7 Tips for Awakening to Your Psychic Self

BY Catherine MacMillan Sihoe        August 19, 2016

Are you ready to awaken your psychic self? Why not emulate those with experience? Psychics around the world use these tools each time they open to energies beyond this realm. Now you can use them, too! There is no exclusive club in the world of spirit. With time and commitment, each of us can connect in our own way and dance amongst the stars to our own divine rhythm.

On Your Mark…
Make a date with the spirit world, you decide how often, but make a commitment and stick to it so that the universe knows the sincerity of your intention.

Get Set…
Make yourself comfortable, then take a moment and surround yourself in an imaginary bubble of love and light, and ask that your interactions be held to the Highest Good of All. You might say, in your head and your heart or in your intention, “I open myself to mysteries beyond my knowing.” Then, hold space for the possibility that you will be heard! Don’t give up too quickly; allow time for the world beyond to respond. Because it will respond; and you want to be ready with a willing heart to receive what comes.


  1. Open: Open your heart in the moment to the possibility that there is something beyond the ‘seen’ waiting to be discovered, and give time for information to come forward.

  2. Trust: When experiences beyond the ‘ordinary’ first appear, it is common to think, “I must be crazy!” But, what if you are not? What if that idea, imagery, word, sound, sensation, or smell has meaning beyond your knowing? TRUST that what you experience is true, and you will be well on the road to developing your abilities as a psychic. Trust yourself. Then allow that inkling to be all it needs to be. You might say, “I was sure I saw a robin out of the corner of my eye but when I looked around there was no robin to be seen!” TRUST that inkling. Google spirit totem animal ‘robin’ to see if the message there resonates with your current experience. You might be surprised!

  3. Acknowledge: Each piece of information that comes forward is a clue. If you consciously acknowledge the information, without judging it in any way, the energy that is sharing from beyond the veil will be encouraged to stick around to deepen your collective experience.

  4. Gratitude: Expressing gratitude for what you receive is not only polite but also encouraging to the world beyond. You will be more likely to experience deeper communication if you express your gratitude than if you simply observe what is happening. Isn’t it amazing how common courtesy plays out on both sides of the veil? Don’t be shy. Say, “Thank you," often and with sincerity, and you will be rewarded with more frequent interactions.

  5. Interact with your experience: Have a direct conversation in your mind with the information that comes to you. Talk to your experience and invite information and clarity. For example, you might say: “Thank you for sharing (Gratitude). I sense a presence here (Acknowledgement). I see/sense/imagine a small animal with whiskers (Trust). Is there more you can share about how you look? (Clue to how you would like to receive information and invitation to share more.)”

  6. Question your experience: Help build the bridge of communication by asking questions about the information you receive. This tool is useful whether you are a beginner, or already able to communicate in one way (eg. Clairvoyance) and wish to develop your skills in a new way (eg. Clairaudience). By asking specific questions you invite clarity in a way that makes sense to you. If you sense a small animal but you don’t know what it is, you might say, “I sense a small animal with whiskers. Are you a mammal that lives in water or on land?” Spirit may show you a forest. Now, you can stop wondering if this is a seal, sea lion, or otter, and consider critters such as a squirrel, beaver, or weasel! Color, shape, size, sounds, sensations, words, placement in the world. These are all excellent detail questions that you might consider asking.

  7. Repeat: Open, trust, acknowledge, express gratitude, interact, question.

What if it doesn’t work?

Imagine that you have set aside time, surrounded yourself with love and light and positive intentions, opened up to receive information only to find yourself sitting (seemingly) alone in your activity. If this happens, skip directly to step 2. TRUST with all your might. TRUST that your connection will grow. Allow those moments of quiet to be all they are meant to be. Let go of self-criticism. If your practice of opening includes saying, “This will never work for me,” each time, you are inviting a closed door. Remain open to the possibilities that spirit shares your interest and is looking for ways to communicate with you.

And when the magic begins - even the tiniest something – go with it! Enjoy it! Be playful and love whatever comes, and know that your abilities will develop over time, equal to your commitment to open to your psychic self.

Connect with me any time if you have further questions, as I love the conversation. Good luck on your journey!



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Catherine MacMillan Sihoe

Catherine’s connection in Mediumship is deeply spiritual in nature. Personal messages are channeled from the spirit realm and forwarded to individuals who cherish these connections for years to come. Love, light, color and energy, as well as the presence of animal spirits are presented all within her desire to work toward the Highest Good of All. Thousands of people from around the world offer Catherine praise on social media for the accurate, loving, deeply personal connections she can make. Join Catherine at www.onspiritswings.com, Facebook, Pinterest, and now Twitter for Spirit channeled inspiration, soulful stories, animal spirit medicine and more! 

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