Train the Trainer

We’re a network of trainers from every walk of life sharing a spiritual, non-religious, program on living deliberately. Our mission is to reach out to those who have not yet been reached with the truths about life’s beauty and our power. Our program is based on Mike Dooley’s New York Times bestselling book, Infinite Possibilities: The Art of Living Your Dreams.


Real Testimonials

"I have found Infinite Possibilities to be a superb manifestation program. Mike Dooley and his dedicated team have truly inspired me for the next 50 years. Since completing my training, I am now on a journey sharing the ART of living our dreams."

Mala Shah

Infinite Possibilities Trailblazer

"I became a certified IP trainer in March 2014. This opportunity has pulled together my entire life experiences to clarify my mission: to provide stepping stones for others to live their dreams. My goal is to speak internationally, train others in the IP training, and work with Mike Dooley and his team in as many ways possible as my new adventure unfolds!"

Richard A Morrell

Infinite Possibilities Trainer

"Becoming a certified trainer was simply amazing and life changing. The ability to help ignite the spark in others is truly magical. Thank you Mike!"

Emily Wright

Infinite Possibilities Trailblazer

"I love working with the women inmates and seeing their hearts and minds open wide simultaneously… and with each new class I teach having my own heart open up a little more. I always graduate each class feeling that they gave me a whole lot more than I offered to them."

Gloria Savannah-Austin

Infinite Possibilities Trailblazer

"Since becoming a trainer in June 2012, I've seen my dreams manifest in the most amazing ways. I have become the owner of a successful heart-centered business, I've formed life-long alliances with other trainers and I continually discover my limitless potential as I help others discover their own!"

Tracy Farquhar

Infinite Possibilities Trailblazer

"As a result of Infinite Possibilities and The Matrix material, my life has been changed in myriad ways and I am now equipped to teach others how to harness the energy of their thoughts to live their lives in the fullness and joy that is their birthright!"

Rev. Franne Demetrician

Infinite Possibilities Trailblazer

"Attending the Train The Trainer Program was one of the best things I have done in my life. My dream of being a national speaker was realized and now I am also teaching my own material! I'm changing lives and making mine better along the way! Thanks Mike!"

Michael Tarby

Infinite Possibilities Trailblazer

More Testimonials

Thank you just doesn't seem enough. Mike you and your entire group put on a world class training, with world class presenters."

"This conference outdid the last one. They appear to get better and more informative each year. I am blessed to be a part of it all."

"Excellent conference. Thank you for giving us support AND materials as we start training."

"Reeling (in an awesome way) from the exquisite weekend with the Train the Trainers conference. Mike and Andy were exceptional, brilliant and giving, as always. All the other speakers brought so very much to us. And I must say the attendees were incredible. A slice of humanity that is unparalleled. Bravo EVERYONE! ♥ Cannot wait to get started."

"I LOVE the sense of trust you are placing in us, and the sense of confidence and belief that we all will SOAR."

"Sincere thanks for such an inspiring, motivating training. It was rip-roaring fun!"

"Still flying on the amazing energy of the weekend, with so much gratitude to everyone involved! Can't wait to share it, and integrate all the wonderful things I've learned into my Intuitive Development workshops. I'm so ready to take the leap (even if the parachute IS a backpack . . .) Thank you thank you thank you."

"Beautiful weekend! I feel prepared to use this in all areas of my life with so many different people."

"So completely honored and blessed to be a part of such an Infinitely Amazing family!! Love an hugs everyone. We are rocking this world!"

"I shared a one hour workshop to a group of 62 people at the Port aux Basques Chamber of Commerce on Thursday at the awards banquet. For those of you who don't know me I have been a very shy person most of my life. If someone had of told me five years ago that I would be sharing personal stories to groups of people I would have thought they were crazy. I want to say a big thank you to Mike Dooley, Andy, Regena, and everyone who put together the Infinite Possibilities Training Program. The training helped me to gain the confidence to take this big step in my life. I love my life and everyone in it!"

"Wow -- that was easier than I thought! I am now scheduled to do a presentation to a group of people who are "in a career transition" (aka currently unemployed and discouraged) on November 9th. Expecting about 20 people for 1 hour. Woo hoo!"

"Infinite Possibilities is the best thing that has ever happened to me! Just sayin!!! :-)"

"I just started my second workshop with 8 fellow adventurers. I love it and so do they! Thanks for everything"

"The residents at were so eager to learn. they shared from their hearts, they challenged us with their questions and the room was lit up! we gave them each a TBT wristband to keep as a reminder to #1 do their homework and #2 think good thoughts! can't wait to see how next week's class unfolds. what joy to be sharing this life-changing program. my heart overfloweth!!!"

"Toastmasters meeting is on Tuesday and I am now ready, willing and ABLE to start making a difference in this world on a much larger basis! Woo Hoo! I love having all of you to turn to for inspiration, support and wisdom, and I'm so impressed with the stories and accomplishments that each of you share. Thank you for being part of my journey."

"I made a HUGE step this week into living my passion... I am no longer a bookkeeper who also teaches meditation, I am now a FULL-TIME meditation and Infinite Possibilities teacher!!!"

"Last night was the graduation of my first Infinite Possibilities class! We dressed up for Halloween, had amazing vegan food, shared laughs, passed around graduation gifts. I am so blessed to have such an amazing group of people in my life. IP #2 starting up in a few weeks to keep momentum!!"

"The Infinite Possibilities course has given me a sincere gratitude for all that awaits me. It has repositioned my ability to see my own life. I haven’t had this much energy since I trained for a marathon. I am so thankful for all that has blossomed."

"Infinite Possibilities has taught me the value of positive energy and how the status quo is only a hindrance to success."

"I thoroughly enjoyed the Infinite Possibilities class and Tracy as the instructor. She made the class fun and informative and made everyone feel comfortable. I learned to let go of old beliefs and that change is possible at any age. I found that I was stuck in old mindsets and habits and needed the motivation and the affirmation that change was and is possible."

"I have never heard anything like what you shared with us today... thank you... when can you come back?!"

"Amazing—totally the world needs this!"

"Dear Mike, I have never seen you speak. My son is currently incarcerated at the Orange County Jail and has seen you speak several times lately. You have made a difference to him where AA has not. He is a sensitive, loving young man who is an alcoholic. When he gets out of jail this time, the pressure will be on and if your words help him, I am committed to continuing to expose him to them. I will order books, hook him up with the website, whatever. I just wanted to say a heart-felt thank you for your unselfish giving back to people in the worst situations. Please know that your work matters and you have touched my son, at least, in a very positive way. You are in my thoughts and prayers."

"This class has been fabulous."

"Dear Mike Dooley, I feel I need to formally thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to speak to us. As addicts, we grew up hearing that we were nothing. It’s extremely encouraging to hear that we can (and WILL) accomplish our dreams. Know that we all appreciate the message you bring to us, especially your generosity in giving us all a copy of your book. Most people here are really not used to that kind of giving. You are a really positive role model, a man of integrity, and we would love if you came to speak and teach weekly… Thank you so much for your words of wisdom and encouragement."

"There was so much that impacted me—I cannot name just one thing!"

"Remembering that I have the power."

"Thank you for writing Infinite Possibilities. It is clear that I have created you in my life. As I delved further into the book, I came to the understanding that my entire life has been a story, waiting to be written by me. I had already started on my book of things yet to come when a cellmate told me about your book. I refuse to give it back, he and I discuss the book each chance we get and now I believe he is upset because he lost his Scrabble opponent to a book. Thank you for confirming that I have re-designed my entire existence. This is the most fun a HUMAN can have in TIME and SPACE."

"Helps give a new perspective. Visualize a better future in multiple arenas."

"I have'nt felt such a sense of Belonging and a feeling of being truly Alive as much as the past weekend. Thank you for all the Hugs. I think I've been given a years supply!"

What a wonderful weekend. I already miss the energy and all the smiles. I just know our paths are going to cross again very soon. We are going to change the world ... Infinite Possibilities is just the beginning. Now get out there and start spreading the knowledge!!!"

"I had a fleeting thought on Friday morning: "What If this conference doesn't meet my expectations?" Thank God THAT thought didn't last long enough to become a 'thing!' I have never in my life been so motivated, so clear on the dots that have already been connected, and so incredibly empowered to do what I love the most. Infinite Possibilities abound! I've already completed my first action step. Can't wait to share what I've learned with others. Thank you GFTU team!! You all rock!!"

"Thank you all Mike and GFTU for this opportunity! And thank all of you for your generous sharing of your knowledge and unwavering support!"

"My being is renewed because of my experience at this wonderful conference. For years I had struggled with Bipolar Disorder, and because of this wisdom and my connection to divine intelligence I have overcome it. I plan on bringing this wisdom to people with mental disorders, such as bipolar and depression, and/or to mental institutions and hospitals."

"It was a truly magical and amazing time. I'm thrilled to be back in New Orleans and planning my first meeting this week. THANKS Mike Dooley for the vision you have to share this info with the world."

"This weekend was amazing!!! Thank you Mike Dooley and everyone who is involved in making it so incredible."

"Love, love, LOVED the weekend!!!! It is so much easier to create when in the high energy of like-minded people! I'm all fueled-up and ready to make a difference! Thanks!"

"The influence you have had in my life cannot be overstated... Thank you."

"The Possibilities, truly Infinite! I am grateful for gaining more clarity in the direction of the next leg of my journey. Many thanks and big hugs to all!"

"Thanks for your vision, Mike Dooley The world is getting lighter and brighter every day! Carpe Diem!"

"Thank you Mike Dooley, Andy Dooley, the whole team, and everyone open-hearted living angel who said YES to following their passion, joy and bliss. Can't wait to see you all again and watching how you all have changed the world!"

"Wow!! What an amazing weekend! I think I've found my calling more clearly than ever! It only goes up from here! Thank you, and love you all!"

"I wrapped up our first group training with the gals at Warren Village. It was awesome! We handed out certificates and gift bags with Mike's book and the Secret dvd's to those who completed the course. They were thrilled!! What a gift to see them shine. Whoo-hoo! Possibilitarians unite!"

"What a fantastic experience!"

"It was an honor and a pleasure to facilitate. I saw the blossoming before my eyes..thank you Mike Dooley. Simply amazing....way up high today. Grateful and honored."

"The first time I realized that I had a problem was when I was 19 years old. I had been attending a methadone maintenance program and I was spending my entire paycheck to support both myself and my girlfriend’s methadone costs. I wanted to get off the methadone and I tried to, but I couldn't stand the awful withdrawals. Without wanting to, I stayed at the methadone clinic for almost four years until I was kicked out of my parents' house for stealing their money. I was homeless and stayed at the Salvation Army and the Rescue Mission where I kicked the methadone and it was horrible. I remember wanting to give up. After 10 days, I began to panhandle for money to continue to stay at the Salvation Army and did that for about three weeks. After almost a month my family decided to give me another chance and let me stay at home again where I was able to work and stay clean for three months. For some crazy reason I started using heroin again and I wound up right where I was before just as addicted and helpless. I began to steal again to support my habit and this time my actions ended me up in the Orange County jail. I spent about two weeks in the jail before I heard about the choices program that was run by Norberto Perez. I filled out a request to join the CHOICES program run by Mr. Perez and I think that was the first good decision I’d made in a long time. The program consisted of educational groups, classes, counseling, AA/NA meetings, and guest speakers. Mr. Perez's program was one of the first programs that I had ever been in and I was surprised that a program inside a jail was so well put together. It really did get me into the state of mind that I needed to be in to begin changing my life beginning with my thought process. I remember one of the guest speakers that came in to speak to us.

"Some exciting first IP training ended today with an awesome (and loud) celebratory WOO HOO! I offered the training to 8, Deaf, High School students. The IP curriculum was a huge hit! Much love and thanks to everyone here and to Mike for giving us wings!"

"The best part of training is the constant learning and reinforcement that you receive from the trainees!! Another happy class has completed the course, and is living the lives of their dreams!"

"There is another organization I am meeting with next month and they are very interested as well. Thank you Mike Dooley and everyone in this circle for helping me find one of my dreams, helping people feel good about themselves."

"Ellen and I presented to 72 educators yesterday that teach in our prisons. It was wonderful and everyone loved the IP materials. Seven hours of Infinite Possibilities in a 90 degree room....priceless. I love my life!!!!!"

"Whoo Hoo, starting my first group at my home on August 1st. Thankyou GFTU for all of the wonderful support materials and messages, hoping to pay it forward, I will let you all know how it goes and I will be thinking of all of you."

"I have been searching for tribe that resonates with me and understands the true nature of collaboration and has a positive message/vision to share Put it out to the Universe and WhooHoo, here it is! Thank you Mike and everyone involved in this adventure!"

"Just finished IP session 4 with a wonderful group of friends and family! Feedback has been amazing, and I can feel the group and myself growing with every session."

"I am sure you hear this all of the time but here it is again... Thank you, thank you, thank you! My son is at The Orlando Bridge WRC and he is finding a new lease on life since you've been speaking there. His prison experience has taught him much and I PRAY that the bad times are over. But like any alcoholic/addict the attacks of the "stinking thinking" are still there. He has grabbed on to your way of thinking for dear life and it is helping him tremendously. I can't wait to read your stuff myself because it doesn't get any better than self-help and comedy all rolled into one. Thank you for what you've done. You are saving lives."