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21 Ways to Live Your Dreams in 2021

BY Mike Dooley        December 30, 2020

You are here on this earth to thrive and live your dreams.

The key is to first understand the mechanics of reality and then choose to take charge of your life. This means being aware of your thoughts, words, and actions, while consciously choosing language and an attitude that support your success. It also means putting yourself in a position to receive all the good fortune available to you. Once you prepare yourself and open the floodgates wide, good things will flow into your life.

Here are 21 ways to claim your dreams and your destiny, now: (if you'd like to practice these ideas further and receive a new video and activity every day for 21 days, join the 21-DAY Change-One-Thing Adventure - it starts January 5th, 2021!)

  1. Step onto your path.
    Follow your heart. Be true to yourself, and ask yourself often what it is you want to be doing, as opposed to what it is you should be doing. 

  2. Make balanced choices.
    Use your head. But use it wisely. Let there be a mix of logic and heart in all you do. 

  3. See what’s possible.
    Call upon the power of your imagination to see your dreams as real, viable, and already a reality. 

  4. Take one step at a time. 
    Take baby steps. The secret here is that while baby steps may not carry you a long distance, they stir up magic and opportunities along the way. 

  5. Get ready for success.
    Prepare the way for your inevitable success. Not just for the obvious reasons, but for the optimism, anticipation, and expectation such preparation invokes. This sends a message out into the world around you that will literally summon the resources you need to complete your journey. 

  6. Face your fears.
    Don’t be afraid to go where you’ve never gone. Once you’ve committed and set your course, previously invisible “lions and tigers and bears” will suddenly emerge onto the scene. This is by design -- we are lured by our dreams to face our challenges. By doing this we grow and become more of what we are meant to be. It is important to remember, you and your dream are bigger than your fears. 

  7. Fake it until you make it.
    Splurge, celebrate, and “buy those red shoes you have always wanted.” Pretend. Act as if. Indulge to the degree you can. Not only is this fun for obvious reasons, but it helps to re-circuit your thinking into that of “having arrived,” instead of feeling like your life is perpetually on hold. This new thinking will help install new beliefs and support new behaviors that literally bring about miracles. 

  8. Circulate and show up in the world.
    Get out more. Be a part of the world. Network. Dance life’s dance. Life’s already good. You just have to get out there and see if for yourself. When we “show up,” life rolls out a red carpet of possibilities and opportunities. 

  9. Reclaim your power.
    Cast no blame or fault. Don’t look for someone else to pin your problems on. Accepting responsibility for your life puts you on the fast track to claiming your power. 

  10. Take stock of your life.
    Appreciate everything you already have. You’ve done well for yourself, and by seeing this now you’ll not only begin to savor your accomplishments, you’ll also be reminded of your capabilities. 

  11. Be the change.
    You know what the saying "Be the change you want to see in the world." Give thanks for everything you will one day have, as if it is already yours. It’s well-established by mainstream science that the mind helps us create what we want in life by visualizing and imagining it already exists. 

  12. Give it to yourself.
    Love who you already are. Even if you seek to understand your weaknesses, seek and value your strengths. See what’s already good; let your confidence be bolstered. Then, not only will your so-called weaknesses be seen in perspective, but the love affair you have with yourself can begin, and your sense of worthiness for all you desire will be seeded. 

  13. Judge not.
    Don’t judge your progress with your physical senses alone. The mechanics of making dreams come true exist far beyond what we can physically detect, so just because you can’t see the wonderful serendipities, coincidences, and people who are all being lined up to further your desires, doesn’t mean they’re not there! Don’t assume a dream won’t come true just because it hasn’t yet. 

  14. Lend a hand.
    Help others to achieve their dreams. Lending a hand to others is both a good deed and a way to stay connected to the actions involved with success. Also, it gets you out, thinking, moving and grooving, making friends and having fun, all while radically improving your own chances of living with wild success. 

  15. Learn to be happy before your dreams come true. 
    This is the greatest secret of happiness. There will always be things you want in your life that you do not yet have. The trick, then, is seeing this and learning to be happy “in the pursuit,” rather than indefinitely putting off happiness until you’ve reached a goal. And remember, every time you do make a dream come true, you can start working on a new one. 

  16. Tune in to you.
    Honor your preferences. You are a one-of-a-kind, and so are the things that thrill you. What makes one person happy may have little to do with what makes another happy. Tune into what you like, and be unaffected with what others prefer for themselves--or what others prefer for you. 

  17. Keep your door open.
    It is literally impossible to know where your next great break will come from or to predict the new “partner” who will be your greatest helper and ally, yet they will come and they do exist. If you believe success can only come through a specific path or person, you will unwittingly eliminate all other possibilities. Eliminate stress by surrendering to the highest good. Leaving the door open can invite new possibilities. 

  18. Be playful and practice success.
    Practice becoming who you are meant to be. Speak among your very closest friends as if you’ve already “been there, done that.” Thoughts become things. By thinking and speaking thoughts that imply you’ve already been successful, you create the mold for that very success. 

  19. Focus on what is most important.
    Don’t get stuck on unimportant details or trying to control the way success comes your way. Visualizing your dreams coming true is an important tool for creating a new reality, but trying to control every detail of your dream come true will drive you crazy. Ease up on the rules, definitions, and details, and let life surprise you. 

  20. Be your own best friend.
    Be gentle on yourself. Friends coach, care, and inspire. Enemies detract, destabilize, and set back. Happily, you get to choose which you’ll be to yourself. 

  21. Go!
    Live your dreams today to any degree that you can. Nothing shouts out louder to the world (and to yourself), “Here I come, ready or not!” than the conscious decision to begin joyfully living, here and now. Don’t put off, for even one more day, the dreams you can now live. Give yourself the three-day weekend, leave work early for the matinee movie, or throw the dinner party you’ve wanted to be invited to, and watch how the world responds in kind. 

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Mike Dooley

Mike Dooley is a former PriceWaterhouseCoopers international tax consultant, turned entrepreneur, who's founded a philosophical Adventurers Club on the internet that's now home to over 900,000 members from over 182 countries. His inspirational books emphasizing spiritual accountability have been published in 25 languages and he was one of the featured teachers in the international phenomenon, The Secret. Mike lives what he teaches, traveling internationally speaking on life, dreams, and happiness.

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