Infinite Possibilities: The Art of Living Your Dreams

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Infinite Possibilities reveals our true spiritual nature and exactly what it takes to find happiness and fulfillment during the metamorphosis of consciousness that’s taking place. It covers the entire spectrum of reality, including changing your beliefs, creative visualization, and understanding your emotions.

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The New York Times Bestseller!!!!!!!!

“We make our own realities, our own fate, and our own luck! That, is
how powerful we are, and that, is how powerful YOU are.”

Jambo Fellow Adventurers


"This book is your ticket to LIVING. With Mike Dooley's spiritual insights you will never again see life the same."
- James Van Praagh, author of UNFINISHED BUSINESS

"You have NO IDEA how much you have impacted me, and those in my life. Thank you soooo much!"
- Roberta Cahill, Woburn, MA

"I have been struck by epiphany
after epiphany..."
- Steve Bailey, Simi Valley, CA

"Mike Dooley shows us in the clearest terms yet just how to produce what God has always intended for us:
a life of joy unbounded."
- Neale Donald Walsch, author of


  • More about Mike Dooley and TUT!
  • Listen to Mike's latest interview about Infinite Possibilities, "The Universe," and World Tour III!
  • See why The Huffington Post is calling Mike Dooley a modern day magician!

Infinite Possibilities Magazine
The Infinite Possibilities Magazine!
(Contains excerpts from the book, Q&A with Mike, universelibs, and much more!!!)

If someone told you the truth about life, reality, and the powers you possessed, would you recognize it as the truth? If someone offered you keys to the kingdom of your wildest dreams, would you accept them? It might not be so easy, given our immersion in a society that tells us, reminds us, and insists, that we're limited, aging "creatures," who live lives between luck and fate, in a hard, unforgiving world. But the truth, and this will likely ring bells in your heart of hearts, is that we are INFINITE and POWERFUL, fun loving gladiators of the Universe; Adventurers just being human, with eternity before us, and the power of our thoughts to help shape it.

There could be no better time than now, at this crossroads in history, to discover the truth about who you are, and all that you can be, which is the purpose behind "Infinite Possibilities: The Art of Living Your Dreams." It's a book and audio program aimed at the "Truths of Being," becoming aware of them, understanding them, and harnessing them. My mission throughout is to remind you of:

  • How POWERFUL you are,
  • How FAR you can reach, and
  • How much you DESERVE,

so that you can begin thriving as the giant you are, in a kingdom where you have indeed been given dominion over all things.

Blood, sweat and tears ARE NOT what it takes to see your dreams come true. Imagination, belief and expectation are what's needed. Then you're drawn into action, circumstances and "coincidences" that make dream manifestation INEVITABLE. This isn't wishful thinking; it's the way things have always been in time and space. You don't need more education, more connections, or more lucky breaks, you just need to understand the principles and concepts that every prophet and messiah has shared since the beginning of time. Principles that have nothing to do with religion, but everything to do with the truth about who you are, why you're here, and the magic at your disposal. There is nothing you can't do, nothing you can't have, and nothing you can't be.

  • You do have the power,
  • You are guided and
  • The Universe IS conspiring on your behalf!

Your dreams are not yours by accident. You have them for a reason, many reasons, not the least of which is to make them come true. Your dreams are what's meant to be. You just have to do your part, and with understanding, you'll find that NOTHING COULD POSSIBLY BE EASIER.

That you've read this far is no accident. PLEASE JOIN ME, Adventurer to Adventurer, so that you, too, can discover how effortless the art of living your dreams was meant to be.

Your great admirer,

P.S. Follow your heart, it knows what to do.

“Dear Mom... WOW! He is truly incredible. I love how he just proposes ideas... He wants you to decide for yourself what you 'believe'.” “My spirit soars as I listen!” “My life has changed since the day I received 'IP'... there are not enough words to thank you...” “You helped me save my life, and I am most grateful.” “I can’t stop listening!” “The click that happens is like heaven.” “I was blown away! I squealed with delight!” “I just want to talk to EVERYONE about what I’m experiencing!” “Guess what my son gave me for Christmas? It's BY FAR, my favorite gift!” “Thank you for your profound contribution to my life” “I'm barely getting anything else done, stumbling around with my headphones on!” “All I can say is, 'Wow!'” “It’s opened a fabulous world to me!” “Your recordings are FAB!!!!” “Your words have set me in motion!” “I burst into tears!” “I love the way you put it in such simple, easy to understand terms.” “Thank you from the bottom of my heart!” “I’m overwhelmed...” "I've listened to well over 20 audio programs, and Mike, yours is the best so far!”

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  1. Thoughts Become Things - Explanations and anecdotes on the absolute power of our thoughts, how they shape the events and circumstances of our lives, and how they can be used to affect extraordinary life changes.
    Listen to Samples
  2. Beliefs - The precursors of our thoughts and imagination. How to detect and work with ours to align them with the life of our dreams.
    Listen to Samples
  3. Emotions - What they are, where they come from, how to understand their source and learn from them.
    Listen to Sample
  4. Taking Action - The importance of all we think, say and do. How we make our intentions known to the Universe and how we can change the direction of our lives.
    Listen to Sample
  5. Instincts and Hunches, Dreams and Desires - Our desires, dreams, hunches and intuition all have a reason for being in our life – they are our pipeline to divine intelligence.
  6. Faith and the Magical Universe - Faith and the magic it inspires in a Universe conspiring on our behalves. Which end of the time-space spectrum needs to be "played" and which end needs to be left completely alone.
  1. The Meaning of Life - An inspiring wrap on the "game" of life, what matters, and why we are really here.
  2. Abundance, Health & Harmony - Your inalienable birthrights.
    Listen to Samples
  3. Relationships - At home, at work, in love... how to move with, and understand yours to maximize the learning and rewards they promise.
    Listen to Samples
  4. Tools & Techniques - Simple tips on applying the contents of this series to YOUR life. Creative visualization, belief bulldozing, acting as if, tuning in, understanding, changing your beliefs, using imagination, harnessing positive thinking (as a tool, not a cover-up), and more.
    Listen to Sample
  5. Questions & Answers - Philosophical and penetrating answers to some of the most commonly asked and difficult questions about life, dreams and happiness.
  6. The Meaning of Life - A little story and an inspiring wrap on the "game" of life.
    Listen to Sample

New York Times

Years ago, following a string of "failures" designed to launch TUT's Adventurers Club and at the end of my financial rope, suddenly, I struck gold. It was with the release of my home-recorded audio program, Infinite Possibilities: The Art of Living Your Dreams - 12 hours of recordings that subscribers could buy, the profits of which, if there were any, would support my "free" daily emailing's and website.

Overnight, everything changed. Since then Infinite Possibilities has carried "The Club," sent a billion Notes from the Universe, and launched 4 world tours, but best of all, it's led to enumerable "Whooooohooooooos" being screamed and yelled from homes, offices, and moving vehicles all over the world. From Orlando to Istanbul to Papua New Guinea, IP listeners have learned of their power, divinity, and magnificence. Of how much they deserve, how worthy they are, and why they're here. And of how remarkably easy it has always been to be swept off our feet with bountiful winds of change.

(See comparision chart!) THE AUDIO PROGRAM

Mike Dooley's Excellent Adventure
Review by Roger Yale
Los Angeles Entertainment Today

"Infinite Possibilities proves Dooley to be the most literate and professorial of all inspirational self-betterment gurus."

A full 12 hours of Dooley himself laying out his compelling philosophical take on what he calls the "Truths of Being." I had to take a chance, so I approached Dooley for a copy of the CD set and both books. Twelve hours of audio is daunting in itself, but having been a fan of the "big boys" like Anthony Robbins, Wayne Dyer, Earl Nightingale, et al, I came away with the realization that Dooley is the most literate and professorial of them all. Even in casual conversational tones he betrays a dazzling intellect. His "thoughts become things" premise is used as a point of departure into everything else he covers here, and that is quite a lot: beliefs, relationships, reincarnation, angels, soul mates, UFOs, ghosts, visualization, etcetera. With Dooley, it is all about "bulldozing our limitations" and creating our own realities. We have the power to choose, we write the script ourselves, and "sin is nothing more than an honest mistake." Thankfully, Dooley reminds us that we can never manipulate others with any sort of mumbo-jumbo. It just doesn't work.

I also enjoyed the references to the old biblical adage "as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he," but I thought James Allen and Napoleon Hill had that concept sown up. Dooley goes beyond this by telling his audience "as one believes so shall one think." An interesting slant. Cornerstone to this philosophy is the enticing thought that anything is possible, and that the Universe itself conspires to make our thoughts reality, with the caveat that one shouldn't try too hard. We must let go a bit more and let the Universe do its job.


Audio Program Only (CD, MP3, Tape)
Paperback or Audio Book
107,000 Words
93,000 Words
PRICE CDs $129.40
MP3 Download $89.95
Paperback $16.00
CONTENT This edition is unchanged from the original 2001 recordings, which sold over 25,000 copies worldwide. Price difference over 2009 editions is due to lower job-runs and additional “fringe” content (reincarnation, UFOs, etc.) that publisher did not want to include in the 2009 edition. Updated and enhanced, includes significant amounts of new material and clarifications to the 2001 edition. Contains less “fringe” content (reincarnation, UFOs, etc.) that publisher did not want included in the 2009 edition.
While both editions have essentially the same material, I'm especially pleased with the new material I wrote for the 2009 edition, which is scattered throughout the book, and of which I would estimate is comprised of 5,000 words. Similarly, I was disappointed, but sympathetic, to my publisher's wish to delete a number of topics (about 19,000 words), to make the 2001 edition more suitable as a mainstream book (see above comments under Content). In their view the deleted material strayed from the book's core topic (living our dreams), yet in my mind, presented a more complete picture of the nature of our reality, thereby empowering readers in their pursuit of joy and life changes.

Therefore, for the astute and serious life-student, I recommend the 2009 book for reading and the 2001 audio program for listening. If you're in a position to only choose one, I recommend the 2009 edition.

Mike Dooley's Three Major Works Mike Dooley's Three Major Works Mike Dooley's Three Major Works


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