The Easy Route Back to Good Vibes

BY Priya Khajuria        July 21, 2017

What do you do when you notice that you feel less than stellar?

What do you do when you say the words “I’m grateful” or “thank you” and feel absolutely nothing on the inside?

How do you boost your vibes back up to really feeling it?

We’ve all been there at some point in time… when you not only just aren’t feeling it, but even the word “gratitude” makes you sick. And everyone who’s overflowing with gratitude and sunshine just seems revolting.

Even the sunniest of us feel down sometimes. That’s life and part of being human. Moving out of heavier vibrations call for what Abraham and Joshua (non-physical teachers) advise: Reduce your limiting beliefs and boost your beneficial beliefs.

Joshua (channeled by Gary Bodley) suggests a very interesting thing: that when you feel bad, you begin to attract bad feeling thoughts (rather than the other way around). Reducing limiting beliefs that arise and that do not serve you, and boosting the beneficial beliefs that do, is a powerful way to address and move through unpleasant emotions.

Our natural state is one of ease, wellness, and love. Noticing when your vibration isn’t matching up with words of gratitude is the first step to move through it, so good on you when you notice it! When you feel a disconnect, it’s usually a “mind” thing – you’re likely spending too much time in your mind, resisting or reacting, instead of allowing life’s daily flow. 

How do you get on the quick path back to feeling grateful? Here are 3 quick and easy steps to get back that loving feeling:

1. Do whatever you can in the moment to feel good.

You know what those things are for yourself: Read something spiritual or uplifting or fun, relax, go dancing or find an empty room and put on some music, spend a few minutes in nature, call a fun friend for a chat, watch a comedy or funny movie, create an enjoyable meal, spend time with a beloved pet. Do whatever works for you.

2. Try the Gratitude Walk.

With each left step, say in your mind “thank” and with each right step, say “you.” As you walk, you’ll be chanting thank you in your mind with each set of steps forward.

When you do this, it may seem so simple and silly you find yourself smiling. That’s good! Smiling means your vibration is rising. And silly can be fun!

This might seem overly simple at first, but take a look at what’s happening…

Walking, in itself, can be a contemplative experience. 

And as you focus on saying each word with each step, you narrow your mental focus to these specific words.

Combining the words with physical action is similar to what is known in NLP as anchoring.

This focus combined with the rhythm of walking creates a walking meditation.

Meditation has countless techniques and the classic format of chanting Om and eliminating thoughts is but only one of those techniques. Meditation is really the art of focus. 

Abraham and Joshua, and of course many spiritual teachers in the physical plane, believe in the power of meditation. For very good reason – the focus in any type of meditation creates a type of mental exercise. All of which are the power tools of conscious creators!

3. Try the Pono Walk.

This is based on Ihaleakala Hew Len’s version of the Hawaiian practice of Hoʻoponopono, which is a form of mental rebalancing to put things right by taking 100% responsibility. It consists of four phrases:

  • I’m sorry (repentance to yourself and others for any harm or self-neglect)
  • Please forgive me (asking of forgiveness from yourself or others for any harm or self-neglect)
  • Thank you (gratitude to self and others)
  • I love you (love to self and others)

The Hawaiian spiritual teacher Mahealani Kuamo'o-Henry (also known as Aunty) shares that the original and ancient intent of Hoʻoponopono is to release fear-based thinking and accept and embrace your self-best and self-greatness

I generally use the last two phrases. Similar to the Gratitude Walk, say “Thank you” with each left step, and “I love you” with each right step. But, by all means, if you are drawn to all four phrases, please use them.

A few small walks doing either the Gratitude or the Pono Walk will raise your vibes very quickly. You’ll be surprised just how easy it will be to slip back into a state of gratitude.

Try them and see which you love using. Or customize them as you like in whatever way makes you feel good.

Happy creating!


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Priya Khajuria

Priya is a Certified Life Coach and specializes in the Law of Attraction. She is the host of the Law of Attraction Magical Circle Parties & Games Facebook Group. Priya is also the creator of the VibeAlign technique and the Dragon Master Club. Her passion is to share fun, easy and practical Law of Attraction techniques to empower women to create the life they desire.

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