How Drinking Champagne Can Help You Manifest Your Highest Goals

BY Allyson Scammell        April 27, 2017

My back straightened, my eyes widened, and I said, “That’s brilliant.”

I was reading an article about a woman who always kept a bottle of champagne chilling in her fridge in case she had a reason to celebrate.

Her ritual was genius because, for one, I love champagne. You can drink a glass of bubbly on an ordinary Tuesday night and feel as though you’re celebrating all that Tuesday night ever was.

Champagne is a celebration of life. It makes you feel special – no matter the occasion.

I decided to adopt the clever custom and take it one step further.

First, I bought several bottles of Veuve Clicquot Brut Yellow label 375 ml half-bottles. Then, I wrote a goal on a sticky note, stuck the note to the bottle, and put the bottle in the fridge. And every time I foraged for food and saw the bottle, I visualized achieving the goal with ease.

When I realized the goal in the physical form, my husband and I busted out the champagne flutes, popped the cork (what a happy sound), and toasted the achievement. The half-bottles are the perfect amount – just enough for two people to each have one healthy glass.

Pretty soon, the trick started working so fast that I just replaced the sticky notes when a goal was achieved. Then, I started setting larger goals. Now, I always keep 3-4 half-bottles chilling with lofty goals written on them.

If you’re not a drinker, this technique need not involve alcohol.

Go to your favorite spa, buy a gift voucher, write a goal on a sticky note, and stick it to the voucher. Once you achieve your goal… deep tissue massage for you.

What I’m describing is the simple act of rewarding yourself for a job well done, and using the reward as a motivator.

As a coach, clients give me endless excuses as to why they don’t reward themselves. The most popular are: (1) I don’t have the time, (2) I find rewards too indulgent, and (3) I have no idea what feels rewarding (usually because they’re hung up on the first two excuses).

A rewards system is worth the time, money, and effort. Not only will it help you manifest your ideal outcomes, it makes the process of achieving your goals more fun (and isn’t that the point?).

I challenge you to put a reward system in place today that works for you.

First, choose your reward. If you’re not sure what feels rewarding, then try some things out. If chocolate cake feels rewarding in the moment, and bad when you’re zipping up your skinny jeans, then it’s not a reward. Choose something that just feels good, like one glass of good champagne. And it’s best if the reward is a physical object.

Then, get some sticky notes, and write a few goals on them. Start with small goals, then make them bigger. And don’t be afraid to stick a very big goal to an outrageously fabulous reward.

Next, put the reward in a visible place and visualize yourself enjoying the reward. If the goal or reward creates stress or overwhelm, then make your goal smaller and reevaluate your reward.

In no time, you’ll be swilling your way to your highest goals and intentions.

I’d love to know, how do you reward yourself? Or how will you start? Post a comment below.


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Allyson Scammell

Allyson Scammell is a certified life coach, accredited certified EFT practitioner, and farm girl turned ex-pat. She believes passionately in your God given right to do work you love. She helps purpose-driven people make a (better) living doing the work they love and feel called to do. If you want more fun, practical and unique tips on how to achieve your highest goals and make a living doing work you love, then subscribe to her newsletter at and connect on Facebook + Twitter.

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