The (Real) Secret to Happiness

BY Mike Dooley        May 26, 2020

What binds us to what we all have in common? To what all our lives tell us? To why we breathe?


Can you think of a single objective in your life, or in the life of anyone, that doesn’t directly or indirectly move you, or them, toward greater happiness?

Happiness includes and implies our desire to survive, to love, and to be loved. It includes our selfless and altruistic urges for family, friends, and complete strangers.

For example, you want your child to be happy not just for your child’s happiness, but for your own.

You may have a great many wishes that do not, at face value, have anything to do with your happiness, but for each of their outcomes, your happiness would ultimately be part of the equation.

Okay, then, let’s ask—how we can become happy? The answer for one and all would be:

Our thoughts.

Thoughts become things. Not some of them, all of them. Not sometimes, all the time. Not just the positive ones, the other ones too. This is not to be confused with saying you get what you want. You don’t and won’t. Instead, you get what you intend, made clear by what you predominantly think about, speak about, and act on (all of which are variations of thought and how it is expressed).

You wanted it like this; for the dream of life to be a perfect reflection of all that dwelled within, even if you didn’t know some of it dwelled within. What better way to find out than meeting it in the flesh?! If only your fluffy, good thoughts became things, you’d never learn of your power or responsibilities.

You wanted it all—including the lions, and tigers, and bears—so that you could overcome those that appeared by accepting the invitation inward they represented, asking you to patch up the confused or contradictory thinking that needed attention.

Sound far-fetched? Well, if you really wish to effect change in your life, you must then ask: What’s the alternative? To find your own way, or be buffeted about by a seemingly haphazard, irrational Universe.

The real secret to happiness is that humankind, all of us, men, women, and children, are natural born creators, but no one has known it. As a result, instead of deliberately creating, we’ve reacted to our creations without realizing that by focusing on “what is,” we perpetuate it—good, bad, or ugly. 

This secret, that we are natural born creators for the thoughts we choose, explains why, since the beginning of time, there’ve been both men and women who have had a dream and the courage or naivety to move with it, radically improving their lives, raising the bar and setting a new standard of living for all to follow.

It’s also why, since the beginning of time, there have been men and women who have led lives filled with bitter disappointment, because they had no idea that by focusing on what was truly unjust and unfair, they were perpetuating its existence in their lives.

This secret explains why Elon Musk, Lady Gaga, and Usain Bolt became household names the world over. They each had dreams and the nerve to think they could come true, and so they moved with their vision, their intention, which is all the Universe and life’s magic needs to bring anyone’s dream to pass.

Have a vision, hold on to it, do something about it, and then your sails are hoisted to catch the magical winds of the Universe.

Their end results were either 1) wild success or 2) bliss through following their hearts, and as they moved toward their dream, these things were pressed out to them through shifting and changing circumstances ordained by their vision.

Always, our imagined end results force our life’s circumstances to put us into a place of receivership. It works for everything. Money’s pretty handy, and there are people of every race, every age, male, and female, who woke up one morning to discover they were millionaires. Their earlier end results, directly or indirectly, implied wild success financially, and as they humbly moved toward such, again, it was pressed to them through shifting and changing circumstances ordained by their vision.

This is how it happens. It sneaks up on you. You don’t actually go to sleep one night poor and wake up the next morning rich. You’re active, you’re busy, you’re moving in the direction of your dreams, and suddenly you realize, it happened to me.

It happens so often that it doesn’t even make the news. If it happened in the next six months, your net worth suddenly in seven figures, your local media wouldn’t even pick up the story because it’s so common! Not that you have to have that much money to live comfortably. But it’s not just money, living deliberately and creating consciously works on everything…

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Mike Dooley

Mike Dooley is a former PriceWaterhouseCoopers international tax consultant, turned entrepreneur, who's founded a philosophical Adventurers Club on the internet that's now home to over 800,000 members from over 182 countries. His inspirational books emphasizing spiritual accountability have been published in 25 languages and he was one of the featured teachers in the international phenomenon, The Secret. Mike lives what he teaches, traveling internationally speaking on life, dreams, and happiness.

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