How to Manifest What You Really Want

BY Priya Khajuria        March 13, 2018

You’ve bought a beautiful journal and a lovely pen and you’ve started writing out your dreams and goals.

You’ve left affirmations around the house on post-its.

You’ve picked out fun pictures of everything you want to attract and pasted them onto a vision board or in a special box.

And then… crickets…

  • What? Why aren’t they showing up if we’ve been affirming, journaling, scripting or faithfully doing a dozen other LOA practices?
  • How do we change this around?

I’ve been there… it can be frustrating after the initial excitement to not see results. I’d say this is one of the biggest hurdles when starting to consciously create.

But let’s break it down…

What if there really is something happening behind the scenes?

We LOA savvy creators know that everything starts with the feeling. But we’re surrounded by a culture that values and promotes perseverance in the form of action over feelings, often to the point of drudgery or burnout. It takes time to release that conditioning. Sure, most of us can attain plenty through perseverance and drudgery, but if that results in a stressful and difficult life experience, what’s the point?

The fact that you’ve even started doing practices that focus on what you want is the biggest and best start of all. What you focus on and vibrate, you draw toward you. It’s simply a matter of time before you receive it.  It took 1 YEAR for me to manifest one of my desires (a home next to the lake). But the joy I felt during daily scripting was worth every minute. The little doubts drew out the manifestation over a longer period.

Let’s look at 3 Manifesting-Mendors:

1. Look for the feeling first.

For each of your desires, feel inside and see whether you have feelings of doubt or excitement. It’s okay to have doubts, just notice them with gentle awareness so you can release them. I had secret doubts about my dream to live by the lake - it seemed impossible, so it took time and a little work to let those doubts go.

2. Honestly, gently, observe your beliefs.

If you do have lingering doubts about certain desires and goals, feel into them and remind yourself that all is well. The Universe brings these up as manifestation events that appear to be blocking your progress for that very purpose – so that you can look for the doubts and beliefs and release them. I love this quote from Joshua (channeled by Gary Bodley): “You are not a vibrational match to your desire as you are now and that is why it is not in your reality. So then, you must change. What do you need to change? Well, for starters, you must change your perception of yourself… you have the opportunity to process a fear and reduce the intensity of a limiting belief.”

3. Let go.

If you seem to have no limiting beliefs about a desire or goal but you’re still not seeing results:

1) Release the attachment to that dream for now and let the Universe look after the timing.
2) OR if you feel great pleasure during your practices, continue for as long as it feels good.

There is a dream of mine that I had been scripting for YEARS! It had been so disappointing to not see it manifest. But when I felt into it honestly, I realized that not only did I have doubts regarding my ability to realize this dream, but I also had doubts about it manifesting and a fear of the outcome. I feared criticism.

So I let the dream go. Although I hadn't let go of the dream itself, I let go of the efforting and action (I had gone a bit crazy with the action). I stopped scripting it as it didn’t feel good when I did (I just felt depressed). I just stopped thinking about that dream.

Here’s the cool part - during the year off, I released a lot of fears and raised my vibrations in general. And one day when I thought about this dream, I said to myself, will criticism matter in 100 years? No. So let it out baby, live! And now this dream is finally starting to manifest.

It’s easier and takes less time to attract things that have few limiting blocks or doubts attached. If I want nachos for dinner, I know I’m going to have it. No limiting beliefs there. But for something else, it can be easy to worry about “how will it” or “how can it happen?” The biggest lesson I’ve been learning is that the Universe knows how and the Universe always answers, once we get into the practice of feeling good.

About action: When you feel an urge to act, feel for whether the action is coming from a place of anxiety or urgency, or even a case of “the shoulds.” In those cases, continue mastering the feelings first and only take action when you’re sure they’re coming from a place of inspiration. If you feel good and excited thinking about the action, then go for it!

When you do what you can to feel good first and only then take inspired action, the momentum will propel you forward on the most exciting ride!

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Priya Khajuria

Priya is a Certified Life Coach and specializes in the Law of Attraction. She is the host of the Law of Attraction Magical Circle Parties & Games Facebook Group. Her passion is to share fun, easy and practical Law of Attraction techniques to empower fellow LOA lovers to create and enjoy the life they desire.


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