Creating a Full Moon Ritual

BY Sara Sha        May 26, 2016

I first noticed the effects of a full moon when I was working at a bank during my college years. Our customers were just a little “off” those days, some were forgetting things, others were unusually cranky, the quiet ones were talkative, the talkative ones were quiet.

Then I noticed it again when I was working in the 3rd grade classroom. The kids were simultaneously agitated, restless, silly, and gabby. I asked the teacher if he thought they were acting this way due to the full moon. He said he didn’t know, but he grew up on a farm and the cattle were restless during a full moon.

Given the power of the moon’s force on water in the form of tides, it’s not a stretch to consider its effect on our bodies, which are over half water. Recognizing the gentle power of a full moon is not only a way to enjoy its beauty, but it can also help us to let go of the day-to-day and connect to the natural universe. Here are some suggestions.

  • Let a glass of water sit on the windowsill and let is absorb the moonlight all night. In the morning, drink it up, imagining the energy of moonlight filling you with magic.

  • The full moon, the completion of its cycle, is a time for letting go. This is a good time to examine something in our lives that isn’t working anymore. A relationship with a friend that is more work than pleasure, a routine that leaves us feeling depleted, maybe even the time the alarm goes off in the morning is all wrong.

  • Lay on a blanket in the moonlight and moon bathe. No SPF needed!

  • To honor the domestic goddess of the moon, we can clean something. That entryway that still has last winter’s hats in it, the spice rack that has turned into an unsearchable mess, or whatever that pile of papers is on the dining room table.

  • Take a salt bath. It is said that the body is at its optimal point of mineral absorption during a full moon, so we can bring it to a loving soak in a warm bath of the salts of our choosing. Himalayan salt baths are recommended by veteran full moon soakers, but a stroll down the bath area of Target can yield nice finds.

So, instead of puzzling about the effects of the full moon, we can embrace the power of it, letting it work its wonder in our own lives.

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Sara Sha

Sara is a writer, poet, and blogger with a keen interest in topics involving spirituality and authentic living. She’s a big fan of religious and spiritual rituals and she has never met a prayer bead she hasn’t liked. She lives in northern Minnesota where she frets that climate change is cutting her beloved winters short. She is a proprietress of, an online retail business encouraging spiritual exploration for growth, pursuit of joy, and care for others.

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