselves; to help you fulfill your own destiny. We come to spread the wisdom of the soul, which we have discovered through many trials and challenges. We encourage you to listen, feel the resonance within you, and if it does not feel harmonious with your own soul’s frequency, we will send you love as you move on. But if it does, we’ll invite you to explore this frequency even deeper as you travel through your life. Great change is not only possible, it is highly probable, and we wish you to understand your great power to direct that change.

Please know we have chosen a channel whose reluctance and hesitancy in the face of greater public visibility is evidence of her ego’s passivity and this is what allows us to amplify our voice through her. This is not a spirit who desires fame, but instead, wishes to share the truths she herself has felt in the resonance of her highest consciousness. There are others who have the same desires and there are many who we will work with in the days and years ahead. One only needs to be open to change and desirous of a higher connection and raised frequency to receive our energy.

Having seen this for myself, I do believe with my whole heart and soul that Tracy Farquhar and Frank are both very genuine. The wisdom that this collective called Frank brings to humanity has the ability to change the way we each view life on our planet as well as what is taking place within the human race. It is empowering and inspiring.
– Linda Symonds

While the physical aspect of our beings is quite different from yours, our souls are the same, and so we feel that the wisdom we have gained through the near-destruction of our world and the subsequent changes we were inspired to make, which then not only saved that world, but created a massive acceleration of spiritual growth, scientific advancement and compassionate living, can be quite valuable to those who are willing to listen with an open mind and heart. We understand that the truth of who we are may be challenging for some, but it is our intention and hope that even those who are resistant to the reality of our beings are nevertheless inspired by our words.

It is with great excitement and passion that we engage with you through these technological means and speak to you through this channel with the assistance and guidance of Mike Dooley, one of the great spiritual masters of your age. It is our supreme desire that the work of Mr. Dooley combined with the messages we are about to give you will help change the perspective of those who are open to change, and challenge the thinking of those who may not fully realize the power of those thoughts. Some of the ideas we will discuss will challenge all that you have been taught to believe, but we know from the experience of our own people that it is only when we are willing to shift our long-standing perspectives that great change can occur.

I have been connected to guides, masters and angels for many years receiving wisdom and knowledge, and the clarity and flow Tracy achieved with Frank is mind blowing.
– Kimberly Powers

We come as humble servants and we come with great love and compassion for all of you, your world, and all the vast array of living creatures inhabiting that world. It is quite a remarkable place, and we hope to inspire you to preserve, enhance and improve it.

In this three-part online course, we would like to introduce ourselves to you and discuss some of the events which have led to this communication. We will also be introducing some new ways of looking at various aspects of life and Universal reality, which may challenge some of your habitual thinking. We would like you to understand that by stretching and expanding your thinking, you are allowing your consciousness to shift into a higher frequency, thereby creating a higher connection with Universal Truth.

Each of our meetings will include specialized exercises, meditations, assignments and affirmations that will help you connect to your own Higher Consciousness shifting you into a higher state of truth and alignment with source energy.

With great fondness,


Who are Frank and Tracy?

Frank is a spirit collective from another world channeled by Professional Psychic Medium Tracy Farquhar. They have been sharing inspirational and uplifting messages since 2009. In April 2014, they began channeling the book, Frank Talk: A Book of Channeled Wisdom. This short book has 9 chapters, which cover the story of their own civilization, plus mind-bending discussions about the nature of reality, science, spiritual wisdom, a different perspective on time, the animal kingdom and more.

Questions and Answers

What planet is Frank from?

“We are from a galaxy far outside your solar system, 3.8 billion light years away, in a system we call the Macelonix galaxy.” Frank tells us that their lives and world is “unimaginably different” than ours, however their spiritual evolution, cooperation amongst their kind, and emotional and spiritual lessons are almost identical.

What is channeling?

The ability of someone to slightly adjust their conscious focus to allow the spiritual energy of another to communicate through them. There are many profound, bestselling authors who claim to channel their work, among them Abraham who is channeled by Esther Hicks, Seth channeled by Jane Roberts, Jonathan Livingston Seagull channeled by Richard Bach, and countless more, especially in the past 20 years. Curiously, many holy books, namely the bible, are accepted by their followers as not written by those whose names appear in the Gospels, but are supposedly the word of God or angels.

Why are you charging for this information? Shouldn’t it be free for those who can’t afford it?

We posed this question to Frank directly during a channeled session, and this was the response we received: “It is our desire that the information and exercises put forth in these sessions be viewed as valuable bits of wisdom which are being brought forth through the efforts and talents of those involved, namely Tracy and Mike. While we no longer participate in a monetary exchange in our world, we understand the energetic value that is placed on those things for which an exchange is made, and so we fully support the need to charge a fee for these sessions. There is a great deal of time and energy going into the planning and preparation of these sessions, and so this exchange not only equalizes that energetic output, it assists those who participate in their understanding of the value to their lives that these sessions offer. Even in those systems which do not include a monetary exchange, there is some other type of energetic exchange which recognizes value; whenever one’s talents, labor and time are offered, there is an understanding that the value of that energy will be returned at some point through a similar offering made to them when it is needed. In your current system, these checks and balances are made in the form of the concept of currency, which is simply a placeholder for energy owed. Understand that even when something is presented as a gift or as a free service, there is some type of energetic reciprocation. When time and energy is not reciprocated, their value is often underestimated and unappreciated, as the cycle of energetic flow is left incomplete. Therefore, we find the fees being charged in this case as quite acceptable in exchange for what we have to offer and the time and energy put into producing these sessions.”

A Note from TUT: Anyone unable to afford this event can email [email protected] and ask for scholarship assistance. In your email, please explain 1. Why you feel you qualify for financial assistance (student, retired, hardship, Third Country National, etc.) 2. What amount you can afford to pay. We will award several scholarships to those in the greatest need of financial assistance. Otherwise, payments for this and similar events cover the time, energy, technology, and careers that have made possible the platform we now have, while keeping Notes from the Universe and the resources at tut.com free for everyone.

How can Frank be reached “on demand” by Tracy? What if he is “out mowing the yard,” for example?

Frank has explained that like us, they are multi-dimensional beings, and it is through their awareness at levels beyond their physical needs that they are simultaneously able to lend their energy to Tracy.

Does Frank speak other languages than English?

Frank only communicates with Tracy’s energies, as earlier mentioned. It is Tracy who then translates Frank’s intentions into words, using the language she knows best, English. Accordingly, no other languages are supported.

Do you have any kind of proof, whatsoever?

None, other than the quality of their message, the lessons they share, the love that’s evident, and that they have no other agenda other than to be of service. However, we urge you to take this series one session at a time, never accepting anything that doesn’t resonate with your own logic and intuition.

This artist's concept illustrates a supermassive black hole with millions to billions times the mass of our sun. Supermassive black holes are enormously dense objects buried at the hearts of galaxies. Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltec

Session 1

Theme: An introduction to Frank and the story of their civilization.

In the first session of this series, we will:

All three sessions will end with a suggested exercise for the audience to practice between sessions and going forward. These exercises will include specialized, never-before-shared meditations and affirmations that will help you connect to your own Higher Consciousness, shifting you into a higher state of truth and alignment with source energy.

From a distant galaxy to the relatively nearby debris field of an exploded star, images demonstrate the myriad ways that information about the universe is communicated to us through light. Image credit: NASA

Session 2

Theme: Death and our emotional relationship with it.

In the second session, we will:

All three sessions will end with a suggested exercise for the audience to practice between sessions and going forward. These exercises will include specialized, never-before-shared meditations and affirmations that will help you connect to your own Higher Consciousness, shifting you into a higher state of truth and alignment with source energy.

A black hole. Image credit: NASA

Session 3

Theme: Our observational influence on reality. It’s not as simple as we are being led to believe by quantum theory.

In the third session, we will:

All three sessions will end with a suggested exercise for the audience to practice between sessions and going forward. These exercises will include specialized, never-before-shared meditations and affirmations that will help you connect to your own Higher Consciousness, shifting you into a higher state of truth and alignment with source energy.

Free Gift!

Click below to download a free 9 page pdf text: A Private Conversation Between Mike Dooley and Frank that covers everything from:

  • What Frank looks like,
  • How Frank experiences time,
  • What Frank does for fun,
  • How their economy works,
  • Their profession,
  • Earlier earth civilizations,
  • The Loch Ness Monster, and much more!!!!