How Embracing Womanhood Helps Me in a Man’s World

BY Stacy Slayden        June 16, 2015

“I don’t mind living in a man’s world as long a I can be a woman in it.” – Marilyn Monroe

Kudos to you Ms. Monroe! I think the notion that it's a hard life for women is tired and needs to be put to rest. Life is how you view it and what you decide to do with that vision. Take it from me; I'm a female sportscaster…

Yes, we don't rake in as much money as our male colleagues, yet. True, we aren't always taken seriously at first because for some reason we have to prove ourselves. I know, there have been unspeakable things done to innocent women all because they were deemed weak and worthless. While things aren't entirely fair yet, the important thing is that we are making progress and that we mustn't lose our identity as women in the process. Let us not tell a story of inequality for that will only remain our reality if we do. I like to look at it as being pro-women, not anti-men.

In my obviously biased opinion, being a woman is awesome! Our strengths are fascinating because not all of them are always visible, which we can use to our advantage. What do I mean by that? We're emotional. Yes! I said it. We are emotional creatures. But that, my friends, is stronger than any maxed out barbell.

We, as women, feel emotions intensely. Those emotions have a direct effect on the mind, and what is stronger in this world than the power of the mind? I dare you to come up with an answer. Unfortunately, we live in a world that views being emotional as someone who cries uncontrollably. Active tear ducts has nothing to do with your ability to lead and succeed. Sometimes I cry when I'm sad and other times I cry when I'm inspired. Seriously, I have yet to get through an episode of Long Island Medium sans waterworks. It’s kind of incredible.

I would like to pose a suggestion that we change our view of what being "emotional" really means. I would argue that it helps us better connect with others. Feelings are the body's physical alarm to your deepest desires. It is said that women are able to identify their feelings easily, which gives us a starting point. We can then work towards a solution, or if they're good feelings, expand upon them. Why would we suppress that capability?

Women are also immensely empathetic -- a highly underrated emotion that helps you adapt to anyone in a given situation as best you can. It has been extremely useful in my job because while interviewing someone in a vulnerable environment, being able to put yourself in their shoes only helps you ask better questions with more grace. Females are enthusiastic and lively, which draws people in. We're supportive and compassionate, making others feel better. And if you haven't met ladies like this, it's likely because they are girls who have not yet become women. The women I'm surrounded by are shining examples of why emotion is incredible. We laugh hard, we love hard, we fight hard for what we believe in, and sometimes crying is a by-product of all of those actions.

We typically don't think of emotional women as aggressive, prideful, or content. Sounds kind of like a man, right? Yet those are intense emotions women feel, just like joy, exuberance and empathy. For me, at work I’m aggressive when I want to speak up and feel proud for doing it. I may also squeal in delight at the sight of every puppy I encounter! So, if that's being an emotional woman, then jot my name on the list because I'm here to assert myself while feeling every emotion our bodies allow us to, and I won't apologize for it. Plus, if you don't like puppies, I'm convinced you have no soul.

Having intense passion to succeed, make something of myself, and grow as a person has led me into a field where I'm the minority and will likely be treated differently. But I would never change that. In fact, I find it advantageous. The whole point is: I love being "one of the guys" at work. But what I love even more is that I haven't sacrificed any part of being a woman to fit in with them, and because of that, I'm a better journalist and a better person.


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Stacy Slayden

Simply put, I’m a 20-something sportscaster living the dream, as they say. Along with a passion for sports and journalism, I have always been fascinated with the human experience. I believe we go through life continually decorating ourselves while in search of the truth, which is simply cloaked in the titles and embellishments we hid it under along the way. My hope is to undress my life so that I may be able to better connect with others. And hopefully I will inspire others to join. I currently reside in Lubbock, Texas where I work for the CBS-affiliate, KLBK-TV.

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