5 Universal Attributes of Our Soul-Selves

BY Kate Snowise        February 23, 2016

As a group, humanity is starting to wake-up in ever increasing numbers. We are becoming more real, authentic, and true to ourselves. As we learn to trust our inner voice and quiet the noise from the outside world, we can’t help but start to see the world differently. We begin to see it as a divine place of mystery and perfection.

It is once you start connecting and truly living from your soul that you begin to recognize that there are some universal attributes to our divinity. Along with all of the things that are unique to us – our strengths, gifts, dreams, desires and needs – there are also some aspects of our divine center that we all share.

As you develop on the journey from your head to your heart, here are five universal attributes that can help you recognize true connection with your soul-self.

1. Our soul-self is kind to us.

When we are connected to our soul-self, we are kind to ourselves. Our spark of divinity has an incredibly loving and supportive energy and will never put us down, scold us or berate us for not doing better. The cruel and judgmental part of us comes from our thinking mind. Our soul is gentle, caring, and open.

2. Our soul-self is quiet.

There is a calmness that comes from a connection with our soul-self. Our thinking minds are busy, often overactive and flighty. But the divine part of us is soft, peaceful and still. As a result, it speaks in whispers and nudges. These whispers can often be overshadowed by the noise of the world, so to foster an ongoing connection with this deep part of ourselves we have to commit to creating stillness in our lives so we can truly hear.

3. Our soul-self is wise.

We are infinitely wise, and we become our own best experts when we are in tune with our soul. We can use our gut instinct, or our intuition, to seek clarity and find the support we need. We recognize that all of our strength lies within us, not in the outer world. Our soul relies on feeling as opposed to thinking.

4. Our soul-self knows we are all connected.

When you connect with the part of you that is authentic, true, deep and real, you also feel connected to others. That energy of kindness extends to those around you, and you begin to sense a deeper feeling of connection with all of life. Those who live from a soul perspective are typically giving, caring, and incredibly loving.

5. Our soul-self wants us to be happy.

Our soul is always trying to show us the path to true joy, and nudge us in the direction of real happiness. It is once we begin to truly trust these feelings, and follow our hearts, that we can begin to harness the wisdom and power of our divine spark.

Each and every one of us is on a journey back to our soul-selves, and to remembering that real part of us that we all share. Some of us are more aware of the search, while others are still blinded by the glare of forgetfulness. Yet, once you get close to that part of yourself that is powerful, real and infinitely wise, and feel its tug on your heart, you will forever crave that sense of depth and connection.

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Kate Snowise

Kate Snowise is a Life & Executive Coach with an MS in Psychology. She believes the world is suffering from an addiction to our minds, and is dedicated to helping people reconnect to their soul-selves. She has a personal coaching program called The Thriving Life Project that she runs through her coaching practice Thrive.How. You can follow Kate for daily inspiration on FacebookTwitter or sign up to her mailing list and get a free copy of her Mini-Guide 8 Tips Towards a Thriving Life

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