3 Things That Happen When We Surrender to Our Intuition

BY Karen Geddis        August 15, 2016

What does the word SURRENDER mean to you?

I never truly understood what it meant until recently when I had a breakthrough moment.

Some definitions imply that there is weakness or ‘quitting’ involved when we choose to surrender something, which I guess is why most of us don’t do it.

I have been feeling unsettled of late, with a feeling in my gut that pushing and trying to make things work just wasn’t getting the results I ‘should have’ been getting. My body started to feel tense and I was clenching my jaw.

At the same time, I have been getting intuitive nudges (through things I’m reading and conversations with people) that the answer to getting better results is more about BEING than DOING.

Don’t get me wrong, we still need to be taking action to get things done, but there is huge leverage in taking action that has come from INSPIRATION, as opposed to acting out of OBLIGATION.

So, I decided to listen to those nudges and I declared to my intuition: “YOU take the reins. I am going to fully surrender to the intelligence and knowledge you have. I’m going to be open to hearing what you have to say. I’m going to lean in the direction that you are calling me from… and THEN I’m going to act.”

It felt so good; so right!

It didn’t feel like I was quitting or that I was weak. I actually felt a sense of relief. And in that lighter space, I was able to really take stock of how much I had been pushing myself and putting pressure on myself to do things because I ‘should’ be doing them.

I was able to see more clearly where I could be taking action to keep moving me forward with ease and allowing.

Three things happen when we decide to surrender to our intuition:

  1. Our body actually thanks us. The tension in my jaw subsided and my body felt like it had let out a very big, ‘SIGH’.

  2. Our mind stops trying to work everything out for us. The more I could ‘prove’ to my brain that surrendering was working by affirming that I was safe and that things were working out, the less it felt the need to take charge of things. The result: more awareness and less inner-chatter.

  3. We feel more calm. I felt like I didn’t have to push anymore and that if I remained open I’d hear what I was to do next. The result: more feeling like, ‘I’ve got this’, rather than, ‘I have no idea of what I’m supposed to be doing… or even where to start!’.

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Karen Geddis

Karen Geddis is an intuitive mentor for women who want to move forward rapidly in their life and business. She guides women to harness their intuition and break through the beliefs holding them back from being confident enough to be their authentic selves, to get clear on their purpose, and to get everything they want. She runs 1:1 transformational 12 week programs and women’s workshops. Find out more about Karen at www.karengeddis.com or connect with her on Facebook

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