Manifestation for Non-Visualizers

BY Cindy Bischoff        February 22, 2017

Are you frustrated because you’ve tried, and tried, and tried to visualize what you want to manifest, but you just don’t “SEE” things? You’re not alone!

Fear that you’ll never be able to manifest what you want because you can’t visualize it? Yes, you can!

There is another way to visualize what you’d like to manifest without struggling to project an image that just won’t come.

It starts with YOU! As a non-visualizer myself, I’ll show you how I discovered how to use my personal creative outlet to manifest the things I want in my life, and I’ll show you how you can too!


I used to get so frustrated trying to “visualize,” that all I wound-up manifesting in my life was frustration – heaps of it, in fact. Until one day, I finally gave up, and took my problem to the Universe in prayer and meditation, then let it go.

A few weeks later, I had a dream: I sat at an ornate desk, writing on parchment with a vibrant peacock quill. As I wrote the word “HORSE,” a powerful black stallion leapt off the page. I wrote the word “CASTLE,” and a palace worthy of the greatest fairytale materialized around me.

I woke up feeling breathless and excited!

The message was very clear: I am a writer, so write! My brain is wired to create pictures with words. That’s how I “SEE.” It only makes sense that, if I want to manifest something specific, I should utilize how my brain actually works, and WRITE my visualizations.

Mind. Blown.

Your Gorgeous Brain

Think of your brain like the wiring of a house. Over the course of your lifetime, your thoughts, words, and actions have wired/trained your mind to behave in a specific way. (Those are called neuropathways.)

Flick the switch a light is wired to, and the light comes on. Flick a different switch, hoping it will affect that same light? You get nothing.

Now, think of visualizing as flicking a light switch. You can try to visualize somebody else’s way, but if your neuropathways aren’t wired to that particular switch, you can toggle the switch all you want, but it will never power the light you want lit.

Tap Into Your Creative Outlet

How do you express yourself?

Are you a painter? Writer? Dancer? Quilter? Chef? Gardener? Photographer? The list is endless, and it makes no difference which one you are. The only requirement is that it has to be the conduit for YOUR creative flow.

What is YOUR creative outlet? You don’t have to be an artist, but what do you do that makes you FEEL heard, or seen, expressed or complete?

Put yourself in that creative state by engaging in that activity, and go to town with your creative visualizations!

Paint your visualizations, if you’re a painter. Write your visualizations, if you’re a writer. Dance, and feel your dreams flood every cell of your body as you do so.

Harness the Creative Power of Emotion

Creativity is the outpouring of emotion manifested into physical form, and it is POWERFUL.

When you’re engaged in creative visualization to manifest, it’s important not to force your emotions to be “happy” while you’re in the creative state. Let your feelings be whatever they are, and allow them to well and ebb and flow freely. Creativity isn’t always a happy, joyful experience. Sometimes it’s frustrating, and that’s perfectly okay.

Fill your body full of creative energy, and incorporate whatever it is you want to manifest into that.

Since I started writing my visualizations a few years ago, my ability to draw to myself that which I ask for is quite staggering!

A couple of weeks ago I watched a wonderful webinar on a course I would love, love, LOVE to take, but I didn’t have $400 cash on hand for the full course, so I didn’t think twice about it. Two days later, they sent me the replay of the webinar, and I watched it again, taking careful notes.

The act of adding the creative energy of my writing, along with my strong desire to experience the material being presented, to the creative energy of taking, then retaking the class, sent a powerful message to the Universe that I desired the class.

The next day, I met with my business coach and shared with her how awesome the webinar was, but I didn’t tell her how much I wanted to take the class.

She said, “You know, Cindy, I think I bought that class last year, but forgot about it.”

After checking her e-mail, and finding that she had, indeed, purchased the class, but never did anything with it, she gifted me the entire $400 class on the spot!

Things like that happen often in my life, which never happened before I discovered the joy of working with my creative outlet instead of fighting to supplant it.

What a magnificent gift your brain is! Learn how to harness its creative energy, and you can use it to fuel your dreams. Try to make it zig, when it’s wired to zag, and you’ll have a constant struggle on your hands.

Use your brain, how it is currently wired to be the conduit for your creative energy, as your means of visualization, and I can guarantee you the quality, and quantity, of your manifestations will increase dramatically!

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Cindy Bischoff

Hi, I'm Cindy Bischoff. If you enjoyed this article on Visualizing for the Non-Visualizer, please visit my blog at where you'll find a wealth of information, and classes (coming soon) curated to support and empower you to find balance within your body, mind, and spirt. I have a BA in English/Creative Writing from the University of Colorado-Boulder, and am a writer, speaker, blogger, host of the Congruence Hub Podcast (going live March 15, 2017), and co-host the Go Deeper Podcast with my amazing BFF, Kim Forman. Please find me on my blog, and sign up to receive my free Daily Flow guided meditation, or catch up with me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to share your stories of how visualizing via your creative outlet may have touched, or affected, your life. I love to hear your stories!

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