5 Rejuvenating Meditations to Access Your Inner Sanctuary

BY Amanda Wood        March 16, 2015

Journey meditations are a great way to relax, find the peacefulness that exists within you, and get in touch with your higher self and spirit guides. It’s active meditation, in that your mind is opening up and you’re accessing your inner sanctuary, where you become aware of whole worlds that are uniquely yours and where there are no limits - a serene getaway.

You can access this inner sanctuary the same way you would get ready for meditation - sit or lie down comfortably, close your eyes, and become aware of your breathing. Feel free to do it silently or be gently guided with music.

Go into each meditation with the knowledge that you are safe and that this is for your higher good. Any information or guidance you receive will be understood (if not now, then when the time is right).

Here are five examples of journey meditations I’ve taken - each of them has brought clarity, comfort, and joy.

  1. The Inner Garden.

This is a place where you can get in touch with nature, no matter where you are. A loving space to find your roots. Inside of you is a lush garden full of plants and life. Let it permeate your senses by touching the bark on nearby trees, smelling the beautiful flowers, listening for the cheerful chirp of birds above and water running nearby.

Get acquainted with the area and find a comfortable place to lie down, where the sunlight can kiss your skin as the soft ground caresses your body. Rest here for as long as you like, reconnecting with the earth and yourself.

  1. The Beach Gathering.

On the shores of a beach is a circle of people and beings, sitting around a large fire that has burned for eternity. They see you walking towards them and they welcome you into the circle, giving you a seat.

This is a chance to talk to your guides and loved ones, and anyone else who shows up. The people gathered are all here because they love you and want to talk. You can discuss with them or sit back and listen as they tell stories and laugh and sing. You are in a circle of friendship and love. You can be absolutely yourself here, they all came for you and they know your heart - you are welcomed and cherished.

  1. The Quartz Castle.

You are standing before a beautiful castle made entirely of quartz crystals that shimmer in the sunlight. The castle sits among trees and grass fields. There is water behind it and many kind creatures inhabit the area.

Play outside the castle, knowing you can enter whenever you want. Or go directly for the door, pushing it back softly to see what's inside. Explore the many levels within it, picking different doorways to walk through. Listen to your heart and be guided in the direction that is calling out to you. Perhaps it is a room with the softest looking bed you’ve ever seen, which is ready to clear away all your worries. Maybe it is a room that opens to the sky, where the dragons and birds are asking you to come fly with them.

In this realm, you always have enough time to explore. You’ll be sure to find the things you’re looking for - even the things you didn’t realize you wanted, until you see them before you.

  1. The Meadow.

This is a meadow full of whispering flowers that sway in the embrace of the wind, where the faeries dance and celebrate. It stretches before you, going on forever. They invite you to join them in their merriment, free to dance or play or simply sit - watching the love that is expressed to the earth and to life itself.

This is a space where you can get in touch with yourself as a divine and eternal being. You have access to the ancient wisdom and childlike wonder that are the faeries. Let your energy match theirs, remembering that this life is so full of vibrant possibilities and your dreams are yours for a reason. So enjoy the silliness and see the beauty, it is there for you.

  1. The Forest Circle.

There is a glade that rests surrounded by strong and forgiving oak trees. Inside this circle of trees your heart is free to show itself. All of who you are is given the room to be expressed, without judgment or pressure. The trees stand tall - protective sentinels giving loving space for your unfolding.

Let yourself unravel or let loose, you are free. When you are ready, the spirit of your heart may reveal itself to you so that you can begin caring for it, for yourself. This is where self-love is cultivated.

Remember that you can visit these places whenever you like - learn something new each time, visit your guides and spirit friends, return for deeper relaxation - it’s all up to you. You are the creator and this inner sanctuary is yours to make with it what you will.

So go have fun! Explore new places inside yourself and see what turns up. You may even find a new favorite destination that’s all yours!


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Amanda Wood

Amanda Wood is a spiritual teacher, writer, and artist. She is passionate about sharing the joys of self-love, the path that leads you there, and helping others in their journey. On her path of self-discovery, Amanda has learned how to tap into the source of healing and self-care. She feels strongly that empowerment comes from within - we are capable of creating the life we want, it’s all about taking those steady, small steps into the abundant flow of the Universe. For affirmations and messages from the angels and faeries, check out her Facebook page.

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