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Rakale Hannah

Location: Los Angeles, CA

The difference I'm making: Since TUT’s Soulapalooza conference in 2016, Rakale has become a certified trainer, moved to California, and is now just weeks away from the release of her debut album, “OTHER SIDE OF BLUE.” She says the tools provided at Train the Trainer helped her get into alignment with the dream of making this album a reality. Rakale's album releases May 22nd, but you can pre-order it here.

Joel Salomon

Location: Rye Brook, NY

The difference I'm making: Joel Salomon recently published his first book, Mindful Money Management: Memoirs of a Hedge Fund Manager. The book is available on Amazon and on his website, which was designed by fellow Ippie Appio Hunter.





Patrice Stierlen Lefebvre

Location: Ottawa, ON, Canada

The difference I'm making: Patrice Stierlen Lefebvre is getting great feedback from her students on the Infinite Possibilities material. Here’s what one of her students said: “I finally feel like I'm doing something with my life. I've never felt so confident like I do right now. I'm so grateful! I will continue working on the homework you sent me today. It is very challenging, however, I am glad that I'm exploring this part of myself. I am kind, forgiving, loving, and accepting.” Whoohoo!




Jennifer Curtis

Location: Norfolk, VA

The difference I'm making: Jennifer Curtis overcame procrastination and the fear of perfection by setting up her first IP webinar, filming an intro video, and introducing IP to 9 people.







Linda Symonds

Location: Nova Scotia, CA

The difference I'm making: Linda Symonds recently published her first book, Love Letters from the Soul, and has created a corresponding daily email of love letters.







Miriam Castilla

Location: North Adelaide, AU

The difference I'm making: Miriam Castilla is preparing to run the second round of her money bootcamp where she combines IP with Hypnosis to help smash through limiting beliefs.







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We currently have over 2,000 Certified Infinite Possibilities Trainers! Below is a small sampling of featured trainers who have completed the training program!

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