6 Daily Hacks to Help You Manifest

BY Jeannette Maw        March 6, 2017

Want some easy ways to put manifesting magic in your daily life?

Here are six ways to get the energy flowing your way without lifting a conscious creation finger:

1. Passwords

Change your password; change your life.

Yes, a password really is that powerful.

Or it can be, when you use the right ones. Turn one of life’s hassles into an alignment boost by making your password a powerful affirmation of success.

Manifesting money? Ask yourself what you’ll say when you log in to see a very satisfying bank balance, and turn that phrase into a password:


Attracting new love? Get in alignment with LuckyN<3.

Or maybe you’re calling in a rockin’ summer body… try it affirmation style: “HowDidIGetSoGorgeous?!”

Whatever you’re creating, incorporate some alignment magic by creating a password that reflects your success. Each time you type it you acclimate more and more to that reality.

2. Screensavers, Backgrounds and Wallpapers

If you’re like most manifestors, your vision board is either nonexistent, outdated, or buried in the back of a closet.

But you can let your eyes feast on your desired results by putting your digital screens to work.

Whether it’s a phone, a tablet, a laptop, desktop or some other doohickey, you’re likely looking at some sort of electronic device every day, throughout the day. Let’s harness that un-leveraged viewing time, shall we?

Make your screensaver something that you’d like to see in real life. It’s amazing how well that works.

3. Ringtones and Notifications

If you don’t already have an audio alert programmed that makes you smile or gives you a happy ear worm, time to change that!

Receiving a call or getting a text alert is an easy opportunity to give yourself a little vibrational boost.

You could find a song that has significance to your current manifesting project, or anything that makes you feel good.

Consider Play That Funky Music for a fun vibe, a contagious baby laugh, a confidence-building refrain of I’m the Man, relaxing ocean waves, or a cash register.

Programming your digital alerts is too good an opportunity to pass up! Switch as needed over time to keep the vibes high every time you get an incoming call, email or text.

4. Mirror Messages

How often do you wash your hands or brush your teeth in front of that mirror?

Every occasion is a gem of a chance to amp up your vibe by posting a sticky note or writing a dry erase question on the mirror.

“Hey good lookin’!” and “Who do you love?” are my personal favorites, but experiment to find one that boosts your frequency each time you see it.

Mirror messages are easy ways to get the law of attraction working on your behalf by programming positive thoughts within.

5. Charge Your Beverage

If you’re familiar with Dr. Masaru Emoto’s work with messages placed on water, you know the power of labeling your drink with good vibes. Use a marker to write your favorite words on your water bottle or coffee mug: love, peace, happiness – whatever energy you’d like to be infused with, label your drink of choice with it.

It’s an easy way to get double duty from your daily beverage.

6. Greetings

We habitually ask each other, “How are you?” and “How’s it going?” but a more powerful question steers the conversation to higher vibrational territory.

Instead of asking how they are, inquire “What’s going right?” or “What’s the good news?”

With friends and family who know me, I answer the phone with, “Tell me the good news.” It’s a guided instruction to tune to higher vibes as our conversation begins.

In fact, even when some people ask "How you are?" you can pretend they asked what’s going right in your world and answer accordingly.

It’s an easy way to lift the vibe of everyone in earshot!

Those are just six ways to automate yourself into higher alignment.

What are your easy, daily habits to get the law of attraction working in your favor?


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Jeannette Maw

Jeannette Maw is the Good Vibe Coach and a full time manifesting geek inspiring fellow creators through her blog

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