5 Things Your Bathroom Scale Doesn’t Measure

BY Katrina Love Senn        February 6, 2018

Do you berate yourself after standing on the scale?  Do they ever make you feel not good enough?  Or even a failure?

If so, today, I have an important message for you…

For years I battled with my weight and body.  I was always on a diet. And I secretly feared that I was going to be fat forever.

For all my dieting efforts, I gained far more weight than I ever lost.

The good news is that I did find a way out…

I discovered how to heal my relationship with food, as well as myself.

I broke free of the dieting cycle and lost over 60 pounds naturally.  I’ve been able to keep it off for over 15 years - without diets, drugs or deprivation.

Here’s what I did…

A few days before my 20th birthday, I had a complete body breakdown.  Instead of taking experimental medication, I started my healing journey.  This changed everything for me.  I came to see that what really counts can never be counted by the scale.

Here are 5 things your bathroom scale doesn't measure:

1. The health of your nervous system.

To experience vibrant health, you need a healthy nervous system.

Feeling sick, tired and chronically exhausted depletes your nervous system.  Over time this results in weight gain, adrenal fatigue and stress.

Releasing toxic foods, friendships and environments heals your nervous system.  It will move from "fight or flight" mode into "relaxation."   

As your nervous system heals, you will feel more peaceful and be able to lose weight naturally.

2. Your nutritional levels.

Bathroom scales cannot measure your body’s nutritional levels.

Put your focus on eating real foods and substituting out fake foods, instead of numbers on a scale.

As you boost the good nutrients in your diet, you will gain energy and vitality.  You will also feel lighter, happier and healthier. Your skin will glow and your digestion will improve, as well.

3. Your emotional resilience. 

Losing weight for good requires connecting with our true selves. One way to do this is to make our courage bigger than our fears.

Remember that fear is an acronym for "false expectations appearing real." Overcoming your fears builds up your courage muscles. Give yourself permission to speak your truth.  Be true to yourself.

Today, I don’t own a set of bathroom scales.  I know that my self-esteem, self-confidence and self-worth can never by determined by a number.

4. Your spiritual growth and happiness.

Bathroom scales cannot capture your spiritual growth and happiness.

Losing weight for good involves experimenting to identify what makes you happy and joyful.  Take baby steps.  Spend time doing these things and you’ll improve your life, as well as your health.

The more time you spend doing the things you enjoy, the better your life is going to be.  This will spiritually nourish you and reduce food cravings and emotional eating.

5. Your goals and dreams.

Don't waste another moment of your life berating yourself.  Life is too short. Focus your time, energy and attention on manifesting your dreams.

Consider what your unique gifts and talents are.  What are your passions? How do you want to express them in the world?

In the words of Mary Oliver: “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

Treat your body as a sacred temple.

Wherever you are starting from, know that it is possible to break free of the bathroom scale.  If I can do it, I know that you can too. All you need to do is make the choice to start healing.

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Katrina Love Senn

Katrina Love Senn is a healer, yoga teacher and author of the groundbreaking book Losing Weight is a Healing Journey,  She helps highly sensitive people to create and live a life they love.  Follow her on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

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