3 Basic Keys to Getting What You Really, Really, REALLY Want

BY Karen Geddis        September 5, 2016

“Ask for what you want and be prepared to get it.” – Maya Angelou

I want to share with you how I got something I really, really, REALLY wanted recently – because each of us can get what we want if we acknowledge three basic keys (and, of course, if we believe we can).

It took me some time to really believe it, but now that I have proof, I can’t go back to my old doubting ways.

My husband, children and I are building a family home, and of course the first step in that process is to find the land.

I had a vision of my ideal land:

1. Backing onto bush
2. A neighbor on one side only
3. Located on a quiet cul-de-sac
4. In the upmarket suburb I’ve been coveting since we moved nearby a couple of years ago
5. Close to the convenience of the shopping mall, but with the feel that I was living out in the bush

Now, in the past I would have listened to my monkey mind telling me that I couldn’t get what I want; that I would have to compromise something. I couldn’t possibly have it all!

Since I’ve been practicing trusting that the universe has my back, I felt my intuition tell me to TRUST. So I did.

The outcome? The most amazing piece of land that ticked every. single. box.

I had to hold myself back from pinching myself – because that would have meant that I didn’t believe I could get what I want.

Here are the 3 basic keys to getting what you really, really, REALLY want – well, this is what I did to call in that amazing piece of land:

1. I believed that the universe could deliver me what I wanted.

2. I detached myself from the outcome (I accepted that the universe had my back and would only bring me what was right for my family’s highest good).

3. I looked for evidence of times when the universe had previously delivered (and I told myself those stories every time I doubted).

The next time you're going after something you really want, have a go at trying these 3 things, and see what happens.


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Karen Geddis

Karen Geddis is an intuitive mentor for women who want to move forward rapidly in their life and business. She guides women to harness their intuition and break through the beliefs holding them back from being confident enough to be their authentic selves, to get clear on their purpose, and to get everything they want. She runs 1:1 transformational 12 week programs and women’s workshops. Find out more about Karen at www.karengeddis.com or connect with her on Facebook

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