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What Memories Do You Have of Past Lives?

BY Linda van der Kwast i        April 26, 2016

Do you ever experience this?

You walk into a room and somehow you get the feeling you’ve been there before. Or you do something you have never done, ever, and it feels good right away, as if you’ve done this already a million times. It’s like you remember things. Still, they’re things you can’t possibly know.

It happens to me. When I’m driving long distance in my car, I feel like I’m riding a horse. I know it sounds weird, still I do feel this way. It’s as if my hands are not touching the steering wheel but they’re holding reins instead. And while I’m driving this feeling of freedom arises in me as if I’m galloping full speed on my horse crossing hill after hill. My reality is somewhat different though, because when I look around there are only tarmac roads, cars and the occasional gas station on the side of the road. No freedom and no green hills in sight.

I have no idea where this comes from. Do I have a thing for horses? No. I do like them, but not particularly. Do I ride a horse? I did once, but that didn’t give me the feeling of freedom and pleasure. Rather a memory of painful muscles and a sore bum…

A similar thing happened to me when I traveled through Malaysia and I visited a temple for the first time in my life. I remember standing in front of this temple and taking my shoes off to enter this sacred place. The moment my bare feet touched the cold marble floor and the smell of incense filled my nose it felt like coming home. Strange, until that moment I had never visited a Buddhist temple before nor did I have a connection with Buddhism. Still, it felt so good and so familiar to be there at that moment.

We know that our senses help us to store memories in our mind. But those are memories of things we experienced in our childhood or situations and people that happen now. My memories seem to remember things that I’ve never experienced before, strange…

Recurring Themes

Besides these memories that kept showing up in my life, there were other things recurring. Like painful feelings, difficult situations and annoying people. Over and over again it seems they popped up, whenever I least expected it. Why did the same things keep happening to me?

I wanted answers. I had this feeling that there had to be a way out. That there had to be a way I could change my life for the better.

For months I was captivated by the words of a woman on Twitter and Facebook. A reincarnation therapist who wrote words that resonated with me so deeply. I know, not everybody is on the same page about past lives and reincarnation. Please feel free to form your own opinion about it. But me, I’m intrigued by the subject. The thought of a session with her kept crossing my mind, so I decided to act on it. I wanted to know if I’ve been on this planet before and, what I’ve been up to all those times. Besides, I was looking for answers.

Memories from Previous Lives

It was a wonderful experience, to travel down my past memories. To dig deep into my soul and to see who I was, where I’ve been and what I’ve experienced all those times. And although the experiences of being haunted, tortured and killed as a woman centuries ago were painful, they did shed light on my life now.

It’s remarkable that experiences from so long ago still influenced me and how I live my life today. I’m talking about experiences and feelings I wasn’t able to understand and integrate back then. Feelings I still carried around with me. These feelings surfaced in the life I have now, they kept recurring in the same situations and the same people. Over and over again. To remind me. Until I became aware of what was going on. Until I, broke the cycle.

Because it seemed that all this time I was the one holding the key to my own happiness. I was the one with the power to make a different choice in this life and to end this cycle of bad things for good.

These difficult situations and annoying people weren’t obstacles, they were challenges. They were serving as a mirror to me. They made me feel these old feelings again from lives way back then. They showed me where I had limited myself. Where I could heal myself and become who I really was.

Looking back at my life I can now say that I’m grateful for the people that have crossed my path. How difficult and painful some of these moments may have been to me, I now see them as gifts. Gifts that brought me back to the real me.

Now I have seen where my memories and feelings originate from. Now, I have broken some cycles.
And my memories about horses and temples? They were right. It seems that in a previous life I roamed the hills of France as a warrior, fighting for freedom of the land. In another life I was the abbot of a monastery, somewhere in Asia, rescuing and sheltering people who fled from war.

My senses remembered it perfectly!


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Linda van der Kwast i

Linda van der Kwast is a writer, a storyteller and a soon to be certified aura reader. She loves to explore what it is that moves people and she has no fear of diving deep into a human soul to find that out. She likes writing about the deep stuff. You know, feelings, intuition, that sort of things. She hopes that one day people will recognize the powerful gift of feeling again. It all inspired her to start her website, where she writes in both English and Dutch. You can also find her at Facebook or Instagram

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