21 Steps to Open the Floodgates of Abundance

BY Mike Dooley        May 28, 2019

Everything is spirit.

Material things all the more so because they’ve been thought about and believed in so much that they’ve shown up!

The notion that people with money aren’t spiritual is simply not a “rule.” Just look at what you could do with lots of money. 

  • Is it unspiritual to have raised $10 million, so that you could give $2 million to a charity serving the hungry?
  • What if you used your money to set up college scholarships for your children and grandchildren?
  • Or to take them on international trips to witness firsthand different cultures around the planet?
  • Or to create a business and employ people while accumulating wealth for your family?
  • Or, after a great run of 5, 10, or 20 years as an investor-entrepreneur, to incorporate your own nonprofit organization that brings technology, computers, and the Internet to underdeveloped parts of the world? 

Not that you even have to give anything away. There’s nothing wrong with making tons of money just because doing so makes you happy.

These are freedoms that only money offers. Not that wonderful things can’t also be done without money, and, of course, you can definitely be happy without it. It’s your life, your prerogative to pursue abundance or not. Either way, it’s time to clear up the notion that material wealth is somehow not spiritual.

Here are 21 steps to help you open the floodgates of abundance in your life:

Step 1: Dream! Define your desired end result (your desired abundant lifestyle).

Thoughts become things. So it’s incumbent upon you to start dreaming. Make a list of details about whatever you’re dreaming about—get into the specifics. List, list, list, list! Define abundance in your terms. Not how you’re going to create it, but what your life will be like after you have it.

Step 2: Visualize daily.

Give yourself a few minutes every day to think thoughts of living the life of your wildest dreams, as if you're already living it.

Step 3: Create vision boards, scrapbooks, post quotes up around your home.

Another way to steer your wandering imagination to the kind of “things” or circumstances you’d like to physically experience in your life: put pictures on your refrigerator, your bathroom mirror, in your purse, in your wallet, in your car. This is just feeding the fire of thoughts becoming things.

Step 4: Until you know what to do, master what’s before you.

What’s the alternative? Quit your job and wait? Until you know what you’re going to do and you can do it, keep your day job. Not forever. Not to settle for less. But because quitting, to do nothing, would be most unproductive. And since you don’t know what to do, quitting to do something else you’re uncertain about would  be similarly pointless. Under your circumstances, to be clear, not only should you stay put, but you should master what’s before you. In other words, keep doing what you’re doing, but do it better. This is how to free yourself from it.

Step 5: Do the obvious, constantly try new things.

The greatest way to spark new opportunities and possibilities in your life, including those for abundance, is to be constantly trying new and different things. The more you do, the more the Universe can do for you.

Step 6: Align your beliefs with abundance.

Name as many beliefs as you can that would support you and your dreams, and then behave, in some small way, daily if possible, as if those beliefs were actually yours.

Step 7: See everything you do as a stepping-stone to greatness.

Perspectives rule, and you always get to choose what yours will be. It’s not settling for less when you go to a job that’s not your dream job if you choose to see it as a stepping-stone to “better,” to see it as temporary, to see it as enabling the Universe to reach you in ways it couldn’t otherwise.

Step 8: For direction, consider all you like and love.

Too many people want to be the next version of their favorite rock star, business icon, or sports hero—instead of just being the best version of themselves. You have what no one else has, you feel what no one else feels, and you can dream of things that no one else can dream of—seize this!

Step 9: Go! Start! Now! Today!

If you want change, you have to physically take action.

Step 10: Don’t attach to details or insist upon cursed “hows” or “whos.”

In all things, let the Universe connect the dots, manage the details. By all means, visualize your desired details as they fit into the mosaic of your abundant, rocking life, but do not insist upon the details, only upon your rocking life. Visualize the details to get you excited about your end results, not to be your end results. You thereby allow room for “even better.”

Step 11: Get a little logical.

Getting a little logical, or even a little practical, is an excellent way to stir up life’s magic. With logic you can map out or deduce where your next opportunity may lie, you can go to these hot spots, you can calculate which stone to turn over, you can judge which door to knock upon.

Step 12: Face fears as they arise.

Fear is a tool for revealing you had a chink in your armor that you didn’t even know you had, which can now be filled in, buffed down, and made to shine.

Step 13: Playfully prepare the way for your inevitable “arrival.”

Get ready now! Whatever it is you’ve ordered, prepare the way. Have a celebration party. Get the new business cards. Do stuff for its arrival, because it’s coming! Even if you can’t afford “new furniture” right now, can you afford the “pillow set”? Buy it, make this demonstration, act as if you knew you could soon buy the matching “sofa and chairs.”

Step 14: Do not judge your progress, or seeming lack thereof, with your physical senses alone.

Your physical senses cannot see the magic and miracles lining up behind the curtains of time and space. You have to complete the journey, and actually arrive, in order to know the system didn’t fail you. Then and only then do all the miracles become apparent.

Step 15: Constantly ask for help, guidance, and ideas.

Ask anybody and everybody who’s ever achieved as you now dream of achieving for help. Don’t be afraid. Don’t think it’s beneath you.

Step 16: Constantly offer help, guidance, and ideas.

Similarly, be there for others. This is not to evoke the sympathy and appreciation of “God.” There’s no such judgmental entity “out there.” Don’t be helpful to impress anybody; do it because when you help somebody else, particularly with something you would like help on, you get to be the one who makes a difference in the world, and as a mighty perk, through helping others, you’ll suddenly see yourself in a brand-new light and far more objectively.

Step 17: Surround yourself with like-minded people, and if you can, for the purpose of these steps, wealthier people.

Their  viewpoints,  perspectives,  and conversations will help align your thoughts and beliefs with those that portray the possession of abundance as “normal.” Fear not, however; if you don’t  have such connections, you  will not  be handicapped.

Step 18: Understand you were born to succeed.

You are here to play and succeed, joyfully and lovingly, in time and space, without limit.

Step 19: Rest, play, take time off.

These steps are not about working longer and harder. They’re about being wiser during whatever time you give to creating abundance while living a balanced life.

Step 20: Be exceedingly fair and aggressively responsible.

To be fair and responsible in society is to realize that you are all truly One, that everybody is doing their best, life is more than fair, you are powerful, and through cooperation, all win... and so you shall.

Step 21: Celebrate often.

As you send out joy, your life draws in joy, and the reasons for your joy will multiply. Celebrate that you have what you have, and celebrate in advance for what’s coming, materially and ethereally.

BIG Love,


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Mike Dooley

Mike Dooley is a former PriceWaterhouseCoopers international tax consultant, turned entrepreneur, who's founded a philosophical Adventurers Club on the internet that's now home to over 750,000 members from over 182 countries. His inspirational books emphasizing spiritual accountability have been published in 25 languages and he was one of the featured teachers in the international phenomenon, The Secret. Mike lives what he teaches, traveling internationally speaking on life, dreams, and happiness.

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