3 Ways You Are Blocking Your Money Flow

BY Lyn Mac        October 20, 2016

You were born to be wealthy, but the power to create wealth lies in your subconscious beliefs toward yourself and money.

Although I have studied many wealth consciousness principles, it wasn’t until I worked through these 3 things that I was able to receive more abundance in my life.

1. Guilt and Judgment

I had an insane amount of guilt about my debt. I felt like a failure for being in this position and felt like I couldn’t support myself or get ahead. Much of my debt was from times in my life when I was out of work and also from decisions I had made to follow my heart.

I paid off as much as I could, but each time I made a payment I did so with guilt and judgment, and I wasn’t getting ahead. I soon learned that my guilt and judgement were causing me to be in debt to myself.

Money is a flow of currency that is affected by other aspects of yourself and your life. When there is an internal block, like judgement, there can’t be a free flow of abundance.

Money and love come from the same source of energy. In oneness everything is connected and reflected in our state of abundance.

My issue was that I was paying off my debt with the same consciousness that had created it. If I kept feeling this way, I knew I would get down to $0 debt, but accumulate it again because nothing had changed within me.

I began to forgive myself for my debt. I also expressed appreciation and love to my mother who I had the most debt with, sharing my heart with her about how I was feeling.

In oneness there cannot be debt in the way we see it, because lack does not exist. With forgiveness and complete surrender of judgement, all debt can be wiped clean.

Your bank account may still say the same negative number but the universe really doesn’t understand numbers, only how you feel about them.

If your consciousness is one of lack, fear, and judgement, the best way to change this is to give less attention to your debt and more attention to your own self-love.

2. Fear of Loss

Open Your Heart to Prosperity by Catherine Ponder says that most instances of ill health, financial problems, and relationship issues are due to fear of loss.

When I read this the lightbulb switched on. I was trying to understand why I went into debt three years in a row after my annual trip to L.A. I had the money to travel, but financial issues would arise when I got back.

When I read this passage it totally made sense. When I visit L.A. I have attachment and fear of loss around someone there. I also love staying in L.A. and it feels like home to me, so going home was always difficult. I would spend weeks grieving after my trip.

When we have attachment and fear of loss we embody a very constricted energy, which makes it difficult for the universe to give to us. By attaching to something, I was putting my power outside of myself for my source of love and when I feared losing it I was affirming that I didn’t believe there was something more for me.

Although it feels real, loss doesn’t exist if you believe in divine restoration. When something is taken away from you it means there is something better on its way. You don’t lose anything, but things do change form.

I began to shift my thinking by repeating to myself and fully believing that there is no loss in spirit, and all things that seem to be taken away are changing form so that new life is given to me.

3. Withholding Love

You may be aware of the impact of withholding money, but what I have discovered is how much withholding my love and heart has affected my wealth.

We withhold our love without even realizing it, and often we do so due to our conditioning. Ladies, how many times have you heard your friends tell you not to give too much of your love away before a man commits? Or you have boundaries around how you express your love if you are in a relationship?

I spent many years putting up walls and not fully giving myself to people close to me. I wasn’t aware of this until a dear friend brought it up. I began to see how much fear I had around love and it was affecting every area of my life.

Withholding love can also be reflected in our withholding of our self from the world when we are not fully showing up as our true self. When we are hiding, not expressing our gifts, and not living the life we were put on this earth to live we are withholding.

If you are withholding anything in your life, you are in a state of contraction (and consciously or unconsciously you're probably thinking that if you give something away, you will be in lack or it will cost you something). This is not the state of being that creates wealth!

Once I began to focus on opening my heart to more love for myself and others and dropped the judgement and guilt, abundance began to flow to me with much greater force!


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Lyn Mac

Lyn Mac is a Transformation Coach, facilitator and writer who is committed to teaching what she learns to embody about living in oneness. She works with women who want to be a great light in this world and helps them reconnect to their Queen (their truth self) so they can live an empowered, joyful life, expressing themselves fully and being the leader they were born to be. Visit www.fitsoul.tv or receive your free ebook – Shift This! 13 Steps to Getting What You Want by clicking here

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