3 Tips to Help You Author a New Life Story

BY Stephanie M. Mancini        January 19, 2017

Are you sick and tired of reliving the same story day in and day out?

Are you ready to write a love story with your life?

Then this one is for you.

You say you want a new life, right? One with more freedom, more time, more money, more creation or adventure. But then you wake up the next day and do the same thing you did the day before. And then you say to yourself... This isn't working. What went wrong?

Here are 3 tips to help you wake up to a new reality and lean into authoring a new life story:

1. Stop waiting.

Are you waiting to be prettier, thinner, healthier, happier, for the weather to be nicer, for the stars to align, the moon to wane, or to have more money?

Basically if you are waiting for the cover of your book to look perfect, for the change to occur externally first, you have it flipped. You have to write, or in this case draw, what you want to see.

I used to use every excuse in the book - my health, my finances, my aversion to the cold, living alone - to keep me stuck... until I finally tried something new.

2. Start taking baby steps toward your vision.

Most people I speak with say they want a new life. They dream big and make vision boards. But then they get so caught up in the big picture and the distance between where they are and where they want to go that they stop before they even begin. Or they give up right before the magic happens.

And this goes for myself as well. I used to love staying comfortable in dreaming big. New ideas were brewing all the time. But then I stopped before I started. Or I would make excuses that 'I didn't know how' or 'my health wasn't good enough' or 'I lacked the finances'. I thought everyone else knew something I didn't.

That was until I finally got so uncomfortable with the comfort of the old, the comfort of not being where I wanted to be, that I started taking action steps right from where I was, in spite of fear and uncertainty. And in that moment, my business was born - a new beginning birthed - from a blank space out on the beach, in a moment when there was nothing between point A and B.

3. Step into authorship.

Things really started to shift when I picked up the pen for good.

You see, when we start taking full responsibility for the life we are living and the life we are looking to live, things shift. When I gave up my attachment to my old story - that of victimhood, lack, scarcity, and overwhelm - there was space, a blank page if you will, and releasing that old story opened up a new way of being.

We must begin right from where we are. Yes. AND we must make room for the new. I equate it to being a trapeze artist. You must release the reigns from one bar and suspend in mid-air before you catch the next bar. 

We can get really resourceful in the place of suspension, the place of the unknown, where the Soul longs to come alive. This is where we become willing to take action despite fear, by asking for support, by stretching ourselves beyond our comfort zone to catch the hands of guidance on the other trapeze bar.

And then the BONUS:

You look back from where you came from and say 'I got this! I can do this! Let's keep going!'

So, if you are TRULY ready to author a new life story, I ask you: If I handed you a blank cover, what would it read? What are the next 3 action steps that you will take this week to access the path to the next page... and the next... and the next... because the best is still unwritten!


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Stephanie M. Mancini

I'm authoring the sunrise of my story and helping others to do the same all while dancing barefoot on sunshine every day! I'm a life coach, lyricist and lifestyle design and apparel creator of the forthcoming apparel line A Fresh 24®.

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