How We Manifested a White Christmas

BY Jacki Janetzki        December 17, 2015

Align a dream with your heart and soul, then surrender and allow the Universe to work in its own perfect way.

Prior to having children, my husband and I watched a White Christmas travel experience on Australian T.V. that has stayed in our hearts forever - imagine the thrill of being able to travel to the Arctic Circle and spend Christmas with Santa at the North Pole!

I’ll admit that even though I’m “all grown up,” I still get as excited as a young girl every Christmas and the thought of having a wonderful Christmas adventure to the North Pole stayed with me for years.

When we had our daughters, it became even more important for me to share an experience of this kind with my children. I remember attending Sandy Forster’s ‘The Secret to Money and Success’ Seminar in Australia in September 2006 and writing down a Grand Dream Goal of “Spending Christmas in the North Pole.”    

Upon returning from the seminar, I obtained brochures about White Christmas travel experiences and took them home. I remember sitting across from my husband as we looked through the magazines, our eyes taking in the breathtaking scenery and our hearts resonating with the exciting itineraries. At one point, we both glanced up at the same time and stared deeply into each other’s eyes. The emotion began to flow. We were moved to tears by the thought of taking our children (who still believed in the magic of Santa Claus) to spend Christmas at the North Pole. We never did discuss a date or a year that we intended to travel, we just knew that this was an experience our hearts strongly desired to have while the children were still young enough to ‘believe.’         

One of the Powerful Law of Attraction principles is ‘See your desire, create your desire,’ and displaying pictures of your dreams and looking at these images every day is a powerful tool to manifest them into reality. That year, my wall calendar showed the days of December alongside an image of Santa standing in the snow holding a sack of toys. Was this a sign? “Yes!” I thought and affixed the picture to the wall above my desk where I would see it every day. Having done this, I wrote out my ideal White Christmas holiday itinerary and stored it in my dream folder to read on a regular basis. These two, very simple steps aligned my heart and my mind, and this made it easy to surrender to my dreams and release attachment to the date because I just ‘knew’ it was going to come true.

One night in November 2006 when I was lying in my husband’s arms, he asked me, “How much do you love me?” I replied with our family response of, “More than all the grains of sand on all the beaches of the world.” And it was at this point that he placed tickets for a fully paid seven week European Christmas Adventure on his chest! YeeeeHaaaa! I was over the moon! WOW! How fabulous to have my amazing dream of a week in the North Pole manifest into reality only two months after I wrote it down... and receive a bonus European holiday as well!

The steps I took to manifest my dream into reality were:

  1. Defined a heart-felt desire.
  2. Saw it clearly in my mind.
  3. Put my dream in writing.
  4. Obtained a picture and displayed it on my wall where I could see it every day.
  5. Shared my dream with a like-minded individual who took action on it.
  6. Felt emotion: cried tears of joy when imagining it coming true.
  7. Had faith that it was going to happen.

This wasn’t a head desire, it was a heart desire. My thinking and planning mind didn’t even get involved and not once did I entertain thoughts about “how” it was going to come true. I just knew what I wanted, wrote it down, felt the joyful emotions associated with it, believed it was going to come true, and then got out of the way.

I believe the above story is a true reflection of the magical Law of Attraction. It’s a perfect example of the ease and simplicity with which you can swiftly attract your dreams when you align a desire with your heart and soul... and then surrender and allow the Universe to work in its own perfect way.

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Jacki Janetzki

Jacki Janetzki’s greatest joy is sharing her manifesting tips with others and helping them advance their own lives. She’s the creator and writer of ‘High Vibe Thoughts’ – a regular dose of Empowering Words, Phrases and Personal Conversations that help you fill your mind with Good-Feeling Thoughts to Raise Your Vibration so you can Enjoy a Life of Deliberate Creation.

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