How to Connect and Communicate with Your Angels

BY Aisling Mooney        June 3, 2015

Why would you want to communicate with your angels? 

Think about this: If someone you knew had wings and could fly above any situation; if they could see your past and your future and already knew what the next best step for you would be; wouldn’t you want to ask them for advice? 

Many people ask me how to connect with their angels, as if it’s a difficult thing and only I, or a few special people, have the key to it. They usually don’t believe me when I tell them how easy it is. It really is as simple as speaking to your best friend on the telephone. However, there is one thing you have to do to get the conversation started and that’s pick up the telephone and dial the number (or answer it when it’s ringing). You have to take action that allows the conversation to begin and unfold.

Think about how you develop any new relationship. It would probably take a little time, attention, and consistency. You would probably take some time out of your day to be with that person consistently. You might call every day or meet up a couple times a week. 

Your angels have already been communicating with you, every day since before you were born. You probably just think it’s difficult, because you expect the communication to happen your way and not as it actually does. Your angel’s voice can be a physical sound that you hear, or an image in your mind, or any number of signs and symbols that mean something to you.  

Communicating with your angels can be really simple and take as little as five minutes a day. Here's how, step by step:

1. Breathe.

Take a breath and then another and then another. As you breathe, imagine strong, thick roots coming out from the souls of your feet, going right down into the heart centre of the earth and wrapping around that heart centre, giving you a wonderful sense of grounding and safety and security. Go ahead try it!

2. Get out of your own way.

As you breathe, imagine your body filling up with a lovely, calm energy that's relaxing you and making you feel more peaceful. Now, bring your awareness up into your third eye (that space on your forehead between your two eyes) and gaze into that area. Allow yourself to feel wonderfully relaxed and peaceful, then gently ask yourself to step out of your own way. You might feel this happening as a physical sensation, or you might actually see yourself stepping out of the way.

3. Use your imagination.

Your imagination is the gateway and the key into the angelic realms. In that space that has now been created as you stepped out of the way, see a light in front of you and see your Guardian angel emerging from that light. Use your imagination to see your angel in every detail. Start with their feet and imagine what shoes or sandals they would wear, or maybe they're barefoot. What clothes or robes are they wearing? Do they have wings, and what shape and size are they? What color is their hair? What color are their eyes? Use your imagination to see their beautiful smile. Feel the love coming from this angel and allow it to wrap around you like a wonderful blanket of comfort and compassion. Your angel has been with you since before you were born and will walk with you every single step of your journey, until it’s time for you to leave this planet again, until next time. Your angel loves you.

4. Ask and ye shall receive.

In that space of peace and calm, ask your angel about anything that’s currently bothering you or that you need help with. Pour your heart out to your angel and explain the whole story, in every detail. Ask for an answer; a message that will help you move forward and take the next step in your life.

Be open to receiving an answer. It may come as a word that you hear inside your mind or a comforting phrase. You may see a flash of color, an image, an object. You might have the feeling of being lighter, or that help is coming, or that it’s all going to work out.

Thank your angel for their help and accept this message in whatever form it has come to you. Open your eyes, move your body, and know that you are loved and never alone. An angel walks beside you today.

5. Be consistent.

The above exercise can take as little as five minutes each day and that’s enough time to get you started in this new relationship with your angels. The messages and insights that you receive over time, will become a beautiful conversation with these beings that are full of wisdom and love and always have your best interests at heart. Allow your angels to become your best friends. Today, just pick up the phone!


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Aisling Mooney

Aisling Mooney is an angel intuitive with many years experience as a personal development teacher. She has worked with hundreds of people introducing them to the angels and archangels and has designed her twelve week program, Transform with Angels in 12 Weeks, as a wonderful introduction to anyone seeking to understand and work with these beings, to improve their lives, and shine more brightly on the planet. This year Aisling took on a new angel assignment to write 365 angel messages to make you SHINE! And she offers it as a gift to anyone, who wishes to bring the angels into their lives everyday.

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