5 Ways to Be More Fiscally Grateful

BY Sherré DeMao        March 8, 2018

Money is among the most stressful matters of concern in marriages, relationships and day-to-day life, and it is usually because of the feeling that there is a lack of it. If the focus is on what isn't occurring, you are subconsciously blocking your ability to create and manifest effectively. 

When lack of money is your stress point, the best thing you can do is shift yourself to feeling grateful for the money you have already been able to use or have received. Your ability to appreciate the smallest of aspects related to money will enable you to be in a better place to think clearly and potentially generate ways to stretch your dollars, generate more income, make better decisions, and attract money flowing into your life. Most important, by shifting to appreciating money in all its forms, you will be telling the Universe that you are ready to receive more.

1. Savings represent redistribution.

When you don’t have to spend extra money or you get more for your money, either through a coupon, rewards, or discount program, consider those savings as money you have been given to spend in other ways now or later. Start to track all the ways you have saved money in transactions, and view these savings as money given to you, because in all respects, it has been. I have one friend who has made it a practice to track her savings each month and literally put that amount into a savings account, which continues to grow substantially.

Say to yourself: "Thank you for these savings, and the money it represents."

2. Gestures represent gifts

The generosity of others, whether it is a dinner cooked by a friend or a cup of coffee purchased by a business associate, represents money having been spent in a gesture of giving to you. When you are grateful not only for the gesture, but also for the fact that someone else incurred the expense, you are acknowledging that you have received a monetary gift in a consumable form.

Say to yourself: "Thank you for the generosity of my friend or associate, and the money it represents."

3. Free represents value.

I recently had my oil changed in my car, and the technician informed me that two different air filters needed to be changed. I was given the price for the filters and when I asked what the charge would be for labor, it was at no charge. Since I was about to go on a long road trip, I was grateful to have these dirty air filters replaced and their need to be replaced brought to my attention. I was also thrilled that they didn't charge me to replace them, since I knew their hourly labor rate. Would you have been more focused on having to spend the extra money than appreciative for the kindness of the technician and the money you didn't have to spend?

Say to yourself: "Thank you for the kindness of being given something for free, and the money it represents."

4. Bills represent privilege.

I know this may seem hard to embrace, however, viewing your bills in a different mindset can also help relieve some of the stress you feel about money. Your utilities, cable, internet, phone, mortgage or rent, and all the basic bills that enable you to have a roof over your head and the things that you need, are a privilege. Consider all that you have now that people didn't have 200 years ago. Consider the fact that you are enjoying access to lights at the flip of a switch, water with the turn of a knob, information with the click of a mouse, entertainment with the press of a button, conversing with people anywhere at any time, and a place you can call home. I have gotten into the practice of writing "Thank You" on each bill as I open it. As silly as that may seem, it puts things into perspective to reinforce that nothing should be taken for granted.

Say to yourself: "Thank you for these services and products provided to me, and the comfort they represent in my life."

5. Priceless represents living.

One of the best things to embrace when you are feeling financial stress is to reflect on what money cannot buy. Are you allowing yourself the delight of moments spent with loved ones? Are you getting out into nature and taking in the splendor and wonder of it all? Is there a friend or family member you haven't talked to in a while? Do you take time to reflect upon what you do have with appreciation?

Say to yourself: "Thank you for these priceless moments I enjoy."

When you are under extreme financial stress, it can feel like the weight of your obligations are drowning your ability to enjoy life or appreciate anything. That is when it is most important to take stock in how money impacts your life positively, and how your life is significant beyond money's grip. Don't allow money to be a negative force in your life. Allow it to be the tool that it is, and nothing more, and you will be surprised at the blessings that begin to flow your way.

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Sherré DeMao

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