This project started on January 1, 2016. If you’re discovering this page after our launch date, it’s not too late, you can still join in! Follow the instructions below and catch up to us, or start at Day 1 and finish at your own pace.

HOW TO START: We’ve come up with 30 activities to complete over 30 days that will help you move closer to your dreams! There is no registration. Just click on each day’s tab below to watch the video and complete the activity for that day. Be sure to sign up for Notes from the Universe for updates and share your ideas, creativity, questions, and ah-ha's on our Facebook page! Hashtag your posts using #InfinitePossibilitiesProject.


Start a 2016 Journal to Accompany You on Your 30 Day Journey

We strongly encourage you to start a journal that’s specifically dedicated to your experience during the next 30 days (a Microsoft Word Doc works well too if you prefer typing to writing by hand). The purpose of this journal is to document your journey and write down any thoughts, ideas, insights, and revelations that come to you during this process (there will be some!). We recommend writing in your journal for at least 5 minutes every day and reflecting on each day’s activity, along with any realizations you’ve had. You may also want to complete the daily activities in this journal and make notes about your experiences.

DAY 30

This is a test for Nov 30th


This is yet another test.


This is for Dec 2


This is the for Dec 3


Test fro dec 4th

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This purpose of this project is to support you on your journey to living your dreams! We’ve come up with 30 activities to complete over 30 days that will help you move closer to your dreams, whatever they might be... finally writing your first novel, getting back into shape again, tackling that creative project you’ve been fantasizing about forever, launching your new business... We will post a new activity every day for 30 days—each activity takes less than 10 minutes to complete.

This project is designed to help you TAKE FLIGHT! And even if you don’t have a specific dream or goal that you’re working towards, by the end of these 30 days you will have:

  • A clearer understanding of what you really want.
  • An expanded awareness of how the universe works.
  • A deeper perspective on manifestation and your role in it.
  • A daily practice that puts what you’re most passionate about at the forefront of your life.
  • And lots of tools you can use to help you in the year ahead.

For 12 years we’ve been inspiring people to live their dreams through the daily Notes from the Universe, but never before have we ENGAGED our members in the way we are now through this project!

Until now, we’ve been pursuing our dreams individually, but what if we could do it together? On the same timeline? With a support system to offer gentle reminders and encouragement along the way? What if you knew that myself, the TUT Team, and thousands of other TUTTERS around the world were moving towards their dreams at exactly the same time as you? Wouldn’t you feel just a little more supported? A little more encouraged?

I know I would. So let’s do it! Let’s work together over the next 30 days! Let’s inspire each other and commit to making progress in the direction of our dreams!

Below you will find one activity a day for the next 30 days, each designed to bring you closer to your dreamed of life (whatever that may be). We realize that you lead a busy life, so each activity takes less than 10 minutes a day! My hope is that by the end of 30 days, with 10 minutes of practice each day, we will all feel a little more confident, a little more capable, and a little more inspired to live the life of our dreams every day, from here on out!

You’re not alone, we support you, let’s really do this!

Together in the adventure,

Mike Dooley

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Less than 10 minutes a day.

All of these activities are designed to take less than 10 minutes a day. So, if you can spare 10 minutes (in the morning or during your lunch-break or before you go to bed each night), you can be a part of it with us.

We’re all in this together.

Mike Dooley, the TUT Team, and TUTTERS from around the world will complete the same activities on the same days. We know that your ideas will surprise us and inspire us, so we encourage you to share your progress on social media (with the hashtag #infinitepossibilitiesproject).

Daily videos from Mike.

Each morning Mike will share a 5 minute video on his Facebook page with tips, advice, and action steps to take relating to that day’s activity. Plus, we will be offering support, encouragement and inspiration along the way through the Notes from the Universe, Facebook, and Instagram.

Grab any of the images below and post it on Facebook, Instagram, etc. with the hashtag #infinitepossibilitiesproject and let’s get everyone we know and love involved in kicking off the new year with purpose!