What Your Soul Most Wants You To Know Right Now

BY Carolin Rathbun        March 30, 2020

Welcome to the pause.

A challenge lies before you. Fear not. For fear begets more fear.

Yes, there is death. Yes, there is upheaval. Yes, economies are sufferings. That's how change begins. Real change. Change that makes life better in the long run. That's how you learn; through experience.

Humanity's best is revealed in the face of a crisis.

A crisis creates a unified outpouring of caring. There's a shared and collective desire for betterment which generates new ideas and new solutions. The bigger the crisis, the better the change.

Connection is the way forward.

Viruses and quarantines may keep you physically apart but hearts yearn to feel love because love conquers fear. You are social beings and need connection now.

Social distancing? No. That's what much of social media to date has created, escalating the mental health crisis. Your hearts could not sustain that. Use it now for its intended purpose; connection. Technology not long ago unimagined allows you to quickly and easily connect with others so you can share your concerns and struggles thereby forging and strengthening relationships with people you know and people you don't, close to home and around the world, with conversations about things that really matter.

People the world over are reaching out to friends and family just to hear each other's voice and see each other's face, to check in, share a laugh, or shed a tear.

You may be isolated, but you are never alone.

Humans need connection; heart-to-heart connection. You're being offered that now. You're being reminded of its importance.

Hearts are being opened. Humanity is being changed.

Yet fear remains.

Dwell not in fear's shadow. For fear begets more fear.

Release your fear and accept this moment in time.

Humanity is being asked to hit pause so the environment can heal and breathe again. So you can heal and breathe again.

Physical distancing is what you're being asked to do, rooted in respect and compassion for yourself and others. Yet at the same time, there's a spiritual gathering occurring. A coming home. A reconnection with yourself and with your immediate family as you come back together in shared space and share time. Time: once something you chased, now something you've been gifted. How will you use this time?

Don't just stay inside, go inside.

Welcome this pause. Allow it to heal you. What has your life been trying to ask of you that you've not yet heard? Hear what it's asking of you now. What is Love asking of you?

Pause, you are asked. Pause, you must.


Wash your hands. Stay inside. Get more sleep.


Be silent; listen to your inner voice where only love and self-compassion reside.


It's time to create a new vision for what you want your new normal to be. 

Before you is an unfolding. An opportunity for a new way forward, individually and collectively. You get to decide what happens next.

One planet. One united crisis. One mission: to heal - without divisiveness of war and with the conjoining of your shared humanity.

The heart knows no borders, race or religion. Now is the time to let love pave the way.

Welcome to the pause.


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Carolin Rathbun

Carolin Rathbun is a dream-enabler. As a copywriter, business coach, and Infinite Possibilities Certified Trainer, Carolin encourages women to believe in themselves so they own their value and what they have to offer to the world. Find out how to articulate what makes you unique, how to write powerful copy that attracts your ideal clients, and how to create a business that fits who you are at

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