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Thoughts Become Things DVD

Thoughts Become Things is my best-selling DVD, with-steps-to-take-and-things-to-do. It explains the most powerful principle ever discovered by humankind, and shares tools (including visualization guidelines) to help you understand and harness life's most fundamental principles. 77 minutes with English and Spanish subtitles!

The Path Less Traveled DVD

This may be the best material I have to offer, in the smallest package; 112-minutes of total awesome! Incl a 20-minute bonus interview of me, by Lilou Mace. You’ll learn how to find answers and illumination when you need them most, how to take action without messing with the "cursed hows," and how to live abundantly healthier and happier than ever before.

Manifesting Change DVD

Do you ever wonder who you are? How you got here? Why you chose this adventure? And how to make the most of your time in space? This DVD answers those questions, revealing life’s most sacred truths. This material is based on my 2nd World Tour, shared with over 10,000 people around the world. 72 minutes with Spanish and Portuguese subtitles!

Also available as an audio program, book, audiobook, and e-book.