How Gratitude Increases Your Level of Happiness

BY Kimberley Martinez        March 16, 2017

Can you imagine a world where gratitude didn’t exist? Or a world where gratitude once existed and then suddenly ceased to exist? One thing is for certain, our society would suffer immensely. Gratitude increases our overall well-being and level of happiness in several different ways. Gaining inner happiness in this simple, yet empowering way requires only yourself and an open mind! Here are five absolute and definite ways you can be happier starting today!

1. Perform Simple Acts of Gratitude

Gratitude and happiness are in direct correlation with one another. In order to feel a noticeable change in your well-being and daily level of happiness, performing simple acts of gratitude should be followed through a few times a week. In order to keep your mindset in a positive, happy state, you can write what you are grateful for in a journal, show appreciation to those around you, pay it forward by volunteering in your community, and restraining from complaining.

2. Share with Others

When you have discussions of goodness in your life with others, your mind becomes filled with happy thoughts.  Sharing your joyful involvements with others creates a feeling of happiness that causes a “domino effect” upon others as they hear you speak of giving to others rather than receiving. The art of purposeful and productive conversation for the greater good is never to be underestimated. It also tremendously appeals to your mindset, making it positive and heartwarming at the same time.

3. Think of Pleasant Memories

Good memories are a significant means of invoking happy thoughts. When we take some time to relax and think about good memories, we find ourselves with a smile on our faces. Pleasant memories of the time you showed appreciation for someone, helped them in a time of need, and remembering the expressions of gratitude on their faces causes a reciprocal effect upon your emotions.

4. Be Social

When you practice gratitude, you tend to be more social. Whether you enjoy being around people from time-to-time in a relaxed, social setting or consistently being in communication with the ones you care for, gratitude can exponentially increase your happiness and fulfillment. Being around people can lift you up and give you emotional support anytime you need it. Developing loyal friendships is definitely a key to happiness, and it can begin with showing and sharing your gratitude!

5. Feel Confident

If you are working toward a life goal of increasing your confidence, being grateful for all of the good things in your life can help. Think about all of the wonderful actions people have taken to help you, and understand that this is because you matter in the world. Recognizing that you are worthy of others’ positive deeds can increase your confidence levels, and in turn, your happiness and well-being as a whole.

Feeling grateful and showing gratitude toward others can bring you inner peace like no other. It is always a warm and fuzzy feeling inside to give back and show thanks, rather than always be on the receiving end of kindness. Showing gratitude for everything in your life, from the gift of a new day to that co-worker who always smiles and shows respect toward you, can make you a happier person overall.

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Kimberley Martinez

Kimberley Martinez is a blogger, traveler, and personal development student. She is currently an editor at World Class Seminars, a website that shares information about upcoming self-improvement seminars worldwide. For more of her work, visit and

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