8 Tips to Enhance Your Hay House Summit Experience

BY Hay House        May 1, 2019

You may already know all about the Hay House Online World Summit, but in case you don't, let me tell you what it's about and why the month of May is a month of transformation and empowerment!

Once a year, Hay House hosts a FREE, online summit featuring interviews from 78 legends on health, nutrition, spirituality, relationships and living your purpose. All month long new interviews are released from the greatest spiritual teachers of our time. The goal? To spread inspiration, enlightenment, and empowerment around the world!  

So, this month, grab your friends and family and make May a month of empowerment, change, and growth! 

Register now for the Hay House Summit - Listen to free talks from 78 legends (including mine)!

Here are 8 tips to enhance your summit listening experience: 

1. Create your very own comfort zone.

Pick the most comfortable spot in your home or office where you’ll be listening to the Summit. Set up your computer/laptop/iPad there. Put your most comfortable pair of earphones or earbuds next to your monitor or device. Choose your coziest chair or couch. Add cushy pillows, Snuggie®, arm rests, back cushions, Hello Kitty slippers or other accessories to enhance comfort and promote relaxation.

2. Dress summit-wise.

Since you’ll be sitting for many consecutive hours and listening to all the wonderful author conversations, you’ll want to wear your most comfortable clothing. This is not the time to squeeze into a pair of constricted skinny jeans. How about a pair of leggings instead?! Choose loose-fitting outfits with plenty of room to stretch your arms and legs… and mind! We recommend smooth and relaxed fabrics such as cottons, satins or silks. Refrain from noisy corduroy or musical bracelets.

3. Prepare summit-friendly snacks and beverages.

It’s imperative that you keep hydrated and well-nourished while listening to these many hours of inspiring content! We suggest fixing nutritious snacks and beverages and keeping them within easy reach during the summit. We recommend nuts (raw almonds), power bars and certain fruits (berries, apples). Avoid leaky fruit (watermelon, loquats) that may compromise your keyboard.

4. Try something new and summit-surprising.

If you’re Wayne Dyer's biggest fan ever, or have one of the walls in your home wallpapered with Louise Hay affirmations, you could choose to listen to Wayne’s or Louise’s one-hour interview 10 times during one entire day of the summit. However, we strongly advise that you peruse the schedule prior to the summit, map out the authors you definitely want to hear and then pick out several new ones to listen to each day. There may be a new favorite you haven’t met yet. 

5. Keep summit props handy.

You’ll be listening to a variety of topics during the summit including meditation, affirmations, mediumship, angels, prosperity, (EFT) tapping, life after death, forgiveness, and more. Remember to keep any props you may need within reach, so you can easily access them during the summit. Your checklist may include a notebook, pens, meditation or yoga mats, candles, angel cards, affirmation cards, crystals and pillows.

6. Make sure all pets are summit-trained.

You certainly won’t want to be interrupted by the whimpering sound of your pet just when Mike Dooley is sharing the secret to happiness in life. So make sure you take little Feather, Poupon, Felix and all your pets on their potty breaks and have them well fed and amused before the summit. And while you’re at it, we recommend that you do the same for yourself! 

7. Turn your clock to summit time.

What’s more important than taking care of YOU? Nothing! So put aside your to-do list, turn off your email alerts, silence your phone, and let your loved ones know that you’ll be busy for a few days. It’s summit time and you’re worth it!

8. Gather a group of like-minded friends and listen together.

It’s truly amazing what we learn when we surround ourselves with people who are on the same path. People with different perspectives and backgrounds add a whole new level of learning and growing. This is a fun way to listen to the summit, and also, provides a great accountability group to keep you on track. 

Register now for the Hay House Summit - Listen to free talks from 78 legends (including mine)!

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