Our Mission

We’re a network of teachers, facilitators, coaches, friends, and mentors from every walk of life trained to provide a spiritual*, non-religious, program on living deliberately, based on Infinite Possibilities: The Art of Living Your Dreams, to those who want to learn and apply such teachings.


We focus on the term "spirituality" in our work because for most people it promotes views similar to our own, in that we believe in God, divine intelligence, and a benevolent Universe where everyone is ONE with this creator, and thereby loved, forgiven, and accepted eternally.


While respecting all approaches to spirituality, we’ve not aligned ourselves with any religion, nor do we permit trainers to incorporate any religious doctrines with our program, to ensure that no person or group is ever excluded from the universal principles that we believe apply to all people, regardless of their "faith" or lack thereof.

Our Work

Infinite Possibilities Train the Trainer is a division of TUT’s Adventurers Club that hosts conferences to train and certify "Infinite Possibilities Trainers." Our trainers are encouraged and taught how to reach those in our society who have not yet been reached with the truth of their own innate ability to shape their lives and live their dreams through understanding and working with their thoughts, words, attitudes, beliefs, and actions (read, Our Story, below). Trainers may also use their training and accreditation in their own businesses, such as coaching, facilitating, teaching, authoring, or professional speaking.

Our Story

By 2008, after the audio release of Infinite Possibilities, my first world tour, and The Secret’s release, we began looking for ways to seriously begin "giving back." This was when our initiative, to be called Gifts from the Universe Project was born. Since then we’ve raised over $582,948.90 for the most worthy causes we could find, see the list here of the charities we’ve been able to help.


In late 2009, while doing a book-release tour for Infinite Possibilities, I was briefly in Portland with some time off, so I went for a walk downtown. It was dusk and as I approached a corner cafe, I walked by a homeless woman who was sitting on the sidewalk, head down, reading a book, with her faithful dog lying beside her. From my limited vantage, she appeared to be in her 60's, with greasy, matted hair. A sad sight. Almost a block away, not having broken my stride, I felt compelled to go back and offer her a 20 dollar bill. She hadn't asked, and if she had, I probably would have declined. But the old line in my head from Gibran's The Prophet, about it being better to give unasked, was haunting me. After a "Hey... hi," to get her to look up, as I held out the money a shock went through me upon realizing that, at most, she was 20 years old. Inwardly, silently, horrified, I thought, "You don't have to live like this... you have choices... there are options... you are infinitely bigger than these circumstances," while simultaneously realizing she knew none of this.

She said thanks, and I continued silently walking. Thinking to myself, as if stuck on a loop, "If she only knew... If she only knew...."


But what could I do? Sit with her? Coach her? Teach her all I knew in 15 minutes? I've never been drawn to helping one person at a time. Too intimate, too scary, just not my style, especially when doing so would take away from my reaching far greater audiences as I do with my website, emailings, books, and world tours. Besides, I would be in Seattle in 15 hours, and 24 hours after that, another city, as I continued my tour for a book ironically about the art of living your dreams. And then it hit me: Infinite Possibilities was my first major nonfiction release, an A-Z book on the nature of reality, life's beauty, our power, and the divine heritage we're all born of... maybe if I gave it to her....

An hour later my publisher arrived at my hotel to take me to the evening's lecture and book signing, and I asked if we could first drive by the cafe. Sure enough the young lady was still there, so I hopped out of the car and approached. "Hi! I was here earlier. I can't help but think that if you only knew your options, you'd be able to make some decisions that could help change your life. I've recently written a book about life and how powerful we are. If I give you a copy, would you have a look at it . . . ?" Instead of the rebuke I half expected to hear, her smile and response were immediate, "Sure! I love to read! Thank you!" And that was the last I saw of her.


By the time I returned to Orlando I had a plan. Now that I had a "real" book, I could follow the same model I had stumbled upon in Portland for reaching out to those who want to learn. I'd begin in my own hometown reaching out to small groups, giving a series of short talks, leaving behind a copy of Infinite Possibilities for anyone wanting it. I asked my team to find any organization in central Florida who:

  • Were open to learning of a "new" spiritual, not religious, perspective on the truths of life.
  • Had attendees who could, fairly quickly, begin applying such information immediately to their lives.

The logical choices were to begin with teenagers or young adults new to (or who were about to enter) the "working" world, prisoners who'd be released in the immediate future, and shelters for battered women. Of course, there's no segment of the population, including school children, senior citizens, and death row inmates, that wouldn't benefit from such a program and that we wouldn't like to eventually reach, but for starters, I wanted to begin with groups who could apply this information fast to make lasting changes in their lives.


We got our big break at the Orange County Jail. Starting in 2010, for over 1 year, I began speaking weekly to inmates who volunteered to be part of a daily program that offered a variety of instructional tools, workshops, and learning material to help them deal more effectively with life and make better choices upon their release.

My talk was simply one of many talks they received each week, from many different people of different backgrounds. To organize my content for these talks, I made a simple, interactive workbook to further simplify Infinite Possibilities.

Some Tuesdays, depending on the turnover and the openness of the crowd, my teachings were challenged, but every Tuesday there's been near unanimous deep appreciation, echoed in comments like, "I loved hearing what you said today...," "Thanks for visiting us...," "I've never heard anything like what you spoke about...," "It's true, my thoughts always have become things, I just need to work on my focus!"

Since those first talks I’ve also spoken to half-way house inmates, addicts, and the homeless, but now the shift is on to train trainers, so that ever increasing segments of the population, who have never heard "this stuff before," can get on board!

Real Testimonials

"I have found Infinite Possibilities to be a superb manifestation program. Mike Dooley and his dedicated team have truly inspired me for the next 50 years. Since completing my training, I am now on a journey sharing the ART of living our dreams."

Mala Shah

Infinite Possibilities Trailblazer

"I became a certified IP trainer in March 2014. This opportunity has pulled together my entire life experiences to clarify my mission: to provide stepping stones for others to live their dreams. My goal is to speak internationally, train others in the IP training, and work with Mike Dooley and his team in as many ways possible as my new adventure unfolds!"

Richard A Morrell

Infinite Possibilities Trainer

"Becoming a certified trainer was simply amazing and life changing. The ability to help ignite the spark in others is truly magical. Thank you Mike!"

Emily Wright

Infinite Possibilities Trailblazer

"I love working with the women inmates and seeing their hearts and minds open wide simultaneously… and with each new class I teach having my own heart open up a little more. I always graduate each class feeling that they gave me a whole lot more than I offered to them."

Gloria Savannah-Austin

Infinite Possibilities Trailblazer

"Since becoming a trainer in June 2012, I've seen my dreams manifest in the most amazing ways. I have become the owner of a successful heart-centered business, I've formed life-long alliances with other trainers and I continually discover my limitless potential as I help others discover their own!"

Tracy Farquhar

Infinite Possibilities Trailblazer

"As a result of Infinite Possibilities and The Matrix material, my life has been changed in myriad ways and I am now equipped to teach others how to harness the energy of their thoughts to live their lives in the fullness and joy that is their birthright!"

Rev. Franne Demetrician

Infinite Possibilities Trailblazer

"Attending the Train The Trainer Program was one of the best things I have done in my life. My dream of being a national speaker was realized and now I am also teaching my own material! I'm changing lives and making mine better along the way! Thanks Mike!"

Michael Tarby

Infinite Possibilities Trailblazer

Tax Status

Although our first two conferences, in 2011 and 2012, were hosted by our charitable 501(c)3, Gifts from the Universe, Inc., their expenses were fully covered by attendee’s registration fees. We therefore neither need donations nor a tax exempt status. Accordingly, future conferences (in 2013 and beyond) will either be hosted by TUT Enterprises, Inc. or a subsidiary thereof, and will not be considered charitable events.

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