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What is TUT's Adventurers Club?

TUT's Adventurers Club is a philosophical club of like-minded thinkers. We believe that life is the ultimate adventure because thoughts become things, dreams come true, and all things are possible. At the core of TUT are the daily Notes from the Universe e-mails-inspiring, uplifting messages about your power and divinity-which go out to over 400,000 people 5 days a week. Click here to read more of our story!

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What does ‘TUT’ stand for?

TUT stands for: The Universe Talks®. Click here to read our story!

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What does ‘Jambo’ mean?

Jambo is Swahili for “Hello,” but to Adventurers it means "I'm glad our paths have crossed, in this greatest of all adventures, called life."

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I want Mike Dooley to endorse my book. How can I do that?

Unfortunately, Mike is rarely able to do endorsements for other authors due to the high amount of requests he receives daily, as well as his busy World Tour schedule.

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I’d like some advice/I want to ask Mike a question.

In the ASK MIKE Section, Mike addresses issues about life, happiness, relationships, adversity, visualizing, and more. Mike has answered hundreds of questions, so there’s a good chance that you’ll find what you’re looking for. Click here to go to the Ask Mike Section. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, feel free to send us an email at, but, although we carefully read every email, we can’t guarantee that every email will receive a response.

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Who writes the Notes from the Universe?

Mike Dooley is the author of the Notes from the Universe. You may read more about him here.

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How do I sign up to receive Notes from the Universe?

Signing up for the Notes is easy! Click Here! The sign up is immediate and you should start receiving your Notes within 72 hours.

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Why do you ask for my birthday, location, and gender when subscribing to the Notes?

Birthday: We request this information to encourage authenticity and ensure that you meet the minimum age requirement. Plus, we like to celebrate your birthday by sending you a special message! This information will be kept private and will NOT be visible to other members.

Location: We request this information so that we can properly reference your location when it is mentioned in the Notes from the Universe, which are customized just for YOU! Plus, we like to send you convenient email reminders for when Mike Dooley is in a city near you! This information will be kept private and will NOT be visible to other members.

Gender: We request this information so that we can properly reference you as “he” or “she” in the Notes from the Universe, which are customized just for YOU! This information will be kept private and will NOT be visible to other members.

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I am trying to sign up, but I am having trouble entering my city or state.

Although rare, you may encounter issues entering your location depending on your browser (especially if it is a mobile browser). Make sure that after selecting your country, you are selecting your state/region next and your city last. If you are still having trouble, try selecting another country for a moment, and then re-selecting your country (to refresh the “state” and “city” fields). That usually does the trick!

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I am not receiving the Notes from the Universe !!

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) experiment with anti-spam filters constantly. Unfortunately, these filters sometimes interpret our mailings as spam, preventing their delivery (even if they were being delivered regularly before)!

There are several steps you can take:

  1. Check to see if your email account has a way for you to recover filtered emails (they almost always do). Usually filtered mail is automatically put into a folder called "Junk Mail" or "Spam," which you can easily access. After finding our mail, you may then be able to click on a link that might say: "This is not spam," or, "Allow this sender to send you email."

  2. You may also be able to adjust or change the settings of your email account to modify how your email is filtered. It might also be required that you add and to a list of approved senders (such as your address book/contacts).

  3. Log in to your TUT profile and make sure that the days in which you want to receive the Notes are checked, and click "UPDATE."

  4. Sign-up using another e-mail address.

  5. Complain to your ISP (see sample letter below). ISPs employ powerful filters to block unwanted mail and will sometimes accidentally block legitimate, requested mail also. We use a mailing service called Constant Contact to send our mails. We ask that you contact your ISP and request they either remove the block on our mail, or specifically whitelist it. We have included a message drafted for this purpose below. Once you have received an answer from your ISP, please forward it to so that they can work with your ISP if there are more questions.


Sample Letter to your ISP

To: ISP Customer Support
Subject: Remove Constant Contact Block

Hello. My name is XXXX and I have been a customer of your services since XXXX. I understand that you employ filters and/or blacklists to protect customers like myself from unsolicited email; however, this has made it impossible for me to receive newsletters, announcements, and promotions that I have requested. I value these communications and would like to receive them using this email address.

The sender of these emails uses an email marketing service called Constant Contact. Constant Contact is not an open relay and has strict anti-spam policies in place. Because your filters block emails from Constant Contact I am unable to receive these communications.

I ask that you please help me determine why these emails are being blocked. For further information about Constant Contact or to request more information from them such as log files, the Ops team can be reached at - 781.472.8103 or

Mail from Constant Contact can be found with the following characteristics:
"Envelope from:" domains:

Sending IPs

All mail from Constant Contact is sent from:

IP Range: -

Specific IPs sending from this range:

Please contact me when this problem has been resolved.


(Your Name)


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How do I unsubscribe from Notes from the Universe?

Although we’d love to keep you with us forever, should you wish to discontinue receiving the Notes from the Universe, simply click on the “SafeUnsubscribe” link at the bottom of any Note you have ever received. We will miss you!!

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How do I RE-subscribe to the Notes from the Universe?

You may re-subscribe in the following ways:

  1. Log into your TUT account. Under the "Personal Info" tab, follow the instructions on how to re-subscribe to the Notes.

  2. Sign up with a new e-mail address, click here.

  3. Send an email to and we’ll be happy to help you!

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Why don’t I receive Notes  on weekends?

The Notes from the Universe are only sent Monday through Friday. The Universe likes to take the weekends off! “Like” Mike Dooley on Facebook, or follow ‘@mikedooley’ on Twitter for weekend inspiration!

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Do you have an online archive of past Notes  available that I can view? / I lost my Note(s)  can you resend to me?

There is no available online archive for the Notes and unfortunately, we are not able to re-send any past Notes. You may want to check out our selection of Notes books that contain collections of past Notes! Click here!

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How can I invite someone to sign up for the Notes from the Universe?

Just tell them to go to to sign up! Or you can forward them a copy of your own Note! At the bottom of every Note from the Universe you receive, there is a link that says “Like this NOTE? Click here to forward it to a friend!” Just click on that link and follow the prompts to tell your friends about the Notes. .

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Can I use Mike’s Notes/quotes?

You may use Mike’s Notes/quotes* in the following (or similar):

Social Profile
Educational Material

*Make sure you add “©Mike Dooley,", next to each and every Note/quote that you use.

If you are planning to use Mike’s Notes/quotes in another sort of publication, or have further questions about the use of the Notes/quotes, you may contact us.

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How do I update any information in my TUT profile?

In order to update any information in your TUT profile (name, email address, goals, location, etc.), you have the following options:

  1. Log in to your TUT profile at (if you have trouble logging in, click here for help:

  2. Click on the “Update Profile/Email Address” link located at the bottom of any of the Notes you have ever received.

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I can’t log in!

There are several things that might be occurring. Please visit the following page for help:

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I forgot my password.

No worries! We all forget our passwords sometimes! To have a temporary password sent to you, click here.

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Do you offer any products at wholesale prices?

We happily offer a 50% discount to verifiable retail outlets on most of our products with a minimum purchase order of $600 before discount. Order totals do not include shipping and handling and wholesale discounts will be applied to the retail price.

If you own a retail store and would like to order from us at wholesale prices, contact Additional information, including your Resale Certificate ID may be required.

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Do you have an affiliate program?

Sorry, we do not offer an affiliate program at this time.

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Do you have any shops overseas or international distributors?

Beyond Words Publishing has made many of Mike Dooley’s books available at local bookstores worldwide. You may visit Beyond Words’ website directly at to find any bookstores near you.

Also, many of Mike’s books are available via Amazon’s international sites. Some might also carry translated versions of his works! To find the Amazon site for your country, please visit:

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What sort of payment options do you have available?

To view all the payment options we are happy to accept: Click here

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Can I pay with a check/money order?

Sure! Please send your check or money order in US funds to the address below:

TUT's Adventurers Club
6965 Piazza Grande Avenue, Suite 213
Orlando, Florida 32835

Be sure to include your name, billing address, shipping address, e-mail address, and the items and quantities you are ordering.

IMPORTANT: Please make sure to include shipping charges in your order total if you send us a check or money order.

If you would like to know the exact shipping charges for an order, you may place a mock order in the shopping cart and your shipping options will appear before any method of payment is required.

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How do I know how much shipping I will have to pay?

Our system uses real-time shipping, which is calculated according to each individual shipping address and the particular weight of the order. This means that in order to calculate shipping charges as well as estimated time of delivery, one must fill out all the shipping information in the order form.

If you would like to know the exact shipping charges for an order, you may place a mock order in the shopping cart and your shipping options will appear before any method of payment is required.

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What is your return policy?

Click here to view our Return Policy.

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Do you ship internationally, and if so, do you cover duties/VAT Taxes?

Yes, we ship internationally! Click here to refer to our policy regarding VAT taxes.

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What shipping methods do you use?

For available shipping methods, please click here.

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How long should I expect for my order to arrive?

For estimated delivery times, click here.

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How do I track my package?

If the shipping method you chose at the time of your order includes tracking, your shipping confirmation (emailed within 1 business day after the shipment) will contain a tracking number you may use to check on the transit of your package.

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When will Mike be near my location?

For a calendar of our events, click here.

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Can I book Mike to speak at my event?

You may send in your request by filling out the “Book Mike” form available here.

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Does Mike or TUT have a Facebook page, Twitter or YouTube account?

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How can I share my Notes on Facebook?

There should be a “LIKE” button displaying on your daily Note. If you do not see this button, your email client might have a setting that blocks any embedded images in email. Check your settings, enable images, and you should be able to see the Facebook LIKE button embedded in your Notes. When you click on the “LIKE” button, you will be redirected to a webpage that includes the Note for the day and a button that reads: SHARE ON FACEBOOK. Once you click that button, a pop-up window appears giving you the opportunity to post it to your wall with comments, or send it as a Facebook Message. If this window does not populate, there could be a possibility that a pop-up blocker is interfering with your attempt to share the Note on Facebook. Do you have a pop-up blocker enabled? If so, check the settings on your browser, disable the blocker, and try again. That should do the trick!

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