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Sheelagh Mawe


Sheelagh Mawe was born in Hertfordshire, England, where her passion for horses was equaled only by her love for reading. Later, as an adult living in America, she decided to put her own life experiences and the theories of various metaphysical writers into story form, including her best-selling book Dandelion, which Wayne Dyer calls "A marvelous story of the triumph of spirit." Today she makes her home in Orlando, Florida, where, together with two of her three adult children, she helped found TUT.

Dandelion didn't come easily into this world! There were times when I was writing her story that the paper stayed blank all day. Other times I'd have three legal pads going at once, none of them making much sense.

And I'd quit my real-world job to do this!

And then, when her story was written, nobody wanted to publish her. I mean, nobody. "What is it?" they wanted to know, "Adult or children? Fact or fiction? What, what, what?" And I thought, "Well, if I'm going to have to 'draw pictures' for them to understand her, just nevermind!" And I decided to publish her myself. Only thing was, I didn't have any money...

Time passed. A lot of time.

Nine years, in fact. But it wasn't wasted time. For in those years my son the CPA, and my son the ARTIST, and I, the unknown AUTHOR, put our heads together and started our own company, TUT®, which later came to represent Totally Unique Thoughts®. And gradually, as we grew from selling our T-shirts in the heat and the cold out of a pushcart on a sidewalk, to real stores with a real warehouse and computers and all that "stuff," Dandelion came back to haunt me and I thought... Why not? Let's get her out of that cardboard box on that dusty shelf and give her her head, and see what happens...

Today, three years later, Dandelion is a very happy, well-traveled horse. She gets shipped to places I've never heard of, receives her own fan mail, is in her second printing, and from what people write me, is actually making a difference. Good thing I quit that job, huh...?

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