You Are More Than Enough

BY Elizabeth Miner        August 9, 2016

Enough, wow, what a word! The phrase “I am enough” is supposed to feel good but to me it lays flat. How about for you?

I’ve been hearing a lot about the transformational power of accepting we are enough. Brene Brown talks about it, Marisa Peer has a great powerful practice with it – but is it enough?

My problem with the word is that it feels contained and limited. Enough is a state of plenty, but not too much plenty. Miriam-Webster goes on to define it as the following:

enough: equal to what is needed

Do you see any trouble with that definition? I want all that I can possibly hold, maybe even more – which in my opinion is more than enough!

Is this greedy? Is there a problem with aspiring to have more than enough?

The Power of Abundance

What I do with enough versus what I do with more than enough is the key here. With abundance there is more than enough to share, repurpose and give to others. It allows decisions to be made without the fear of sacrifice or personal lack. You see, if you have enough and you give some away… what do you have? Less than enough! How does that grab you? I don’t know about you but that very quickly revives any scarcity issues I have lying dormant!

Is Enough, Enough?

So why is there such a movement towards “I am enough”? I believe it ties directly to the “brule” (defined by Vishen Lakhiani as a Bullshit Rule) that I should not ask for more than “my share” and by doing so I am being greedy and robbing someone else of their share. There is an underlying feeling of there is only enough to go around, so if I ask for more than my share it takes from someone else.

Who created this idea of limited resources? Am I the only one that feels that this is malarkey? I have a number of clients who first come to me and say, I don’t need to be rich, I just want to have enough. When we really get down to their goals, I find that they indeed want to have more than enough to get by, they want enough to live fully, play, share and give. 

Activate Your Abundance

Now that you know it’s okay to ask for more, how do you get past this programming from childhood? Here are a few ideas:

  • Understand that abundance comes in many forms: love, money, health, etc. You can be abundant in many ways.
  • Think about financial abundance like health abundance; to be healthy you would never imagine you are taking health away from someone else. Financial abundance works the same way, it does not require someone else to give his or hers up for your abundance.
  • Think about what you will do with your abundance. How will you share it? Will you share it with family, friends, those in need? Your desire for abundance feels a lot better when you realize you don’t just want it for yourself.
  • Take a look at your current life right now – there are many ways that you are abundant today. You may have overlooked how fortunate and abundant you already are. How might you share your abundance today?

Once you understand that it is okay to want more than enough, you are cleared to see and receive it. Once you are clear, you see how abundant you already are in many ways. Once you understand you are abundant, you realize that you have more than enough to share and distribute to others. And when you share your abundance, you simply attract more abundance through the Law of Attraction.

Go ahead, be more than enough! Go forth and live your abundance!

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Elizabeth Miner

Elizabeth Miner, a life-long student experienced in taking the road less traveled, has developed a unique and practical coaching practice based on studying the greats in personal development. She has combined the theories of the masters with the struggles of her challenged life. Elizabeth has created a business around her experiences and knowledge which brought her from poverty to Senior Corporate Paralegal to one of the most iconic companies in the world to running her own business and living life to its fullest. Thrive This Day was developed to bring the tools and information needed to live a healthy, happy, more abundant and fulfilling life through mentoring, coaching, and community building to the lives of individuals working through life transitions. 

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