Why Now is the Time to Say 'YES' to Your Life

BY Sarah Miller        July 18, 2016

What is it going to take for you to say yes to your life, right now?

What is it going to take for you to say yes to a life where you risk it all in the name of love?

Where you set fear aside, once and for all, and choose to live a life of miracles… What is it going to take?

What is it going to take for you leap across canyons for what YOU want? To finally open up your wings and soar?

What is it going to take to dive into a life where you take the crazy amazing, “I only live once,” trip, the life where each day feels like an adventure, the life where you drop everything and run toward your dreams?

What is it going to take for you to let go of your fears and to finally forgive those who have hurt you?

What is going to take for you to share you truest feelings with those you love? To let down the walls you’ve built up around the soft, loving, beautiful you?

What is it going to take? Is it going to take tragedy? Is it going to take death? Is it going to take disease?

Or are you willing to drop the bullshit right now? Are you willing to commit, right now, to finally dropping the story that you don’t have the time, that you don’t have the money, that you don’t have the smarts? Are you willing to stop telling yourself the lie that the people who hurt you aren’t hurting themselves?

Because the only thing keeping you from saying yes to your life, to your freedom, to your peace…is you.

The only thing keeping you from living the life of your dreams, is you. The only person keeping you from letting go of the hurt, letting go of the pain, letting go of the struggle, letting go of the story…is you.

You are the only one who gets to choose whether you take your power back or continue to get walked all over. You are the only one who gets to choose whether you trust or not. You are the only one.

Not the story. Not the past. Not the future. You. Right now. In this moment.

It starts with one thing you want. Right now. Write the letter, or the email. Write the song. Take the audition. Create the event. Go out to eat at that restaurant you’ve been wanting to try. Wear the dress you wish you had an occasion for, just because. Text the person you can’t get off of your mind and say, “Hey, let’s hang out.” Start the business.

YOU have to say yes. Right now. TO YOU. To what you want. Not the ego want. The want that’s living deep down in your Soul. The SOUL want. The one that brings tingles to your skin and makes you scared.

You get to do this thing we’re calling life once.


You get this moment, right here, right now, once.

You get the next step you take from here…once.

Savor it. Pause. Breathe. Let your eyes well up in tears. Turn to the person beside you and let them know how much you love them.

Because this moment never happens again.

You get to feel every high and every low.

You get to climb every mountain and watch every sunrise.

You are the only one who gets to fall head over heels in love with your life.

So what are you waiting for?

Go. Run. Leap. Soar. Fly. Dance. Summersault. Tip toe. Do whatever you need to. But unleash your joy, your passion, your fire, and don’t let fear tame it.

You get this life once.

And it’s time for you to wake up and start living it.

All it takes is a single YES. An unshakeable YES. To what your heart is asking to do. To risk it all. To jump, to leap, to soar, and to fly knowing you are held in the love that you are.

Do one thing, right now, that lights your soul on fire. And don’t tell a single person. Keep it for you.


We need you. We need your love. We need your passion. Your voice. Your undying, ever changing, unmatchable Soul.

Say yes.

Leave me a comment with what you’re saying yes to below.

I love you.


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Sarah Miller

Sarah Miller is creator and founder of the transformational online group coaching experience, The UNAPOLOGETIC YOU and host of the podcast series, F*IT: Raw Conversations on Forgiving. As an intuitive writer, healer, spiritual mentor, and transformational speaker, Sarah teaches you how to transform your pain into passion. All of her teachings are rooted in the self-study principles of A Course in Miracles and holistic mindfulness. You can listen to her podcast and sign up for her FREE 14-day journaling challenge at www.sarahmiller.me. And share in her worldly travels on Instagram

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